Sea of Suspicion by Toni Anderson (about the author)


Toni Anderson in Alberta

I’ve always been a voracious reader, but in 1995 I moved to Canada  (for the first time :) ) and fell in love with Romantic Suspense when I picked up my first Linda Howard.  After glomming Linda, Nora, Catherine Coulter, Karen Robards etc etc I stumbled upon Suzanne Brockmann and rediscovered that almost obsessive-compulsive desire to read everything she’d ever written.

I began writing my own stories when I was pregnant with my first child and we’d moved back to Scotland.  It took 5 years, but I got my first story published (HER SANCTUARY) and I’ve been writing ever since.  When Carina Press opened for submissions I had a story that I’d recently finished (OUT OF TEARS was the original title after an old Rolling Stones song) and decided to send it in.  Angela offered me a contract on Christmas Eve 2009 and I got the email when I was visiting my mom and dad in Shropshire.  Strangely I received a second offer for another book when I was visiting them again a couple of weeks ago.  My mom says she’s good luck and I’ll need to move home if I want more contracts! Cough!

I’ve been so impressed by the editors and cover artists at Carina and I’ve enjoyed every step of this journey.  I hope you enjoy the story!

Author Bio

Toni is a former marine biologist who conducted her Ph.D. at the Gatty Marine Laboratory in St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland.  She was born and raised in the U.K., but now lives in the Canadian prairies with her husband and two children, living about as far from the ocean as possible. Her stories are set in the stunning locations where she’s been lucky enough to live and work—the blustery east coast of Scotland, the remote isolated mining communities of Northern Labrador, the rugged landscapes of the U.S. and the Red Center of Australia.  She escapes the long brutal Canadian winters by writing Romantic Mystery and Suspense stories.

For hobbies she loves reading, traveling, photography, painting, drawing and walking—especially on the beach with a big hairy mutt splashing in the shallows.

Toni’s first Romantic Suspense, HER SANCTUARY, was released in 2009 to some great reviews.  She writes about her travels on her blog and updates on Twitter.  Readers can sign up for her newsletter on her website, plus, friend her on Facebook.  She’s also set up a fan page for SEA OF SUSPICION with location photographs and anecdotes.

Don’t forget the giveaway…

1 digital copy of SEA OF SUSPICION will be given away to one blog commenter, a Twitter commenter and a Facebook commenter.  Let me know what you think of my story!

29 thoughts on “Sea of Suspicion by Toni Anderson (about the author)”

  1. Bernita says:

    As other people have said, I am going to be so broke this summer from buying this and all the other books!

  2. Tamsyn T. says:

    I read the blurb on Sea of Suspicion on your website. It sounds like a great book, with murder and revenge!

  3. Thanks, Bernita–I know the feeling :)

  4. Tamsyn–thank you! Nothing like a bit of murder and revenge to keep you going :)

  5. I tried to study marine bio in grad school, but the prof I’d hoped to study with quit the year I got there and I ended up studying lizard behavior instead. Not nearly as much fun!

  6. Liz Fichera says:

    Good luck with SEA OF SUSPICION, Toni! Sounds like you truly live the mantra, “Write what you love.”

  7. LOL Cindy. I have a real soft spot for lizards and fish :)

  8. Liz–thanks so much :) I can’t get the imagine of Sean Bean and Eric Bana out of my mind now–writing what I love ;)

  9. Congrats, Toni! LOL @ moving in with mum.

  10. Thanks, Loreth. Can you imagine? Well, yes, you probably can :)

  11. J Wachowski says:

    I love dragons–can’t wait to check it out.
    & what a great bio story, Toni! Bet you could get some good material out of moving in with Mom. :)

  12. Thanks, J. I love my mom :) and my dad but a couple of weeks is my limit for living with them. Back in Shropshire tomorrow though–wonder if there’s any more good news coming my way?????

  13. Jean P says:

    Your book sounds like a great read, can’t wait, adding another name to my list of books to buy

  14. Lori says:

    Read the blurb on your website. It sounds like it’s right up my alley. Yup, as everyone said… I’ll be broke for sure.

  15. Lori–broke in a good way!

  16. Andrea I says:

    I’m so glad I saw your e mail from the Yahoo group. Both of your books look like great reads. These are ones added to my ever growing TBB list.

  17. Thanks, Andrea–I hope you enjoy them!!

  18. Pearl says:

    I’m thrilled to find another new to me author at Carina and another romantic suspense release to boot. It’s at the top of my list of favorite subgenres!

  19. Estella says:

    My book budget for this month is shot to pieces. I love romantic suspense books.

  20. Kathy says:

    Toni, I can’t wait to read the published version of this compelling, top-notch story! You’re so right, the cover artists at Carina are awesome. I can’t wait to see your next cover!! And gosh, I never would have guessed that traveling was one of your hobbies. ;-)

  21. Jane says:

    I love romantic suspense and look forward to reading your books.

  22. Kathy says:

    P.S. Happy Early Birthday, Toni!!! :-)

  23. Pearl–my favorite sub genre too! :)

    Estella–I know that feeling. One thing I’ve missed, (since laptop died) and being in UK, are decent RS books.

    Kathy–snort! You are the BEST CP! Love you to bits :) XXXX And thanks for those birthday wishes. LOVE birthdays :)

    Jane–thank you so much :)

  24. Marine biology is such a fascinating field. I can’t wait to see how it influenced this story.

  25. Fedora says:

    Toni, I really enjoyed Her Sanctuary–didn’t realize Sea of Suspicion was going to be out ASAP! Can’t wait!

  26. MaryK says:

    Oooh, those setting sound very atmospheric! I may have to dip my toe back into the RS waters. :)

  27. Lara Kairos says:

    A marine biologist and Scottish coast sound fascinating. Especially if it is a romantic suspense! :)

  28. Emily–I hope you like the results :)

    Fedora–thanks :) I hope you like this as much!

    Mary–I hope so!

    Lara–I love RS too :)

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