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Sorry, sometimes I can’t help but play with the blog titles. Earlier this week, while participating in an #askeditor chat on Twitter, someone asked if we were looking for/accepting novellas. The answer is emphatically yes and I mentioned that I’d been preparing a call for novellas.

As we plan our 2011 publication schedule, I’ve noted that we have plenty of novels (70k+), which is fantastic but we like to insert novellas into our publication schedule as well, in order to give readers access to stories that don’t involve quite the same time commitment. I’m actually a big fan of novellas myself, because they fit much more easily into my editing schedule than novels do.

So this is our official call for novellas. I did this once before, via Twitter, and we had great success from it. Right now, we’re particularly interested in seeing shorter works from 15k (nothing under that, please) to 40k. Of course we’re still very actively acquiring above 40k, but we’d love to see some novellas along with our longer submissions. We’re not seeking in a particular genre/sub-genre, so please feel free to submit both romance and non-romance, erotica, science fiction, fantasy and any sub genre in between. If you’d like to target a specific editor, you can see what they’re seeking here.

Please keep in mind that we aren’t currently acquiring YA. You can find out more details of our submissions guidelines and FAQs on our website (that’s probably where you’re reading this but just in case… and submissions will be ongoing. This isn’t a limited-time call!

I should also mention that right now, everything submitted prior to October 15th has been assigned to an editor (and shortly, that will be everything submitted prior to this week) so manuscripts submitted now won’t be sitting around long waiting to be seen by an editor!

Any questions can be posted in the comments here of the blog, or on Twitter to @CarinaPress or @AngelaJames (just remember it’s easy for us to miss @ replies there so if we don’t respond, you might comment here instead). And you have full permission to forward the text of this post and use it on any forum or blog you think might be interested. I look forward to seeing your submissions!

7 thoughts on “Show me something novella”

  1. Liz says:

    Yes, yes, yes, more novellas! Otherwise I’ll have to spend my psychology class (gulp) studying psychology.

  2. Gosh this is exciting news, Angela! I’m still buzzing after getting third place in the competition you judged last month, the ‘Drive ’em Wilde’ competition over on Savvy Authors, so will jump right to it!

  3. Matt Hughes says:

    Are you interested in works that have already been published in serial markets or as chapbooks?

    1. Angela James says:

      Hi Matt, we will always consider previously published works as long as you hold the rights now!

  4. TK Turner says:

    I’m so glad to hear that! I LOVE writing novellas just as much as I love to read them. They’re quick, fast-paced, and oh so fun! I prefer novellas to novels, actually. I have the attention span of a goldfish, so anything over 30K words is a “project” for me, lol.

  5. Owen Kennedy says:

    I know that you take submissions for erotic romance (so glad to see you are wanting more novellas!), but how erotic? Most follow a rating system, what is Carina Press’ highest rating for submissions? Is there such a thing as too erotic for your epublisher or would you say you are aquiring similiar heat levels to the Total E Bounds, Ellora’s Cave, Loose ID publishers?

    1. Angela James says:

      Hi Owen, we take everything from non-romance, to erotica w/out romance, to sweet, to sexy to very, very erotic. In other words, if you write the heat level, we’ll consider it.

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