My first blog for my novella, Stroke of Midnight, and here I am, soaking in a tub of hot water with a face cloth over my eyes, trying to still my mind, and open up to ideas for what to say about the long and winding road to Carina Press and the exciting new opportunity I’ve been given.

A lot of readers see blogs, updates, feeds and tweets and check books off their lists to buy, read, share and borrow. There’s nothing quite as fun as discovering a new writer, digging up their backlist and reading each and every one of their books. I know this because I love it, too.

Messages from writers are often breezy pieces about how the characters came to life, how the scenes popped into their heads; the travel to locales was fun. Which makes it all seem effortless doesn’t it? Writers as a group are creative, clever, generally knowledgeable and curious about why people behave the way they do.

What they often don’t say is how long a struggle it was to develop their writing skills, how many setbacks they had, how their children went from diapers to driving before they sold (yeah, guess who that was). They won’t even tell you that they’ve considered decoupage with rejection letters on toilet seats as a stress reliever.

So, what brought me to Carina Press? Perseverance. These characters came to life for me a handful of years ago because of another novella. Jaye Sinns was very much in my mind while I was writing a story that ended with a couple heading to a high-end car auction. (Anyone who reads me knows I love me those automobiles!) Throwing Jaye at a playboy seemed like great fun because she was one tough single mother who’d worked hard at raising a son on her own. Jaye deserved a break and I was determined to give it to her.
The other thing that brought me to Carina Press with Stroke of Midnight is in my signature line below: Earthy, Irreverent . . . Lovestruck. Yes, that’s me, too. If there’s a way to lighten a mood, or point out the ridiculous or bring a little earthiness to a conversation, I’ll find it. As for being lovestruck well, my family’s chock full of real stories of first love reunions, late love blooming, and persistent (can we say 30 years later?)  loves.

I’ve never wanted to write anything but romance. I love it! Reading it, watching it, being in a real-life romance. I’m so very grateful that I have people who read mine.

What do we reach for when our worlds have gone dark, when we’re stressed or worried for a loved one? We reach for a book, that’s what. For me, there’s nothing as uplifting as a happy ending. I’m tickled I’m able to share the ones I write with you!

Now you know how I got here and more importantly, why I’m here, and why I’m so blessed to share the release of Stroke of Midnight with readers.

Life’s sweet! Enjoy it,

Bonnie Edwards

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15 thoughts on “Perseverance”

  1. Ann Mayburn says:

    They won’t even tell you that they’ve considered decoupage with rejection letters on toilet seats as a stress reliever.

    LOVE IT! Oh man I’m so going to open a store on Esty doing this. Send me your rejections and I’ll turn them into throne art.

    Great blog. Thank you for posting about the not so glamerous part of getting published. :D

  2. Marcelle says:

    Good post, Bonnie. And so true. I always think writing is like getting older–it’s not for the faint of heart, but some of us have no choice.

  3. Hey, Ann…The Pen Warriors (my writing group of intrepid warriors of the pen) went to a retreat and found a side table decoupaged with several of our covers — with witty quotes for good measure. Brilliant! And beautiful.

    Naturally, over lunch our minds went straight to rejection letters and toilets. And we came up with the idea stone cold sober. But really? We’d rather be writing than doing crafts.

    Love the “throne art” tag though!

  4. Marcelle,
    Yes, I’m one of those persistent people who just can’t quit.

    I’ve thought of it for all of 30 seconds, then I see the vastness of empty space in my mind and get back to work!



  5. Eleanor says:

    Hey Bonnie,

    I couldn’t agree more on what a haven a good book is during a time of stress! I can’t wait to read Stroke of Midnight!

    Eleanor :)

  6. Laura Bickle says:

    I used to think that being published would be something like Cinderella…the Literary Fairy would bop me on the head with her wand and all would be magic happily ever after.

    But there are a good many trials that are needed to get that magic and hold on to it. And I appreciate you mentioning the need for persistence. Because, in this business, it’s about ten percent magic and ninety percent perseverance…both before and after the sale.

  7. January Rowe says:


    I adore your cover. The composition is way hot, and well…earthy. Yum! I especially appreciate the look of pleasure on your heroine’s face!

  8. January, I love it too. I think it’s a lively image and the way his arm seems to be moving — her expression is just so joyful.

    Thanks so much for loving the cover art as much as I do! I’m having it printed for my office wall.


  9. EC Sheedy says:

    Bonnie, there is absolutely no one better to blog about perseverance and a deep love and respect for the romance novel. I always enjoy your positive attitude and–can I use a cliche?–your “damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead” way of looking at the writing life.

    And the cover for STROKE OF MIDNIGHT? Seriously, it well and truly rocks! (A lot like the writer who wrote it.)

  10. Oh jeeze, EC thanks! I’m just all warm and fuzzy now.

  11. Mike says:

    I totally agree Bonnie. A great book = great comfort!

  12. Ana L Cruz says:

    “how long a struggle it was to develop their writing skills, how many setbacks they had, how their children went from diapers to driving before they sold…”
    I love the way you didn’t sugar coat these words. Many people believe writing is easy and everyone who writes will become published and early in their careers.

    Congratulations, I wish you well.

  13. Mike, many times I’ve reached for a romance novel in times of stress. “Take me away!” I’d much rather hide out in someone else’s world for bit.

    Ana, The thing with writing is that once it gets hold, you can’t shake it. There’s nothing quite so thrilling as getting *exactly* what’s in your mind on the page.

    That doesn’t happen every day (maybe not even for weeks at a time) but when it does – it’s like a high.

    Thanks for stopping by,

  14. Erastes says:

    Great post – perseverance is certainly the key – I can’t tell you how much it upsets me when I see authors give up because they’ve been rejected twice! Welcome and I look forward to reading more about you!

  15. Thanks Erastes! It’s nice to be here.

    And now I think it’s time to write…oddly, these stories don’t write themselves.


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