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Today, Carly is my favorite person because she gave an answer that allowed me to include a picture of a shirtless dude–one special shirtless dude who I happen to have a few pictures of on my computer. Pictures I have for…work purposes. Ha. Anyway. Carly is another of those quiet ones I talk about, who’s quiet and then has a sense of humor that sneaks up on you. Also, I have tremendous appreciation for Carly because I get to direct a lot of not-so-fun tasks her way (tracking contest winners, sending out prizes, etc. Also, she’s the one who had charge of the Carina holiday cards that went out to each Carina author this year, and she had to track down every Carina team member to get them signed. And live with the piles of glitter the cards left on her desk). But, as is the case with the Carina team members, she also does those tasks with an incredible cheer and graciousness, and you can’t help but be so grateful she’s on your team!

AJ: To start, tell us your job title as well as what you do for Harlequin and Carina.

Love this pic of Carly's cubicle

CC: My job title is Coordinator of Digital Commerce. It basically means I do a lot of marketing and publicity for our eBooks, both Harlequin and Carina Press. A sampling of my duties include: managing the Carina Press NetGalley program and reviews, overseeing the production and distribution of promotional items, finding new opportunities to market our eBooks at conventions, and managing relationships with our third-party vendors.

AJ: What did your mom say when you told her you’d be working for Harlequin?

CC: Her exact words (err, word?): Ohh, Good! (insert Chinese accent)

OK, so some context, before I landed my current position I was the unpaid intern in the Harlequin public relations department. And before that? Umm, also an unpaid intern at a different publishing house… And before that? I was an umemployed (and homeless) bum flailing about South Africa and Western Europe… And before that? Working a dead-end job for the City of Edmonton… And before that? A poor, poor English major.

My mom was so relieved that I found a decent and respectable job, so that she could (obviously) totally brag to her friends. :-D Kidding! (No, not really) Love you Mom! (AJ: Your mom sounds funny!)

AJ: What was the last book you purchased to give as a gift?

CC: Neuromancer by William Gibson. An old professor recommended it to me as one of the quintessential science fiction novels, I wasn’t really into sci fi at this point, but I gave it a shot. OMG, it was so fantastic. Science fiction is now one of my favorite genres to read and it’s all because of this book (seriously, go and get a copy). I gave Neuromancer as a Christmas present to someone and it’s now in their top 10 best ever list.

AJ: Whose job would you like to have for one day and why?

CC: I would like to be the person who “adjusts” David Beckham’s briefs in those Armani underwear photo shoots. Why? Uhh, because it’s David Beckham? (AJ: I knew I was keeping those pictures of Beckham on my computer for a reason. This post was it, I’m sure of it.)

AJ: What are you reading right now? What was the last Harlequin or Carina book you read?

CC: Like Eleanor, I’m not terribly faithful to my books. I like to read around a lot and I’ve been around the bookshelves a couple times. Currently I’m reading Outside In by Maria V. Snyder, the sequel to Inside Out, as my main book and I’ve got a little something on the side with The Sirens of Titan by Kurt Vonnegut.

AJ: Dark, milk or white chocolate? Or no chocolate?

CC: I don’t know when chocolate is ever a bad idea. Chocolate bars, chocolate milk, Raisinets, brownies, chocolate cake, truffles, fudge, pudding…. It all tastes delicious in my mouth. (AJ: Knew I liked her. Beckham and chocolate. It’s like we’re soul sisters)

11 thoughts on “Introducing: Carly Chow”

  1. Hi Carly. I just had the pleasure of “meeting” you when you sent me my art fact sheet.

    This was a fun interview. Now I know who to bug about all my NetGalley questions. :)

  2. Very cute interview :) Carly has always been an angel whenever I’ve asked questions.

  3. Cindy_Pape says:

    Hi Carly! Thanks for everything you do for us!

  4. Tara Stevens says:

    I want to meet your mum.

  5. Kathy Ivan says:

    Any girl who likes that many chocolate things is A-Okay in my book! :-)

    Carly, thanks for all you do to keep us on track. Especially for those list-crazy people like me who tend to obsess and pester poor people like you.

    Great interview!

  6. Rhonda Stapleton says:

    HAH!! Awesome interview, and thanks for the eye man-candy.

  7. Oh! I love getting e-mails from Carly. Cover art! Holiday card! Thrills!

    I loved Neuromancer. I love William Gibson. Have you read Pattern Recognition? After Neuromancer, possibly my favorite.

  8. Liz Fichera says:

    I heart Carly! We share the same “dream job” with David Beckham. ;-)

  9. How often do you get to lust after David Beckham and chocolate in one interview? Great stuff. Thank you, ladies!

    Like Taryn, I love getting emails from Carly. I bet she doesn’t like getting them from me though… ;)

  10. Eleanor Elliott says:

    You had me until Raisinettes. *shakes head*

  11. Dianne Renusch says:

    I ordered an e book but thought it was a paper back. My computer can’t open it up, can I get a paperback instead????

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