Acquisition: Out of Tears by Toni Anderson


Toni Anderson was born and raised in the UK, and now lives in the harsh, but beautiful Canadian prairies.
Formerly a marine and fish biologist, she (unfortunately) lives about as far from the ocean as physically possible. In an effort to recapture her love affair with the sea, she writes dark, contemporary, Romantic Suspense stories set in the beautiful, ancient, cobbled streets of Scotland, where she lived for many years. Crumbling sea walls and windswept beaches provide the backdrop for tangled romance and treacherous murder.
When she’s not writing, or traveling the world, she’s out walking, cycling and generally looking for plot ideas about how to kill people without the law catching up with her. Nothing like murder to get the brain working and nothing like true love to nourish the soul.

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Out of Tears by Toni Anderson

Detective Inspector Nick Archer has a dark past and hides a terrible secret.  He’s spent the last decade putting Britain’s most notorious criminals behind bars, but hasn’t forgot the vow he made to the wife he lost to infidelity and murder.

American marine biology profession Dr. Susie Cooper has just started her dream job and wants to settle down.  Unfortunately, she’s attracted to men like Nick Archer, whose idea of commitment is staying the whole night.

For the first time in decades Nick’s actually falling for someone, the only problem is he’s using Susie to get closer to the man he believes murdered his first wife.  Another student is murdered outside the marine lab and Nick thinks he’s got a chance to nail his wife’s killer.

Betrayal and madness put Susie in danger and a tangled web closes around her until she finds herself fighting for her life.  Nick has to put aside preconceived ideas and prejudice if he is to figure out exactly who is threatening to destroy the woman he loves.

Coming in 2010 from Carina Press

12 thoughts on “Acquisition: Out of Tears by Toni Anderson”

  1. Toni, this sounds wonderful! I’ll really be looking forward to reading it. It’s amazing to be here with such a talented bunch of authors.

  2. Angelina Barbin says:


    Your book sounds exciting. I’m always impressed when someone can write suspense or mysteries. Keeping the reader guessing requires talent.

    I checked out your blog and enjoyed it very much. I wish I was going to France!

    Congrats on your sale and Happy New Year!

  3. Sharyn says:

    Hey Toni – know all about those harsh and beautiful prairies (what? only -29 and snowing) ;)

    Congrats on your sale, sounds like the perfect read for a day like today.

  4. Happy New Year and congratulations, Toni. I’m looking forward to reading your story.

  5. Happy New Year, everyone!!!!

    Thanks, Cindy :)

    Angelina, I spent the morning repacking the bags! We start driving south in the morning, after spending a rolicking New Year in Killearn with the in-laws. The view up the road is one of Loch Lomond in the distance, surrounded by snow-covered mountains. Absolutely gorgeous!

    Sharyn–those prairie natives are made of something else. Admire them greatly. I’m a wimp :)

    Thanks, Donna!

  6. Angelina Barbin says:


    You’re in Scotland? Now I’m really jealous! Your bio doesn’t say where in the UK you’re from but I was stationed at RAF Lakenheath for five years if you know where that is.

  7. Toni Anderson says:

    Angelina–I’m originally from Shropshire (where I just walked in the door actually). Not sure exactly where Lakenheath is, but I’ve heard of it–where is it? I lived in Scotland for 12 years, married an Irish man whose family moved to a place just south of Loch Lomond and had my children in Fife :) Love it up there :)

  8. Catching up late as ever, Toni but wanted to add my congratulations :) And to say to everyone I’ve read wonderful excerpts from this story, and I’m desperate to read the rest!

  9. robena grant says:

    Toni! Huge congratulations! I’m the Aussie who commiserated with you when we got through our pitches in D.C. : ) I know we communicated once or twice afterward but then I guess we both got busy. It’s so nice to see your book has been acquired by Carina Press.
    I’m envious of your trip to Scotland. I remember Loch Lomond with fond affection. Hope you have a good trip back home and let me know if you’re going to National this year, I’d love to buy you coffee and catch up.

  10. Marie–thank you!! :)

    Robena, I’d never forget you and I wish I was going to Nationals, but alas, no. Another time I hope :) I’ll wave to Lock Lomond when I’m back in Scotland again next month. Won’t be long now :)

  11. That would be ‘Loch’ not ‘Lock’ LOL

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