Help us title Carrie Lofty’s book!


Carrie Lofty’s historical romance needs a title. We’ve been brainstorming for weeks, but the acquisitions team can’t come to an agreement because some of us like one title, some like the other. So we’re turning to our blog readers for help in choosing a title for Carrie’s book. We’ve narrowed our choices down to the four you see below. These four are all favorites of Carrie and the Carina Press acquisitions team. Please choose and vote for the one you like best. The poll closes Sunday night and I’ll announce the new title of Carrie’s book the week of January 25th!

Here’s a short description:

Untitled Historical Romance by Carrie Lofty

Salzburg, Austria 1804

After claiming his late mentor’s symphony for himself, Dutch composer Arie De Voss became wildly famous across Europe. But the undue praise twists his conscience. Arie’s fear of discovery poisons any attempt to write a redemptive masterpiece, until the adoration of his newest student inspires him.

Hoping a quiet life will diminish the scandal of her birth, widowed violin prodigy Mathilda Heidel hides her musical gifts. But a chance introduction to Arie De Voss, the composer she’s idolized for years, dares her to heed the lure of the stage. In the face of public scrutiny and Arie’s fraud, can she sustain her new identity and salvage their love? And how will Arie choose between Mathilda, his career, and the truth?

You can also read chapter one at Carrie’s website to get a further sense of the book before you make your decision.

31 thoughts on “Help us title Carrie Lofty’s book!”

  1. I voted for MY ONLY LIE, but I like HEARTS IN SYMPHONY.

    Very fun!

  2. Jaci Burton says:

    I voted for HEART STRINGS, but I liked Shannon’s title suggestion a lot.

  3. Jane says:

    Can I vote for the ones I don’t like?

  4. Angela James says:

    @Shannon it’s a great suggestion. I think I’ll have to get suggestions from you every time :P

    @Jane: well, what you don’t like is often just as valuable as what you do!

  5. My Only Lie has my vote because it sounded darker than Heart Strings, and the story didn’t feel light to me.

  6. Sharyn says:

    What fun! They’re all great titles (including Shannon’s suggestion) but Song of Seduction gets my vote… it’s the alliteration, I think, that appeals.

  7. ScrltLtr says:

    What? No “Waltzing Mathilda” ??

    (Oh, okay, so 1804’s a little early. But still.)

    Have to go with Heart Strings, then. Guessing the book tugs at them.

  8. LaRue Foster says:

    Regardless of which title is chosen, this is a story I’ll enjoy reading.

  9. I’ve got to go with My Only Lie. I’m an angst kind of gal.

  10. Carrie Lofty says:

    Love ya, Blythe :)

    And thanks for all the cool turnout and support. I’m super curious what I’ll get to call my baby!


  11. Ni Gig says:

    I’m going with, Song of Seduction, I didn’t see “Waltzing Mathilda” though..?

  12. Linda Hooper says:

    Shouldn’t it be ‘Song of Deception’ rather than ‘Song of Seduction’? I voted Heart Strings though.

  13. Linda Rader says:

    This was fun. I hope you do this again.

  14. Maya M. says:

    You didn’t ask for input but I’m giving it anyway. Ah, sweet freedom of the netz!

    1. sounds like first person YA to me

    2. the alliteration somehow doesn’t appeal, which is weird because I usually have a weakness for it

    3. clearly head and shoulders (alphabet?) above the rest ;)

    4. meh

  15. Angelina Barbin says:

    Song of Seduction or Heart Strings sound too conventional to me. I see Carina Press and this particular story as more cutting edge. I went with Seducing His Muse because My Only Lie sounds like a title for a thriller.

  16. Pam P says:

    I’m going with Heart Strings, and also like Shannon’s suggestion, Hearts in Symphony.

  17. Patrick S Doris says:

    A love story about a violinist? it has to be Heart Strings

  18. Pearl says:

    I too went with Heart Strings but Hearts in Symphony and Song of Deception sound good to me too!

  19. Bonnie Dee says:

    I liked the original title “Serenade” so what about “Serenads of Seduction”?

  20. They say sex sells in titles, so I’ve got to go with Song of Seduction. ;)

    Margaret Mallory

  21. AAJ says:

    I went with My Only Lie, because that automatically gives you a sense of the conflict. Seducing His Muse would be number 2.

    I know this gets a little specific, but as someone who majored in music history in college (and someone who still works in music) I really can’t condone titles like Heart Strings. I just can’t!

    That being said, Austria in the early 19th century is my thing, so I’m pretty psyched.

  22. Maili says:

    I like Shannon’s suggestion. I promised Carrie L that I’d chuck mine in, so here they are: Serenade of Darkness, Serenade of Lies, The Composer of the Night, or The Fallen Composer. Not good, I’m afraid! :P

  23. robena grant says:

    I voted for Song of Seduction.

    My suggestions are Salzburg Serenade, The Lure of the Stage, Unmasking the Maestro, The Maestro’s Masterpiece. Not so great, but I couldn’t resist. : )

  24. Patti Duplantis says:

    I voted for Song of Seduction, but agree Shannon Stacey’s suggestion, Hearts in Symphony is a great one.

  25. Carrie Lofty says:

    Robena, “Salzburg Serenade” was my original title *ages* ago!

  26. Bam says:

    How about “Her Only Lie”?

  27. robena grant says:

    Well, how about that, Carrie. Great minds think alike. : )
    I’m addicted to games like this. Jenny Crusie often asks for title or blurb help on her blog and you wouldn’t believe the number of participants. After I enter five or so, I think okay that’s enough then I find myself back and playing again. I’m being verrrry good over here.
    I love the blurb on your story, and look forward to the read.

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