Is your pleasure my pleasure…? A Gambit excerpt


Gambit book cover Daned Traern isn’t a shy man.  It’s the main reason his prince chose him for the position of Captain Chae Beyon’s flesh-pet.  After all not many men can carry off wearing a few strings of gold.  And Chae is very appreciative.

(c)  2010 Kim Knox

Adult excerpt

The length of gold met the first thread clinging to his shoulder. Her palm held it there, its molten heat stinging her skin. Daned didn’t flinch, even as Chae knew that the heat tore through the living gold to seal it to his flesh.

The gold cooled under her hand. It was over. Well, almost. And the almost had her heart beating hard. She wanted to sag against him, let her forehead fall against his shoulder, needing the reality of him to sink into her flesh, her soul. Shit, she would come to hate living gold. The upside was that when it was time to break the bond, her interest would die too. Her gaze raked his back, enjoying the smooth play of muscles under cider-brown skin far too much.

Yeah. Right. All interest would just…evaporate. Not a chance. Chae willed herself to take a step back. “Done,” she said. Daned turned to face her. Wry humor shone in his eyes and he had to know how attractive it made him. “Not quite. The Igasho have their incantation, the activating phrase.” He closed the space between them and his voice dropped, softened. “I believe it’s ‘Make me yours.’”

The words spiraled through her blood and beat heat into her face. Bastard. Was he having fun at her expense? Chae lifted her chin and held his dark gaze. “Living gold needs more to activate it.”

“Yes, I know.” His finger traced a path along her jaw, the same lightness of touch that flicked fire under her skin. “Is this enough?”

His mouth hovered over hers, his breath brushing warm over her lips. Her heart beat hard in her ears and her fingers slid over the firm muscles in his forearms, gripping him, needing the contact to break her desire to take his mouth. His skin burned under her palms. “I don’t know.” Her gaze focused on his lips. They had to seal the bond with a kiss…and they both knew it. “Is my pleasure your pleasure yet?”

His mouth quirked upward. “No.”

“How about now?” The first slow brush of her lips over his hollowed her belly and sparked desire in her flesh. He tasted warm, soft, and the hint of strange spices urged her to change the kiss, to tease and play, and the first chaste kiss melted into another and another.

Her tongue tip touched his and her fingers bit hard into his forearms. Damn it, since when did a simple kiss practically have her shaking? It was the gold. The bloody stuff twisted her thoughts, her reactions, but didn’t stop her from deepening the contact, from stroking her tongue over his, savoring him. She thought she moaned, a low, needy sound that seemed to fill her chest. Somehow, it brought Daned closer, his soft, subtle mouth making her heart pound and curse the fact that too much clothing separated her from him.

Her fingers pushed up his arms, pressing herself against the hardness of his body. “This is not enough.” She groaned the words against his lips and drove him back into the edge of the table. “Not nearly enough.”

For a timeless second she held his gaze, found heat and an unending darkness, just before his mouth and hands found her. Her world spun and her backside hit the table. Daned was ruthless, demanding, everything she wanted, needed. Chae clung to him. The living gold seared through the thick fabric of her tunic, branding her skin, binding her to this man. Heat coiled low in her
belly. The rub of his erection against her flesh danced sparks behind her eyes. Almost. She could almost taste the fire of her release—

Daned ripped his mouth from hers and stepped back. He wiped the back of his hand across his mouth and his eyes narrowed on her. “More than enough,” he muttered.

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8 thoughts on “Is your pleasure my pleasure…? A Gambit excerpt”

  1. Okay…that was fantastic! Living gold? I can’t wait to read this! Daned is delicious. Congrats on the release Kim!

  2. Susanna Ives says:

    “the first chaste kiss melted into another and another.”
    Wow! I’m buying this. Great excerpt!

  3. Kathy Ivan says:

    Can you say Hot! Hot! Hot! You go, girl. Great excerpt.

  4. Forget Chae, I was very appreciative! ;)

  5. Kim Knox says:

    @Dawn Montgommery Thanks, Dawn :)

  6. Kim Knox says:

    @Susanna Ives @Kathy Ivan Thanks :) And I hope you enjoy it, Susanna.

  7. Kim Knox says:

    @Hailey Edwards lol, the other men in your man pantry will be getting jealous. Just saying… *grin*

  8. Kathy Ivan took the words out of my mouth: HOT! HOT! HOT!

    Smokin’ excerpt!

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