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Here’s where I’ve been the past week:

Today I blogged at The Prairie Chicks about (my own) writer’s block, deadlines and working from home. As of this writing there were no comments and I feel sad about that. Go visit!

You can listen in on my phone conversation with Russ and Brent at QBaH (you’re wondering what QBaH means, I know. Go ahead and look). They called me the day after the Carina Press announcement was made, so I’m surprised I was even coherent then.

Last week I was on reviewer Jesse Wave’s blog, where she interviewed me and asked me some tough questions.

Also, this month I have an interview in Ann Aguirre’s newsletter, Action and Attitude (note, that link is a download link to download the RTF file, there is no online link)

14 thoughts on “Visit Me Around the Web”

  1. Toni Sands says:

    When do you get time to sleep?? Great to hear about your busy life Angela. And fascinating to hear how the new imprint is building. I hope the butter chicken put Malle in a good mood to read my submission :)

    All best

  2. Ok, read and listened, and enjoyed both your blog and interview. And I have to admit, until today, I’ve never visisted that website before (don’t worry, I won’t give the name away so more people will go listen!) And, got excited all over again about this new adventure. My fingers are still crossed and I did put a short cut on my desk top! :)

  3. Aha! The QBaH interview puts to rest the “Car-een-a versus Car-in-a” debate! (And I’m not saying which…go listen.)

    1. Angela James says:

      @Toni, wait, we’re supposed to sleep? Funny, someone asked me that the other day and I had to admit I probably don’t sleep enough. I usually don’t go to bed until around midnight, or a little later. Then I have a toddler so I’m up about 6 hours later.

      @Shannon, I had no idea there was a question about that!

      Thanks, Donna!

  4. Linda Rader says:

    I like the interview with the Prairie Chicks where you decribe the realities of working from home. Nice to see someone else has the same problelms. :-)

    1. Angela James says:

      A few weeks ago I took my daughter to a birthday party and was introduced to a woman there. Turns out she also worked from home. We had the BEST time trading war stories about all the things people believe about working from home, and all the things we’ve been expected to do or asked to do over the years, when people find out we do work from home. I’ve always said, no one understands what it’s like until they’ve done it!

  5. Angelina Barbin says:

    I think the PTO has me on speed-dial since I work from home. At least my family respects what I do.

    (I do feel like an underachiever since my kids are in school and Angela has a toddler at home and gets so much done.)

    1. Angela James says:

      Oh, my daughter goes to daycare. She has since she turned two, and then full time starting at around 2 1/2 or 3. No way could I get as much done with her home!

  6. Angelina Barbin says:


    I feel better now. I do have a new 9wk old kitten who bugs me more than my kids do. It’s hard to type when he tries to play with the words on my monitor.

    I just checked out Prairie Chicks. I didn’t realize the bloggers were ladies I know from eHarlequin. I have to go back and read some more…

    Angelina (Who hopes the historical submission the Carina staff liked was mine!)

  7. Dear Angela, Are the authors you’ve signed all previously unpubished? Or are some previously published as well since those submissions went to Miss Malle? Just curious.

    1. Angela James says:

      Donna, I’ll talk more about the acquisitions on Monday but we haven’t looked at any reissues yet.

  8. Thanks, Angela. It sure is nice to be answered and kept so well informed. Those of us who have been writing for awhile know it’s not so commom. Your promptness in itself is refreshing. (and the reason I have a Carina icon on my desk top! :) )Thanks again, and have a great weekend.

  9. Hi Angela. As a Prairie Chick, I’d like to thank you for taking time out of your busy day to post with us. I was writing all morning and didn’t start surfing the blogs until lunch so I guess I missed you. Good luck with Carina Press.

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