Week Two…Business as Usual


Week two of Carina Press is in the bag, as the saying goes (and why does the saying go like that?). It was a week filled with fielding a lot of questions, spending copious amounts of time on the phone–every week will probably include that–and, joy of joys…spreadsheets! As I blogged on Friday about the acquisitions process, I spent two days inputting all of our submissions into a spreadsheet. Originally, we were going to have each team member input submissions as we read them, but I quickly realized that wasn’t going to work for two reasons 1) it made it hard to track down a pending submission if we needed to find information on it quickly and 2) part of my job is going to be providing statistics for acquisitions and submissions. Those statistics are going to become part of my written goals. Goals I must reach. No pressure!

Looking to the future, we’re committed to helping take digital publishing one more step into the future, attracting talented authors and avid readers! We’ve seen some amazing submissions come in–our submissions team was fighting over a particularly awesome-looking historical romance and I think at least three of them ended up reading (and loving) it. Those are the types of things we’re concentrating on and continuing to look forward to.

I’ve also been somewhat flattered to get a tremendous number of requests for interviews and guest blog posts. The challenging part of that is to stay interesting and not start repeating myself so much that no one ever wants to see another interview with me ever again, but instead finds something new in almost every interview. Like I said, challenging! On Friday afternoon, I did an hour long, crazy Q&A session on Twitter with Kat Meyer from Follow the Reader and a number of Twitter folk who joined in. The questions (and answers) flew fast and furious! You can find that Q & A by searching for hashtag #followreader on Twitter. Later in the week, Kat will be posting a blog post recap of our session and I’ll share that link when it’s available.

On tap for this week: beginning the process for hiring editorial staff, reading submissions and…a four day weekend! (for me anyhow, the rest of the team is in Toronto and they’ll still be hard at work) It’s Thanksgiving in the States. And yes, I do shop on Black Friday, I’m crazy like that. Who’s with me?

7 thoughts on “Week Two…Business as Usual”

  1. Amy Ruttan says:

    Shopping Black Friday *shudder* you ARE crazy. I guess that’s why I like you so much. ;)

    We have Black Friday in Canada, sort of, it’s still insane. I worked retail so I think it ruined crowded shopping for me. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  2. Angela,
    I love how you keep us updated, especially when you’re so swamped by submissions and getting the business up and running! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and hope you take time off to enjoy it.

  3. I’m an internet shopper … guess that’s why I’m so attracted to digital publishing. And the closest mall is 40 miles away. That might have a little to do with it too. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

  4. Sounds really busy. Hope you have a great holiday. You deserve it.

    I’ve been busy too – put up a new website and got a brand new quote on it from someone VERY exciting. Check it out:

    “Rebecca, you’re an amazing woman. So many would have given up or compromised their writing to fit the commercial market. But you still write what you want to write, what you need to write – and I admire you for it. I wish you all the luck in the world.” Stephen Fry

    Yes! – THE @stephenfry – he DM’d it and he tweeted about me too. If that weren’t enough, I was then interviewed for a radio show (BBC) that will be broadcast this weekend. There’s even more news than that but I am over-stimulated. I feel a little giddy. Word nerd overload. Must cut out all caffeine and lie down.

    Great blog, as ever. Will be back.


  5. Shopping on Black Friday !!! Total crazy, I plan on Online shopping does that count?

  6. Malle says:

    Hey everyone,

    Angela’s enjoying her turkey today! I’m glad you’re finding the blog useful and, yes, we will post about our acquisitions and cover development etc.

    Also, Rebecca, amazing news. I’d have to lie down too!

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