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I’m a wife, mom, author, and barn goddess. I live the country life. I walk barefoot along the creek, can bait a Photobuckethook faster than most people, and motorcycles are meant to be rode fast. I wake up early every morning and pull on my boots to feed the animals before I’m half-awake. Once I’ve done the chores, I come back in and become a writer. It only made sense that I would eventually decide to write about the world I live in…and that is how the idea for Consent to the Cowboy, an erotic western coming out June 28th, was born.

Not only did I want to deliver a sizzlin’ hot erotic book filled with a prevailing romance, I wanted to show the inner workings of small towns everywhere. Those tight-knit communities where everybody knows each other’s names and you are known for what your Granddaddy did in his youth.

When I received the phone call from Angela telling me Carina Press would like to offer me a contract, I was so excited. Working with Melissa, my editor, was a real pleasure. I think I developed my first case of butterflies when it was announced that my book was coming out on June 28th, and I would be showcased on the blog as a launch author. What do I talk about? I’m just a small town gal who talks to her animals and wears her cowboy boots with her cutoff jeans! I was sure you didn’t want to hear about Roy Lee, and the county rodeo is still a couple months away so I couldn’t tell you what happened there.

So, I decided to shoot straight and give you the facts. I’m a lucky small town author who’s happier than heck to share Consent to the Cowboy with you today.

Back Cover Copy

Surrounded by beer-swilling, skirt-chasing cowboys her whole life, barmaid Daphne Norris has no intention of ever settling for any of the men in her Podunk hometown. So when bronc rider Will Hanson sends shock waves to her core with just one glance from his striking green eyes, no one is more surprised than her.

But Will is no ordinary cowboy, and he can see that Daphne is no ordinary small-town girl. He can sense in Daphne the quiet strength and devotion needed to satisfy a man like him, a man who needs to be on top, in every aspect of his life.

Daphne hasn’t ever succumbed to her submissive desires before, and Will awakens her in ways she never imagined. While she’s not prepared to give him her heart, she agrees to Will’s offer of three days of intense pleasure, and then she’s walking. But Daphne falls hard and fast, and now she has a decision: return to a normal life, or give up everything for Will…

Remember that 3 people who comment (One on the blog, one on Facebook, and one on Twitter) will receive a free copy of Consent to the Cowboy.

To help you out and get the comments rolling, how about you tell me about where you live. Do you live in the city or a small town? Can you walk into the grocery store without anyone recognizing you or does it take you twice as long to shop because everyone stops and talks to you?

Multi published author, Abby Wood lives in the Pacific Northwest. A huge animal lover, she enjoys the many animals on her farm and the wild ones that roam the forest. In her free time, she loves to ride motorcycles, garden, go fishing and play tennis. She loves to write stories that allow readers to escape into a brand new world.

You can find out more about Abby at, visit her facebook page at and follow her on Twitter at @MsAbbyWood.

42 thoughts on “Consent to the Cowboy”

  1. Lisa J says:

    The town I live in is so small we have to travel at least 10 miles to shop. The good thing, I can go to the store not looking my best and rarely see someone I know.

    The book sounds great and I’ve got it on the list to buy.

  2. Melissa Johnson says:

    I really enjoyed working with you too!

    I loved getting to know your small town and some of its quirks and lingo.

    Daphne and Will were super hot together–whew! But you also had me cracking up at the antics of geese and dogs, and sniffling in some places also.

  3. Kathy B says:

    Hmm, definitely not small but not large either. I’m in a farming community so there is a small town feel to it!

    The book sounds fabulous. Can’t wait for it to come out.

  4. Eileen says:

    I live in a small town, but have just recently moved back to it after 15 years of living elsewhere. I’m really enjoying getting caught up with family and friends who still live here, and meeting many new people who’ve moved here while I was away. Book looks great! Can’t wait to read it!

  5. Abby Wood says:

    Lisa – That is a very good thing! If I miss a weekly shopping trip into town, my phone will start ringing with people calling to make sure everything is okay. People like their routines around here. lol Thanks for commenting, Lisa!

    Melissa – You made editing fun. It takes a special editor to make you smile and laugh while encouraging me to dig deeper with my writing…and you did that! Thank you!

  6. Abby Wood says:

    Kathy – Farming communities are the best. I think you get that old-time neighborly connection where people look out for one another and lend a hand if you need it that you don’t find in larger areas. (of course, I could be totally wrong, because I have never lived in a city. ;-))

    Eileen – Wow, it sounds like moving back was like returning “home” to you. That is really neat. It is nice to have friends and family around.

    Thanks everyone for the nice compliments. I’m not sure I’ll ever lose the smile on my face. :-)

  7. Donna says:

    Congratulations on your book. I can’t wait to read it!

    I live in a log cabin out in the mountains of Western North Carolina, and I love it. The closest town is a one stop light, one grocery store, one restaurant town where everyone knows everyone else on sight. It is a great place to live. I wake up to bird songs and go to sleep to coyote howls. Perfect!

  8. Fiona Vance says:

    Woohoo! *clinks glasses* Here’s to the Cowboy! Nothing like a good old fashioned cowboy to keep things interesting, even if he’s not so “old fashioned” LOL. Even an East Coast girl like me can relate to that!

    In real life, I personally like the anonymity of a larger community–the thought of everyone knowing me and my business is *not* a comfort. And I *really* don’t want to know all theirs. But I do enjoy it in fiction–where it’s somebody else and not me! LOL

    The excerpt sounds awesome… I can’t wait to get my hands on this one! :-)

    Fiona :-)

  9. Bernita says:

    I live in a small town now; and yes, grocery shopping–any kind of shopping– takes time!
    Everyone is a neighbour.The bank clerks will send a card if you’re ill, the local florist will offer to pick up dog food for you, and the druggist will deliver a prescription…

  10. Abby Wood says:

    Donna – What a perfect setting you described. You are very lucky! I have a soft spot for log cabins…love them!

    Fiona – *clink* Thank you! I have to laugh, because I think my teenagers would like the anonymity of larger towns too sometimes. Not much you can get away with when everyone knows who your parents are and have them on speed dial. lol

  11. Abby Wood says:

    Exactly Bernita! Those are the perks of small-town living. :-)

  12. Liz Fichera says:

    Barn goddess? Love that! Good luck with the book, Abby! I’m looking forward to reading it as I am very partial to cowboys. :-)

  13. Gina Gordon says:

    Sounds great Abby!! Excited as heck for your release! Hee Hee

  14. Bonnie Dee says:

    A hot, sexy western, Yay!

    My mom was from Montana so I have …. absolutely no connection to the west whatsoever actually. In fact, when I visited Yellowstone last year, all those open lands on the way there and the majestic mountains made me a little uncomfortable. I was glad to hit green and trees and towns and cities again as we reached the midwest on our drive home. But I love to read about the west and your book sounds fantastic.

  15. Abby Wood says:

    Liz – Yeah, um, barn goddess…a fancy word for a dirty job. Although men can pull off the job AND look sexy too. Makes me a little jealous. lol

    Gina – Oh heck yeah! lol This is funny, but I just went and checked my book for the word “heck” and I’m proud to say I never used it at all. *proud moment* Thanks, hon. :-)

    Bonnie – Your comment cracked me up…so honest. lol Thankfully there are lots of places we can choose to live, huh? I too love stories that take me to another place. That’s the wonderful thing about stories.

  16. I’m from a little, big city in North Carolina that has the distinction of being home to Krispy Kreme donuts. (I’m rather proud of that. *giggle*) Every time I go home to visit we run into friends and family at the K&W or Hanes Mall or wherever else we roam.

    I know exactly how your teenagers feel, Abby. RE: “I think my teenagers would like the anonymity of larger towns too sometimes. Not much you can get away with when everyone knows who your parents are and have them on speed dial. lol” I could never get with anything growing up because there was always someone around who’d ask, “Aren’t you Rebecca’s grandbaby?” and followed it with “Ima tell yer grandmama on you.” ^_^

  17. Oh, and I forgot to say I’m looking forward to Consent to the Cowboy. Sounds like I’m going to need a very tall glass of sweet tea with lots of ice to ward off spontaneous combustion. Woo wee!

  18. Abby Wood says:

    Shirin – *waves* Yep, it is hard on the kids, but then they also get to hear stories of what “we” did in our teen years. *whistles innocently* It all evens out! ;-)

    I think you’ll like my book, and it would be perfect for a summer day. Just might want to find some shade while you are sippin’ the sweet tea so things don’t get too hot. lol

  19. Maria D. says:

    Congrats on the new release thru Carina. Loved the blurb to your book.

    I live in a city with a fairly large population. The nearest grocery store is sveral miles away on a highway and no one would recognize me. Most of the time I would not recognize the checkers either so I can’t blame them.

  20. That is the best cover copy I’ve ever read in my life :)

  21. Abby Wood says:

    Maria – Thank you! I bet you have those self check-out lines in the stores you visit too. We don’t have them, but when I’ve gone into the big city I always try to use them. It is the adult version of going on the horsey ride, except I have to put a lot more than a quarter in the slot. lol

    Kathleen – Wow…how cool is that? I love it too. The first time I read it, I knew it was perfect. Thank you!

  22. Fiona Vance says:

    @ Abby and Shirin Dubbin

    Yep, my mother was one of the older, well-known school teachers in the school system I grew up in, and I got that ALL growing up….

    First day of School Roll Call:

    “Fiona Vance?”
    “Are you Mary’s daughter?”
    ***”Kill Me Now!*** “Yes, ma’am.”
    “Well, don’t think I won’t tell her if I think you’re not working up to your full potential…”

    And you know what? I’ve just discovered why I now will never live in a town of less than 65,000 people! LOL

    I’ll send you my insurance information for the therapy session! :-) Thanks, Dr. Abby!

  23. Abby Wood says:

    lol Cool, I now have a new profession…Doctor. I’ll tack that right up next to barn goddess. I’ll even give you a heck of a deal. I’ll take two chickens and some canned raspberry jam in trade for services rendered. Make sure those are hens though, ol’ Roy Lee would get jealous if I replaced him. ;-)

  24. @Abby and Fiona Vance, I didn’t know we were getting our heads shrinked! I’ve got issues that have complexes that have phobias. You skerit yet?

    So, um… Dr. Abby, How much therapy can I get for a goat named Jim, a hummingbird cake and a casserole dish of chicken n’ dumplings? (You can keep the Tupperware btw) That ought to get me through my childhood—if you don’t count high school. (I may have to bring you a horse and an old, rusty pick-up truck if we’ve got to talk through ninth grade.)

  25. Estella says:

    I love small towns—-have always lived in one.

  26. Abby Wood says:

    Oh Shirin, you temptress! I love goats. We might have to work something out. I think if we distract my husband with the food, he won’t notice Jim the goat joining the other animals here on the farm. ;-)

    Estella – Me too! :-)

  27. Congrats on the new book – this is one that I have earmarked to MUST GET…..

    I am definitely a country girl…


  28. Fiona Vance says:

    LOL!! Well, I don’t have any *live* chickens…will you take a couple of Purdue Oven Stuffer Roasters? If it has to be live, I do have a cat. I hear they taste just like chicken!

    Shirin, can I have your recipe for the “chicken” ‘n dumplings?

  29. Abby Wood says:

    Thanks Erotic Horizon. (cool name, btw)Do you wear your cowboy boots with your cutoffs? ;-) I had a second of omg-did-I-really-post-that this morning, so it would be really nice if someone confessed to also wearing such a stylish outfit. :-D

    Fiona – Purdue Oven Stuffer Roasters? I have no idea what that is…although if that means stuffing a beer can inside a chicken, that’ll do too. lol

  30. I love western themed romances…can’t wait to check this out.

  31. @Fiona and Abby

    Oh no, Miss Fiona, I will not give you my recipe so some poor feline ends up in a calico ‘n dumplings casserole. I lurve the cats. I is their queen. I am also Queen of the Zombies.

    Miss Abby is Queen of the Cowboys. She rules with an iron spur and rides them hard…um, oopsie <–delete. delete. delete…

    …but now everybody knows why they should buy Consent to the Cowboy! =^.^= (plus they’ll be chicken and beer)

  32. Abby Wood says:

    lol Yeehaw! You are so funny, Shirin! :-D

  33. Fedora says:

    Ah… not a small town here, so it’s pretty easy to get in and out of the grocery store. I’ve always loved reading about that small-town community vibe where everyone knows your name (and your business!) but I’m not sure whether I’d appreciate it in reality! :)

  34. Pearl says:

    I grew up in a very small town, lived in big city for a few years and now live in medium size town near the big city. I love both small towns and big cities and where I live now I have the pros of both worlds!

  35. Diane M. says:

    Congrats on the book.

    I was raised on a ranch out outside a really, really small town. Everybody knew everybody else and most likely they were related. I now live in a big city in a cul-de-sac and everybody still knows everything or at least they think they do.

  36. Abby Wood says:

    Fedora and Pearl – It is interesting how towns/cities are all basically ran the same, have the same intent, yet can differ so much. I will admit that it would be very cool to be able to order a pizza and have it delivered to my house. That is something I’ve never experienced. Thanks for commenting!

    Diane – That’s the way it is around here, everybody is a relative…you get to claim the mother in law from your cousin by marriage and her best friend too. lol Comes in handy though when it is haying time and you need a few extra hands. ;-)

    Thanks again for commenting everyone. Like we say in the country, don’t be a stranger…stop by anytime. I’m always at my website, facebook, and twitter. :-)

  37. karen says:

    Well here is another book to add to my list of must be boughts……..
    Abby this sounds great.

  38. Christine O'Neil-Bell says:

    Looks awesome! Chomping at the bit from that cliffhanger excerpt!

  39. Abby Wood says:

    Thanks Karen and Christine! I’m so glad it caught your interest. :-)

  40. Yvette Davis says:

    Well, this certainly sounds like a place I’d like to visit! Even if only in a book.

  41. Oh, I’m a city girl and hang on to my anonymity with both hands!

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