The lost week


You may have noticed this week has been rather…lacking in posts. It turns out that traveling from Toronto, to home to have LASIK surgery and then to NYC for a conference where you’re giving a presentation (and among all that running and writing a self-editing workshop), well, it turns out that those things take a lot of time and there are only so many hours in one day. So something had to give and it really couldn’t be sleep because that would just be ugly. No one wants to see that.

As we speak, I’m attending the DigitalBookWorld conference in New York City, along with other Carina team members. I appeared on a panel yesterday, and no one heckled me so I think we can assume that the panel was at least moderately successful. Today I get to enjoy being an audience member, and also will get the experience of being surrounded by other tech/publishing people during today’s Apple announcement of the Apple Tablet and whatever else they’ll be announcing. That should be interesting, being able to have conversations about the announcement in real time–in person!

Next week, I will (hopefully) have a better update about Carina Press and all the new happenings we’ve been exploring. Malle and I recorded a podcast while I was in Toronto last week, so I think that’s coming to the blog soon, and later this week I’ll be posting a blog post from a Carina team member you haven’t met yet.

In the meantime, keep those submissions coming and stay tuned for new developments and acquisitions!

6 thoughts on “The lost week”

  1. Ni Giglio says:

    Wow I’m amazed that you have even been able to keep posting blogs with all that you have to do. it gives a writer a whole new respect for the publishing process. Thanks for sharing all that you do. Waiting for a response to a sub. seems minor and not bad at all.

  2. Sharyn says:

    Apple tablet – yeah, baby! The world of digital publishing is about to change. :)

  3. Dara England says:

    Wow, you’re a busy lady! Hope you find alittle time to relax and enjoy your trip. Looking forward to the podcast!

  4. Diane Craver says:

    I’m impressed you had LASIK surgery and kept going with all your work activities.

  5. Patrick S. Doris says:

    Reading your blog is informative and a joy to me. I hope that everyone who reads these post on a regular basis sees how hard you are working in a very complex and complicated process of setting up a new firm in a rapidly developing niche. I deeply appreciate the post you make but I do not expect them .

  6. I’d love to hear more about the team’s thoughts on the iPad!

    The whole iBook store thing has my spidey sense tingling, and it definitely looks to offer a more advantageous deal to authors – but what’s it look like from a publisher’s POV?

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