Day 5…this historical cover could be yours



20 thoughts on “Day 5…this historical cover could be yours”

  1. Another fantastic cover. I’m getting the feel for Regency or 19th century. Great job.

  2. Oh, and keep the logo. Classy.

  3. Anna Murray says:

    This one is beautiful. I love the way the dress fades into the sky below. I’m partial to landscapes that depict the setting as covers. I’m usually not keen on the headless bodies, but this one is nice.

  4. Kelly Lynn Parra says:

    Love this one!

  5. EC Sheedy says:

    This cover is beautiful–but then I’m a sucker for party gowns and palatial country estates! LOL

    And that classy C logo on the upper corner is perfect.

  6. Gorgeous! Can I have this for my contemporary? We could pretend she’s gone to a historical-themed costume party?

    Probably not. But I love it. And the C looks incredible, too.

  7. Hmmm, may have to write a historical for this one.

  8. Now I want to write a historical. And put me down as another one who loves the “C” logo. Distinctive but not distracting from the design.

  9. Sharyn says:

    Beautiful cover and, I agree, the logo is the perfect finishing touch.

  10. Angelina Barbin says:

    Love the cover. Now if I could get a historical manuscript accepted…

  11. Ooooh, very nice! I like this one better than the dragon one…I think the images flow nicely together. Awesome!

    Wish I had a finished story to submit!! :-)

  12. Deborah says:

    Oooh, I have to chime in and say I agree. This is just gorgeous, and it puts me in the mood to curl up with a nice historical. A classy job. Kudos to the artist!

  13. Love this!!!

    Love. This.

    Can I have it, pretty please????


  14. Loni Emmert says:

    I agree with Anna Murray – I also LOVE the way the dress blends into the sky; and I love anything with a castle or Victorian building on it!

  15. Patrick Doris says:

    Good cover I really like this version of the logo

  16. Dara England says:

    Ooh, I love this one! I keep having to come back every day now to see what new cover you guys have up!

  17. ni giglio says:

    Dang wish I could write better historicals…Haven’t quite gotten to a full novel.

  18. Rhaina says:

    Love this!

  19. Linnae says:

    I really like this cover but I wish the entire heroine was featured. I love to see the faces. There are several really nice covers scheduled for your new Carina line. As long as they have a release date listed online when they’re released, several of these could be nominated in the annual cover contest at Cover Cafe. We are always looking for great covers!

  20. Lucinda Lynx says:

    I like this. Your artists know what to do.

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