Day 2…this contemporary cover could be yours



17 thoughts on “Day 2…this contemporary cover could be yours”

  1. Deborah says:

    This is just gorgeous. I love the expression on the front guy’s face, the composition, the colors. Would definitely catch my eye.

  2. L. Shannon says:

    wow! That beautiful cover makes me want to write a book to fit it! But contemporary is a hard call for me… how about a demon cowboy love story? titled: Hell of a homecoming? LOL! Totally kidding, but fantastic cover.

  3. Kelly Lynn Parra says:

    Very nice!

  4. Angelina Barbin says:

    Wouldn’t that only work for a M/M story?

  5. I think it’s just an example of what the contemporary romance line will look like, Angelina.

  6. Angela James says:

    Yes, these are just examples. I chose to focus on it as a contemporary title, but it would be a lovely m/m title.

  7. Lisa says:

    This is just lovely. The only sticks out for me is the warm orange tones in the top half don’t quite jibe with the purple tones on the bottom.

  8. Dara England says:

    I like the shadows and the color scheme.

  9. Great beginning on the covers. Also, I like the Carian home page additions. I would like to see a list of the author’s names and their books seperate from the description of their work. I think this would make purchases easier. Just an idea. :)

  10. Hamilton says:

    Cool covers but so far they are all “chick”. Also, are we ever going to get an update on how the submissions are going or is it all covers from now on?

  11. Angela James says:

    Hamilton, I did a submissions update here:

    The updates are a courtesy to the authors reading the blog, but they’re not something I can do weekly, due to time contstraints. I’ll try to do them at least once a month, however.

  12. Bonnie Dee says:

    This is a very good looking cover. I much prefer faces to headless torsos on covers–makes it clear it’s about the relationship, not just the sexy bod.

  13. That’s a very good point about the faces, Bonnie. But I hear sometimes readers like to picture their OWN characters, without the suggestion on the cover. I’ve heard both opinions. Interesting!

  14. Bonnie Dee says:

    I know the general concensus is headless is better for the fantasy aspect, ie. the reader can use her imagination. But for myself, that’s not what I prefer. I can fall in love with a pair of eyes on a cover.

  15. Patrick Doris says:

    I never expected this but that cover would work for my book I would just have to re do the title

  16. Ally Blue says:

    Whoa, nice! Wish I had a story to go with it :D I have one in mind for you guys, but alas, there are no cowboys…

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