Week Twelve…Crazy Travel


I have to remind myself that these Monday blog posts are a week behind. So while we’re entering week thirteen, I’m writing about week twelve. I think. No one tell me if that’s wrong, just let me live on in my bubble, k?

Last week, part of the Carina/Harlequin team was in New York City for the first ever Digital Book World conference. Brent and I both spoke on panels, and Malle, Aideen and Eleanor also attended. Poor Eleanor was scheduled to speak on a panel on Wednesday, but she had to fly home early Wednesday morning due to not feeling well. But the rest of us soldiered on in her absence and we had two nights of lovely meals and conversation, in addition to two full days of attending panels. Wednesday night, we were fortunate to be joined at dinner by four of the Carina Press editors (Jessica, Julianne, Gina and Melissa) and two of our book blogging friends (Kassia of Booksquare and Sarah of SmartBitches) and we had several hours of high volume conversation. I’d just like to point out, that my first requirement for a restaurant was that it was quiet and I swear I made that clear to the concierge but…we ended up at what was possibly the noisiest restaurant in New York City and had to shout at each other to be heard. Malle made us play musical chairs so we all got to speak to (mostly) everyone. I think we all had a pretty fabulous time, decibel levels aside.

Amongst all the travel, we’ve still managed to have meetings and make acquisitions. I think we’ve announced only a 20-25% of the acquisitions we’ve made so far. I’m way, way behind, I’d better get on that. As a teaser, I’ll tell you we’ve acquired two m/m books, several erotica, a thriller, some mystery, romantic suspense, historical, paranormal and a partridge in a pear tree. Okay, not really the last one, but all the others are true. I can’t wait to showcase the diversity of our lineup!

Launch seems right around the corner when you start looking at pesky things like production schedules and deadlines (which I was just doing about five minutes ago) and it’s hard to believe how much we’ve done–and how much there is still to do. A lot of what I intend to work on this week is going to sound like things you’ve heard before, though. At this point, we’re swinging into high gear so we’ll be finalizing hiring of copy editors and several more editors, acquiring launch titles, sending out contracts, planning promotion and marketing and creating our conference appearance schedule. Yes, that will all happen this week and moving forward!

And to end, I’ll leave you with a list of links mentioning Carina Press at Digital Book World. The first link also contains a two minute video interview with me.

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10 thoughts on “Week Twelve…Crazy Travel”

  1. Dear Angela, As you know, I follow the comings and goings of Carnia like a stalker (but I’m not dangerous) and have a question. I submitted a western historical, previously published the first week and haven’t heard anything except Carina’s a little behind (understandable). Today I sent a follow-up according to the submissions page and got an auto respons of 8 to 10 weeks. Please tell me if I’ve got to wait a couple of more months to hear. I’ve got a new book finished, but thought I’d better wait to see what happens.

    Thanks so much to listening to me whine.

  2. Angela James says:

    Reissues are taking longer because it took us a bit to figure out exactly what our plan was for them. Now we’ve got a plan and are getting them read as quickly as possible, as they came in. So you should hear in the next few weeks!

  3. Thank you, Angela. I promise, no more dumb questions. :)

  4. Patrick S Doris says:

    Since I think what I submitted counts as erotica that was a very effective tease

  5. Ni Gig says:

    What Genres of erotica were you talking about. Yes I’m Hoping but am
    very humble about it. Since I know You probably have recieved many. And thankyou for the update.

  6. Angela James says:

    @Donna, it wasn’t a dumb question at all

    @Patrick and Ni Gig I’m so sorry, it wasn’t meant to be a tease for submitting authors. I’m talking about the books we’ve already offered contracts for but haven’t announced her. Still lots of submissions to get through, though!

  7. Ni Gig says:

    I pretty much thought that was it.(smile) no worries and congrats to all the ones that got contracted!

  8. robena grant says:

    I enjoyed the video, Angela, you do well on camera. Thanks so much for all of the links. I get a headache reading this stuff and trying to make sense of it all, but I feel it’s important to stay up on the changes.

  9. EC Sheedy says:

    I would take issue with whoever said the 45+ age group isn’t interested in e-reading. I think the opposite is true. Friends of mine, that age and beyond, love the convenience of their Sony, Kindle or whatever. And they pay, rather than pirate.

    Go, Carina . . .

  10. Mervyn says:


    I’ve done exactly the same thing as you did, had exactly the same thought you did, but was NEVER going to ask the question.

    … and that you have, I don’t have to … thanks!

    However, I do wish to repeat in public what I’ve said in private; it’s sure exciting to sit by and watch a future benchmark being born!

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