Meet Andrea…what’s on her wishlist?


Andrea Kerr, Producer,

I have a confession to make. I don’t own a dedicated eReader. I know you’re wondering, how can that be possible for a member of the Carina Press acquisition team? Well, as Producer of the Online Reads program on, I can tell you that a good story is a good story in any format, and strong writing compels me to turn the page, whether it be printed or digital.

In my day job, I’ve had the pleasure of working with hundreds of authors who write everything from inspirational romance to erotica. It’s given me an appreciation for a variety of genres, even ones I might not normally read outside of work. In addition, I like to think of the online reads as the “original” ebooks.  So, despite the current lack of an eReader device in my life, being part of the acquisition team is a natural fit for me. I am beyond excited to be on the front lines of Carina Press, searching for fresh voices and unique stories!

So what are we looking for at Carina? Speaking on behalf of the entire team, we want a good story, well-told. We are readers, after all, even those members of the team who don’t spend their days editing. I think it’s fair to say that the love of the written word is what brought most of us to this line of work in the first place. Every time we read a new submission, we’re excited about the possibilities. We WANT to love your story and we’re on your side, really! Yes, rejections happen, but trust me, it’s not something any of us enjoys doing. After all, our reason for being is to put stories into the hands of readers, and to do that, we need to acquire books! The cool thing about Carina Press is, we’re open to submissions that might not fit into one of the print programs Harlequin currently publishes.

And what about me–what am I looking for personally, as an editor? I have a penchant for well-drawn characters, characters that are believeable and relatable and layered (everyone has flaws, right?) I love witnessing the development of the characters over the course of the book, seeing how they react to what happens to them, being convinced that they are changed by their experiences (or not).

That’s not very specific, is it? That’s because I learned long ago that fascinating characters and compelling stories can be found in any genre, and I’m open to just about anything. As long as it’s well-written.

As for that dedicated eReader? It’s on my wish list! Now, if only I could claim it as a business expense…

Andrea Kerr is the Producer on, which is a fancy way of saying web content editor. She also works on the acquisitions team for Carina Press. She has a particular fondness for historical romance, and must admit she often checks that particular Carina Press folder first. Andrea is happy that she finally has something to watch on TV now that Lost has returned! A mother of two young boys, she gets far too little sleep, and thrives on unconditional love and coffee instead. A dedicated eReader device IS in her future.

8 thoughts on “Meet Andrea…what’s on her wishlist?”

  1. Deborah says:

    Andrea, well said about the compelling characters and stories. It’s exactly why I love to read lots of different genres myself.
    And I’ll be joining you in watching the final season of Lost. I’m fascinated by the series’ intricate plot and I can’t wait to see how the story ends.

  2. Hi Andrea,

    Would it be okay to post a link to the submission guideline on some forums I belong to? I know there are some keen writers just hungry for an opportunity like this – myself included.

    BTW, Jeff has an e-reader and loves it! He has not been able to read a book since his macular degeneration started, but the e-reader – with customizable font size- has enabled him to indulge. He was so happy the day I gave it to him, he actually teared up. Such is the passion for reading….

  3. Andrea Kerr says:

    Dana, absolutely, please post the link to the guidelines! Spread the word :) I had no idea about Jeff, so sorry to hear! But technology can be grand, can’t it?

    Deborah, only a few more hours…!

  4. Sorry I didn’t send you a welcome. Had a heck of a headache yesterday. It’s nice to hear that you’re open to new stories and idea that might not follow the exact recipe the majoy publishers follow. We authors need a little compassion now and then. :)

  5. Diane Craver says:


    It was nice to learn about you and what you like see in a story. I’m excited about my submission to Carina Press.

    I received a Kindle for a birthday present and I love it.

    Hope you get some sleep this weekend.

  6. Ni Gig says:

    Nice to meet you Andrea. Like Diane Craver said I too am excited about my submission to Carina. My fingers are still crossed and as you can imagine are cramping up pretty badly by now, but the wait is worth the pain…

  7. Robin Hillyer-Miles says:

    I love my Sony Daily Edition PRS900-BC. I like that I can borrow books from the library, upload newsletters and my manuscripts in word or PDF formats and listen to the built in MP3 player at the same time. I can highlight words and write in the books as well.

    It costs more than the Kindle but I can read anything on it (pretty much, except books made for Kindle) and since I can download the free Google books and library books, I figure I’ve actually saved money because the Google books cost $1.99 on Amazon and the library books are $9.99.

    And, I think, since you are reviewing manuscripts electronically as part of your job, then why can’t you write one off as a business expense? If you get the Sony I purchased then you can read submissions on your daily commute, and etc.

    Good luck with this new venture – my only complaint about e-books is that it kind of takes the fun out of attending book signings … wonder how we can get around that? Maybe offer a special disk with excerpts of upcoming works or the newest edition to those with e-readers who attend book signings? Then the author could sign the disk. Hmmmmm

    Robin Hillyer-Miles
    writing mainstream romantic suspense novels set in Charleston, SC

  8. Robin Hillyer-Miles says:

    Well, duh – you can write on the book with your stylus if you have a Sony Reader (and I think with the Kindle) … I forgot about that, but then the author can sign the actual digital book. Cool …

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