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The other day I was really sick. When this happens, I tend to just lie around on the couch and do… well, a whole lot of nothing. My book-a-holic self makes a valiant effort to make a dent in the TBR pile, but my mind ends up wandering in and out of the plot with totally random thoughts that are only marginally related to the story. I was still kind of sick while sifting through the reviews, so random thoughts were definitely bouncing around. Here are some of the more interesting ones.

Trash Course by Penny Drake – Fresh Fiction

Maria would love to “drink coffee and eat cheesecake with [the heroine] as she tells her about her latest case” because Maria thinks Terry the heroine was “a little snarky, a lot smart, and seriously kickass”.

I would totally want to be Terry’s only confidante and muse about her work life over cheesecake and coffee. I know some people like to imagine themselves as an existing character the book, but I always like to envision myself as a completely new character that happens to be “in-the-know” about everything.

True Believers by Maria Zannini – Rom Fan Reviews

Ms. Carla said, “There were a few times I wanted to slap the characters for their stubbornness and failure to see the obvious, but that was also the reason I kept reading, hoping they’d finally realize what I already knew, and I wasn’t disappointed.”

Sometimes I get so infuriated with characters that, like Carla, I just want to jump into the book and set them straight. But, I only ever feel this way when I really connect with a character and I just want them to do well because they’re like a close friend to me.

Do Over by Mari Carr – Night Owl Reviews

Chris says, “I suspect a lot of women will be both envious of Faith and angry with their own husbands. While I’m sure there are some men who would and could do this, remember that this is fiction. This is a story I will read again just for the sheer joy of it.”

The whole time I was reading this review, all I could picture in my head was George Clooney playing Troy and Julianne Moore playing Faith in the movie. He’s just got the dashing-handsome-mysterious-older-man look and she’s got the I’m-a-housewife-but-I’ve-got-these-oh-so-sultry-sexy-eyes look.

In Darkness Bound by Christine Price – Smokin’ Hot Books

K.C. thought the book was “full of suspense with a dash of manlove” and “highly recommends this one for those looking for something a little darker and might have you jumping at things that go bump in the night.”

Actually, when I’m clearly not sick, I tend to get very engrossed in most books and will shriek like a little girl when someone sneaks up on me (and by sneaks up, I mean, they probably just said hello).

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  1. Penny Drake says:

    It’s always nice to read a good review! :)

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