Week 14…the week of submissions


(Psst, today’s a holiday day for both Canada and the US Harlequin offices. I’m not really here writing this. Okay, I am, but I’ll try to keep it brief).

Last week was the week of submissions here on the blog, and I’m so glad that many of you found the posts, especially the post on reasons for rejection helpful. The response to that was much greater than I anticipated and many of you said you were going to be sharing it and passing it on. I have no problem with that at all, as the post was written with the intent to help, but I hope you’ll credit Carina Press when you share it and provide a link back when appropriate. I’m not quite done with my series on submissions. Still to come this week is a post on what worked in the books we’ve acquired, and I’ll be including snippets from the editors’ acquisition recommendations again. I’ll also be doing a post on what the editors have told me they secretly long for in a submissions as far as theme/topic/genre.

The other exciting thing I did last week was finish putting all of our acquisitions into the contract system. We now have many, many acquisitions you haven’t heard about and I need to come up with a way to remedy that. I know some of you have asked about this website, and how author driven it appears to be. Beginning later this spring, most likely in April, we’ll start focusing more on reader-centric topics. the website itself won’t change over to the commerce site until the day of launch, for a variety of technical reasons. Yes, the website will allow you to see the books, see what’s coming soon, read excerpts and pre-order books. That will all occur in the future, so no worries that it will be just me blathering on forever.

Speaking of the site, I want to direct your attention to our newly updated “About Us” page. It’s on this page that you’ll be able to find information on Carina Press appearances at workshops and conventions, as well as links to media articles and video about Carina. Eleanor and Tara worked to get that page updated and I think it looks fabulous. There are appearances missing from that page that we’ve added just recently to the schedule (I’ll be presenting a workshop at RWA Nationals and will also be doing an online self-editing workshop in March) or are in the process of adding, so check back periodically to see the updates. And if you have a local chapter or online forum, keep in mind I’m available for workshops and appearances.

Last, this week is exciting for us at Carina because we’re going to be revealing our first finalized covers here on the blog. Look for those, as well as the submissions posts I spoke of earlier, and a podcast from Malle, Aideen and Eleanor talking about Carina promotion and marketing.

7 thoughts on “Week 14…the week of submissions”

  1. RRRJessica says:

    I have enjoyed the posts form an editor’s point of view (because so much of what they want is what I as a reader want, too), but I confess I am really excited about this:

    “the website will allow you to see the books, see what’s coming soon, read excerpts and pre-order books.”

    Thank you for the update.

  2. I’ve seen my cover, which I love, but I’m so excited to see others. I’ve heard Carrie’s is amazing!

  3. Angela thanks for the news. The ‘about us’ page is great; I caught up with a few interviews I’ve missed.

    The post on reasons for rejection is a success especially among aspiring writers. Another post on what the editors prefer would be awesome.

    I listened to podcasts and read editor’s interviews, they never really say which kind of stories they prefer. They give great hints, but rarely share anything new. I understand that if you say for example, that you would like to see more stories about ‘charming con-artists’, you will never end reading the many ‘charming con-artists submissions’ you would get. On the other hand, saying which stories you would like the most at this moment; would save everybody’s time and effort.

    Since Carina Press has not published any books yet, it’s hard for writers to ‘study’ what kind of stories the editors are acquiring. Making that kind of post a regular blog theme would be stimulating. I noticed with other publishing houses that studying the recently published books isn’t enough to understand what editors want. Maybe because those books were acquired about a year ago, and today, editors might not want similar stories.

    Please allow me two suggestions. First, it would be nice to have a link on the homepage to this one https://www.carinapress.com/blog/category/books/ and second, what about a contest intended for unpublished writers? For example something like the Best Debut Novel of the month.

  4. Patrick S Doris says:

    I read on another site in November that Carina might not be accepted by the RWA. Since you are presenting a workshop at the Nationals is it safe to assume that those issues have been resolved

    1. Angela James says:

      Patrick–if you haven’t read anything on it since November, you may be woefully behind on all that’s happened. But in reality, Carina is a non-advance paying publisher and RWA has not, in the past few years, recognized any non-advance paying publisher. Will that change? The possibility is there, with some of RWA’s new decisions. However, I’ve been to RWA the past three years, as an employee of a non-advance paying publisher, and have presented workshops there, so whether or not RWA “accepts” Carina doesn’t affect that. I’ll also be giving a speech at one of the specialty chapters’ functions

  5. L.K. Rigel says:

    Just a shout out to anyone thinking of taking Angela’s self-editing workshop:

    I took it recently through ESPAN, and it was fabulous. If you are serious about your craft, this workshop is a must-do.

  6. Patrick S Doris says:

    Angela, your post fulfill almost all my Carina news needs. :)

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