The Wrong Zodiac

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My Zodiac personality is totally wrong.  I was born a Capricorn but everyone thinks I’m an Aquarius.  I read horoscopes from several different cultures and find aspects of my personality in all the different types, really.  They’re all vague enough to fit nearly anyone.

However, the Zodiac and personality tests can be a fun twist on fiddling with fictional characters.

Read through the Zodiac personality types.  Which one fits your character best?  Is he a stubborn Taurus?  A down-to-earth Capricorn?  An energetic Gemini?  Figure it out, and then, just to be consistent with the real world, slip in some traits that don’t fit the type.

Another bit of fun is the Keirsey Personality Test.  It’s one of those things that divides all of humanity into four types (with four sub-categories in each), and is more of a party game than anything else, but it’s an interesting tool writers.  You can answer the questions as if you were one of your characters, which forces you to climb more deeply inside the person’s head.  Then you can see how closely the personality type matches.

The site wants you to fork out $20 for an in-depth analysis, but the free surface analysis is plenty interesting.  And it can give you ideas for further character development.

For the record, I took the test for Terry, the main character in Trash Course.  She turned up as a Guardian.  But of course.

Are your characters where you thought they’d be? Do you know your characters well enough to take the test?


Penny Drake is a retired nurse living in Michigan.  She spends her time traveling and writing the kind of novels she likes to read.  So far, she’s the author of Trash Course, available now from Carina Press.

One thought on “The Wrong Zodiac”

  1. JB Lynn says:

    What great tips!

    I love the idea of having my characters take personality tests.

    Thanks for sharing!

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