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When I submitted Consent to the Cowboy, the original title I picked was “No Ordinary Cowboy”. Angela informed me right off the bat that Carina was asking for a title change. Of course, I agreed. In the grand scheme of things…it is only a title, right? From what I understand, Carina Photobucket believed that my first choice for a title was too sweet sounding and since this is an erotic book they wanted the title to resemble the book. I completely agreed, and I’ll be the first to admit that I absolutely love the title Consent to the Cowboy.

Let me share a a little excerpt with you. I think this will show you that my hero is no ordinary cowboy, and it’ll take some fast talkin’ to convince my heroine to consent to the cowboy.

Excerpt from Consent to the Cowboy

“Hey, Billy.” He stepped forward and stopped the other man’s exit. “What’s the story behind the woman serving drinks?”

Billy turned toward the back, smiled and faced Will again. “Oh, that’s Daphne Norris. She’s one of the serving girls at Chum’s downtown. The other one beside her is Ana.”

“Does Daphne have a brand on her?” Will studied the woman, but his full attention was on Billy’s answer.

Billy laughed. “Hell no, men have tried, but that’s one filly that don’t lower herself to any ol’ country boy. Rumor has it her daddy was a two-timing dawg bent on the bottle and she don’t want to saddle herself with the same. He left her all alone to take care of her dying mother.”

Will nodded. “Thanks.” Jesus. The woman had gone through hell and back. A son of a bitch for a father, and losing her mother on top of it. He swallowed. No wonder she kept everyone at arm’s length. Who could blame her?

His gaze traveled back to the woman. Long auburn hair swung freely around her shoulders and halfway down her back. Her skin was so pale and perfect it begged his fingers to roam over her entire body to find out if it really was as smooth and soft as it appeared.

She held her head at a regal angle, belying the clothes that outed her for a belt-buckle bunny. No, something about her overrode the persona she wanted others to see. She wasn’t someone who settled on serving beer for a living. Damn, the girl deserved some pampering.

With her back toward him, he lowered his study to the red flashy boots on her feet. Her solid thighs seemed to go on forever before reaching the hem of her short denim skirt. He’d bet the jackpot she didn’t wear any panties and enjoyed the way it cooled her off in the warm summer weather.

Will finished his drink. Not one to overindulge, he decided the night asked for one more beer before he called it quits. He waited for a break in the line at the keg, wanting to have Daphne’s attention all to himself, and then worked his way to the back. He’d need to play this right. One wrong move and he had a feeling the woman would run from him.

A feral kitten. That’s what she reminded him of, a scared but brave little kitten who waited for just the right person to trust. If I can get her to come home with me, I’ll show her how much she deserves to find happiness.

“Beer or wine?” Daphne finished wiping the table, looked up and smiled. “Hey, it’s the bronc champ of the night. Congratulations again.”

He nodded. “Thanks, and I’ll have a beer too.”

She turned her back, stuck a cup under the tap at an angle and slowly filled the cup with beer. His gaze lowered to her backside. Her hip-to-waist ratio leaned toward a perfect curve for a man to grab on and go for a different kind of ride.

“Here you go.” She held the beer out. “Three-fifty a cup.”

He placed money into the palm of her hand, closed her fingers and leaned over to kiss the inside of her wrist. Even through the malty smell of beer, the sweet scent of woman tickled his nose.

“Thanks for the beer and the hand up earlier.” He picked up his cup, tilted his hat and walked away.

By the time he walked across the tented area, he’d drained the cup and tossed it in a nearby trash can. Outside, his body relaxed and the muscles that ached earlier from the competition no longer killed with each step.

His plan was working perfectly, and soon Daphne would run out of the tent straight into his life. He licked his lips. Five, four, three, two, one…

“Stop right there, mister!”


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18 thoughts on “A little peek inside Consent to the Cowboy”

  1. Nice! I’m lovin’ the way he set her up… Just like I said on your previous post, “woo wee!”

  2. Lisa J says:

    It sounds like a good time will be had by all. Can’t wait.

  3. Bernita says:

    That is one dangerous man!

  4. Maria D. says:

    Great excerpt! Your hero Will sounds great- can’t wait to read more.

  5. Abby Wood says:

    I love sharing excerpts, but I’ll admit I’m sitting on my hands because I want to tell you what happens next. lol Over on Carina’s facebook they posted a couple of my favorite lines and it is so hard not to tell everyone WHY. lol

    Thank you!!

  6. No kidding (re: you want to tell us what happens next)! — what a way to build the tension… and suspense. Loved it!

  7. Abby Wood says:

    Thanks Rebecca. :-)

    There is a different excerpt over on my website too. Just click on books and enjoy. ;-)

  8. Estella says:

    I love it! Will sounds dangerous and exciting.

  9. Christine says:

    Sounds really good can’t wait.

  10. Abby Wood says:

    Thank you Estella and Christine. :-)

    I want to give a huge shout out to Ginny Glass who did the cover for Consent to the Cowboy. It fits the story perfectly and I think she did an awesome job. :-)

  11. Arwen says:

    Gotta love a hot cowboy who takes charge like that. Really loved where the excerpt ended. Made me want more.

  12. Fedora says:

    Wow, what a delicious intro, Abby! And I do like your new title–it’s got that little extra hint of edge to it :)

  13. Pearl says:

    Oooh LOVE this excerpt. I have grown very partial to cowboy-themed erotic romances and this is one I gotta have!!!

    Will is YUM!

    And Ginny did the cover?? It’s awesome!!!

  14. Jim B says:

    Looks different than I usually read but interesting. Going to enjoy the opening.

  15. Great excerpt! This one should sell like hotcakes!

  16. Diane M. says:

    I love cowboys since I was raised on a ranch.

  17. Abby Wood says:

    Arwen – I love alpha men who are confident and secure. Will’s that kind of man. ;-)

    Fedora – The new title is great, isn’t it? The Carina Press team picked a perfect one. I’m very happy with the change, just like their editing, it all makes a nice sparkly package that I am so proud of.

    Pearl – Yep, Ginny did it. :-) I love it so much I have it as my desktop picture so I can look at it all the time.

    Jim – Thank you for that…I know not all books will interest every reader, but I am glad it caught your eye. :-)

    Cindy – Oh, I hope so! lol Thank you!

    Diane – You’ll get a kick out of this one then. I can’t say why…you’ll have to read it, but parts of it will make you laugh. ;-)

    Guess what everyone? I received my first review on Consent to the Cowboy this morning. They loved my book! You can read the whole review here…

    I wanted to share what the reviewer said at the end. Makes me so proud to be part of the Carina Press launch!

    Reviewer’s final thoughts
    “Consent to the Cowboy” is the first book by Carina Press that I read and it definitely makes me excited to read more books by this new digital publisher.

  18. I like a confident hero. :-)

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