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Two weeks ago we held a poll for Carrie Lofty’s upcoming historical romance and I promised to announce the results. I apologize for the delay, but Carrie and I were also talking behind the scenes about the final title result and an idea she had and we needed a little extra time to get the details of that in place so we could share them at the same time.

On that note (ha ha, play on words purely unintentional), I’m thrilled to announce that Song of Seduction was the winning title in the poll, with 42% of well over two hundred votes. And I’m also thrilled to announce that the new title inspired Carrie to brainstorm an idea for a follow-up book, Portrait of Seduction, which she has also contracted with Carina Press!

Portrait of Seduction

Gifted painter Gretchen Zweig earns her keep by forging masterpieces, whereby wealthy families can hide the priceless originals from Napoleon’s advancing armies. She yearns to be known for her own work, but her uncle, a destitute marquis, exploits her desire for an advantageous marriage. Oliver Doerger, a German duke’s bastard and former soldier, poses as a valet in order to further his aristocratic half-brother’s political career. He, too, longs to emerge from the shadows—to be regarded not as a spy but as a respected member of society.

When someone begins marketing Gretchen’s forgeries as originals, Oliver is drawn into her world of art and subterfuge. She will do anything to shield her family from scandal, even if that means resisting her improper attraction to the intense, surprising valet. But the appearance of a charismatic grifter threatens to reveal a shameful debt from Oliver’s past. Caught between love and duty, he must choose between honoring his loyalties and indulging in a passionate affair with Gretchen that could expose them both.

Thank you to everyone who voted! The runner-up title was Heart Strings, with 26% of the votes. An interesting tidbit for you: no matter how many votes the poll had, from the beginning, Song of Seduction always held around 40% of the votes and Heart Strings around 25%. The percentages never varied more than two points in either direction.

Song of Seduction will be available for purchase in June 2010 and we’ll be revealing the (beautiful) cover soon!

6 thoughts on “Carrie Lofty title poll results”

  1. Sharyn says:

    It was a real kick being part of the naming process – great title, great series in the making – can’t wait for June!

  2. Maya M. says:

    Hmpf. I was in the Heartstrings group. Could still have worked for the sequel, IMHO: Portrait of Strings or Heart of Seduction. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

  3. robena grant says:

    Congratulations, Carrie. I do like the title. Also, I love the blurb for Portrait of Seduction, and look forward to reading your books.

  4. Wonderful ideas… love the title.

  5. Malle Vallik says:

    And as one of the readers and lovers of this book, SONG OF SEDUCTION (and a fan of Carrie’s books in general) I am thrilled the title has encouraged her to write a second book for us! I can’t wait…

  6. Carrie Lofty says:

    Thanks, everyone! I’m so tickled about the titles and the opportunity to write a sequel to SONG OF SEDUCTION for Carina. Can’t wait to show off the cover (which I’ve see–OMG beautiful!).

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