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I know many of you are wondering the status of your copy editor applications. Not to worry, the fact that you haven’t heard isn’t a reason for panic, but only means I’ve had to triage my to-do list and that has fallen to the bottom. However, now that my travel is done until late February and I have no more presentations (or workshops) to plan for, I’m going to be addressing all copy editor tests and applications in the next two weeks. Thank you for your patience.

In the meantime, I’m also going to be hiring two more freelance content/developmental editors. Before you get excited, please read this carefully: I am only hiring experienced editors–editors experienced in editing fiction books, in the genres I’m going to specify. Please do not apply if you don’t have experience, as I will be forced to delete your email, without response, given the time constraints on my schedule. I’m very sorry to have to limit this, as I think there are potential candidates out there who may not have experience, but may have the necessary skills. Unfortunately, I simply don’t have time to devote to training unexperienced editors at this stage.

The position is paid on a scaled flat fee based on various freelance tasks the editor will perform for Carina Press, from reading submissions, line editing, developmental edits and revision letters. The work is strictly freelance, invoicing is done every two weeks, and your work schedule will be up to you to determine, with the only requirement being that given deadlines are strictly met.

I am currently looking for two editors who are interested in editing the following genres: I need one editor interested in romance–specifically erotic romance, but other genres of romance as well. Of course, it’s fine if you wish to edit other genres in addition to romance/erotic romance, but I specifically need editors who enjoy erotic romance and are experienced with it. I also need an editor with interest in and experience with science fiction, fantasy and any associated subgenres. Again, it’s a bonus if you’re open to other genres as well, so don’t feel you’d be limited to those genres.

To apply, send an email of interest addressed to me at In your email, please detail your experience including what publishers or authors you’ve worked with, how you conduct the developmental and line edit process, and if you’re comfortable with editing digitally. In addition, please list the genres you’re interested in editing, and how you view the editor/author relationship. Only applicants sending emails containing all of the requested information will be considered.

Permission to forward this post is granted. Questions will be answered in the comments, if necessary.

9 thoughts on “Freelance developmental editors wanted”

  1. Dara England says:

    No experience here, but good luck finding what you need. :)

  2. Nicole H. says:

    What kind of experience are you looking for? Length-wise? I work freelance and with small independent publishers, but I do not wish to waste your time if you are looking for a specific amount of time as an editor.

    1. Angela James says:

      Nicole, I really don’t have any set threshold for what experience I require, more that I’m looking for confident editors with a background in guiding the book through the process. I’m judging a lot based on the letters I receive. Kind of like query letters, only this time the editor has to write them!

  3. Fedora says:

    Thanks so much for the update, Angela! Glad your travels were productive and safe!

  4. Nicole H. says:


    Wonderful! Thank you for your reply!

  5. Bettye G. says:

    Thanks for the update on the copyeditor applications. I admit, I’d been wondering when there’d be any word.

  6. Mary G says:

    Hi Angela
    I know you’re beyond busy. I sent an email Jan 4,2010 regarding the copy editor positions. Are these closed now?

  7. Angela James says:

    Hi Mary, as I said in the post, they’re not closed, I just haven’t had time to work on them. Since we’re at the stage of being ready for copy editors, it’s become a priority though.

  8. Pat Thomas says:

    Please remove the previous blog post with all my personal information. I will choose another forum to apply.

    Thank you,
    Pat Thomas

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