Countdown to Carina Press: Win Daily!


In celebration of our Countdown to Carina Press, we’re going to be offering both daily giveaways and grand prizes in three different venues. Here on the blog, Twitter and Facebook. Participate and win in multiple places!

Daily giveaways:

Each day, starting Friday, April 30th until Sunday, June 6th, we’ll give away three digital copies of the author of the day’s book. The authors will be blogging, and Carina Press will also be sharing fun information about them and their books on Facebook and Twitter throughout each day. There will be one winner for a participant on Twitter, one on Facebook and one here on the blog. To be eligible to win, all you have to do is comment on that day’s blog posts/tweets*/Facebook posts.

*To be entered to win on Twitter, you must use the hashtag #Carina40 (this autopopulates your entry directly into a spreadsheet from which we choose the random winners from.

Grand prize giveaways:

Blog: One winner will win the entire collection of 38 digital launch titles.

Two ways to enter: every comment on every blog post for the next 39 days is an entry. You can also get an extra five entries by promoting Countdown to Carina on your blog, a yahoo group, forum, etc. Just create and send the post and then come back here and tell us in the comments where you’ve promoted it (method of promotion is up to you) and we’ll enter your name five times on the spreadsheet! Feel free to utilize the graphic at the top of this post in your promotion!

Facebook: One winner will win a code good for $25 at the Carina Press bookstore

To enter: Become a fan (aka “like” our page) and comment on our Facebook posts during the next 39 days. Every comment is an entry to win.

Twitter: One winner will win a promo prize goodie pack of assorted promotional items (both Carina items and those collected at RT!)

To enter: Follow Carina Press on Twitter then interact with our tweet stream. Every twitter made with the hashtag #Carina40 will be entered to win. You can do this by RT’ing us, tweeting links to the countdown posts, etc.

Keep in mind…be crazy, be creative. There might be surprise giveaways for originality!

Contest is open internationally. Other contest rules are here.

30 thoughts on “Countdown to Carina Press: Win Daily!”

  1. Pearl says:

    You can’t imagine how exited I am about the launch of Carina Press! Can’t wait for June 7th!

  2. Bernita says:

    “the entire collection of 38 digital launch titles.”
    What a fabulous grand prize!
    What a wonderful launch promotion!

  3. JoAnne K says:

    Ditto, Pearl! Way too many fab books to purchase. Is that possible? Too many? Nah. I’m psyched to have another source of excellent books to feed my Ereader and my imagination. My credit card is at the ready, the only problem I might have is selecting just a few. And then which one do I read first? Bleh. It’s like being a kid in Charlie’s Chocolate Factory!

    I linked up on Facebook:

    And added your promo countdown image on my blog:

    Oh, and I love the catchphrase, “A new day in digital publishing is about to begin…”) Very exciting.

  4. I’ve posted on facebook (profile page) about this great event –

    I can’t wait for the event to start…it sounds like it’s gonna be a lot of fun!

  5. Estella says:

    Wow! great giveaway.

  6. What a launch contest! I’m so excited to see the great things Carina has in store!

  7. Kwana says:

    This is a super cool contest. Ver-rey nice.

  8. Terri says:

    Awesome! Count me in!

  9. LaTia S. Adkins says:

    This sounds so cool! Can’t wait to see more from Carina Press!

  10. Christine O'Neil-Bell says:

    Bring it on, can’t wait for the launch!!!

  11. Lynne Silver says:

    Winner, winner chicken dinner! I hope I’m the lucky reader! Can’t wait until Carina launch.

  12. Susan says:

    This is absolutely fantastic! Thanks for the great contest!

  13. azteclady says:

    Shared the information here and here, with linkage and image.

    Here’s counting down with all of you!

  14. azteclady says:

    Second try (I think the software doesn’t care for html code…):

    I posted about Carina Press’ launch and countdown celebration here

    and here

    including linkage to this blog and the image.

  15. Bev Stephans says:

    Great contest! I’m really looking forward to the launch date. I’ve already picked out a few titles that I would like to read.

  16. Tara says:

    Excited for the launch. Thanks for the contest.

  17. Jim B says:

    Looking forward to the launch and the new reader opportunity.

  18. Cyn W. says:

    What a fantastic launch promotion and great prizes for readers!

  19. Liza says:

    So excited about the launch of this line!

  20. Lori says:

    Can’t wait for June 7!!

  21. ruth says:

    I’m so excited about this.

  22. Natasha A. says:

    I put this post on my blog!

    Quick question about leaving links in the post here…. Can we leave multiple? Because I have some ideas for different posts on my blog, but I don’t want to do them all right now! lol

  23. Angela James says:

    @Natasha, yes you can leave multiple!

  24. Susan says:

    Coin Operated by Ginny Glass sounds like a fantastic read! The whole concept of “Dirty Laundry” – spicy secrets that people have – is an intriguing basis for a series. I’m looking forward to this one. Love the names of the characters as well!

  25. Susan says:

    Hi All! I’ve already posted on this blog today, however, due to this contest (and only beCAUSE of this contest!) I just started a blog and created my first post.

    It details why I love this contest, and what it means to our world (yes, only our CYBER world…but is there another one?) and has a bit about beginnings, and what they mean to us. To me. :)

    The post is here –

    Thanks, Carina Press!

  26. Marlene says:

    This contest sounds so cool. I knew there was a reason I got an eReader! I can hardly wait for June 7, contest or no contest!

  27. Congratulations! I’ve been hearing a lot about Carina and you have some titles in June by some of my favorite authors (Megan Hart & Leah Braemel). Can’t wait to see what is coming soon….

    In the meantime here is where I blogged about this Carina giveaway, you can find it here:

  28. Pearl says:

    I’ve put up the announcement for my Welcome Carina Press week (June 7-11) up:

  29. Susan says:



    Twelve minutes left!!!

    I can’t fathom how any of the authors or creators of Carina Press can be sleeping right now. Unless it’s the sleep of the exhausted, yet hyper uber-busy persons attending to a thousand last-minute details before a well-publicized launch.

    It’s exciting!

    Wishing all of you involved, from the fabulous writers to the behind the scenes programmers, oh, heck, EVERYONE, the most fabulous launch day ever.

    I’ve blogged a bit about stories and included a plug for Carina Press today here –

    We’ll be there!!

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