Editor call for submissions!


Hi guys! Several of us editors decided we wanted to do a call for submissions we’re dying to get in. Of course, PLEASE note that in the end, what we really want is a good story, so even if yours doesn’t fit the descriptions below, don’t hesitate to send it to us anyway! Sometimes we don’t know what we want until we get it in our inbox. :D

Now, that said, let’s dish:

Rhonda Stapleton: I’m dying for some stories with epic worldbuilding, such as historical in any era (especially featuring real historical figures), futuristic/sci-fi, “atypical” fantasy, etc. I’m open to romance and non-romance, with any level of steaminess. I’d also love some more contemp romances, steampunk with other elements, and stories featuring minority characters. I’d really dig a good thriller too, one that keeps me on the edge of my seat.

Mallory Braus: I’m open to almost all genres/categories/concepts. But there are a few I’ve been hoping to find in my inbox…

  • Zombie Hunter Romance
  • Psychic FBI Agents
  • Fun, quirky heroines or heroes
  • Steampunk
  • Regency/Victorian Historicals
  • Genre Blends

Alissa Davis:

  • I’m still seeking foodie romance. (Sherry Thomas’s Delicious is an excellent example of romance centered around food. It’s a historical, but I have no time period preferences.)
  • It’d be great to get more fantasy romance, and I’d love to see some m/m fantasy romance.
  • I also want more BDSM, erotica and erotic romance.
  • I recently edited a steampunk erotic fantasy romance called Journeyman’s Ride by Marie Harte and fell in love with the juxtaposition of Norse mythology and steampunk technology. If you have a book with a whole bunch of sub-genres successfully integrated into one story, please send it my way.

Melissa Johnson: I’d like to see a prehistoric romance.  Seriously.  We have some ancient history, but rarely does anyone do prehistory.  I would imagine it is almost like sci fi in terms of openness of worldbuilding, although the author should research stone and metal technologies, and specifics of land, climate and wildlife for the era.  With Jean M. Auel’s Land of the Painted Caves coming out this week (3/29), dare anyone write a romance set in a similar era? I’d also love to see a contemporary multicultural romance where there are meaty cultural differences to bridge and real misunderstandings to angst over. Like all of us editors, I want to see any manuscript if it is well-crafted.  If the world you’ve built overflows the pages of your manuscript, if you can answer odd questions I come up with about your characters because you’ve thought about them that much–then I want to read your manuscript.  If my heart rate actually increases, from fear or strong emotion, while I read your manuscript, then I am thrilled, even if your setting and tropes are familiar.  If you show me something about the world and about people that I haven’t seen or thought of before, and if you do it in a way that I am wowed by your subtlety and cleverness, then you’ve got me hooked.

Gina Bernal: My first love has always been historicals and I’m always open for historical romance, fiction and mysteries. Unusual time periods and settings (Romans, harems, the Dark Ages, renaissance Italy, WWI, etc.) and not-you-average characters (non-aristocrats in Regencies for example) are a plus. And I don’t mind a little grit and grime either—some of my favorite TV historical dramas are DeadwoodSpartacusThe Tudors and Rome. Speaking of television, my recently acquired addiction to the show Army Wives has piqued my interest in stories featuring military characters that are not romantic suspense. On the alternate reality front, I’m looking for a great new dystopian/post-apocalyptic world or a shifter story that gets to the heart of pack politics. Short stories are my go-to on busy days, and I’m interested in novellas in all romantic subgenres. Outside of romance, family drama-based women’s fiction or can’t-sleep-at-night creepy psychological thrillers are both on my must have list.

Lynne Anderson: Though my first love is romance and all its subgenres—in which I’m happy to read any heat level and any pairing (hey, everybody deserves a HEA or HFN)—I’m currently accepting submissions of any genre or length. I love it when writers aren’t afraid to take risks. I’m especially fond of cross-genre stories and unique premises. Characterwise, I’d particularly love to see interracial and/or multicultural pairings, and LGBT. My favorite protagonists are flawed individuals who ultimately triumph through the strength of their will and character.

Denise Nielson:

  • a gothic victorian with a bit of supernatural thrown in and a strong misunderstood hero
  • a norse historical – vikings and longships and adventure
  • a medieval/Arthurian legend/Romans in Britain theme
  • world war II spies and resistance fighters

Deborah Nemeth: She is drawn to characters on the margins—smugglers, outcasts, thieves—as well as straight-shootin’ Rangers, Seals, MI5 agents, detectives, sheriffs, superheroes. She loves multicultural stories and unusual settings, as well as British ones. Genres she can never get enough of include

  • Steampunk and alternate history,
  • Mysteries: cozy English village mysteries, historical mysteries, private eye mysteries.
  • Lighthearted capers (heists, espionage),
  • Historicals: Regencies, Edwardian, Georgian, Belle Epoque/Gilded Age, Victorian, Italian Renaissance, Tudor, Jazz Age, WW2, Age of Sail, Medieval, Crusades, and exotic settings (China, India, Persia, Japan, Siam, Istanbul, Arabia, Africa…)

If you have anything that fits the editor requests (or even just a great book in general) to submit, visit our submissions page and follow the submissions directions there. You can address your submission to one of the editors above, or the editorial staff in general.

37 thoughts on “Editor call for submissions!”

  1. Just reading this makes me hungry for more…Cozies, historicals, gothic, steampunk, they all sound so good.

  2. kinkybelle says:

    Love BDSM with HEA. I’m writing one now, but no where near finished.

  3. JJLiang says:

    Any length or are we looking for a specific word count? I have quite a few erotica short stories started and would love to pass them on for review…

  4. Rhonda Stapleton says:

    We take anything over 15k words!

  5. R.S. Hunter says:

    Submitted my sci-fi/steampunk novel back in Feb. Just waiting to hear your response, but judging from these calls for submissions, I think I chose a good time to submit!

  6. Brooklyn Ann says:

    I have a regency paranormal romance, but it’s hard to tell who would be a good fit. You all sound lovely!

  7. Thank you editors for this list. Now I know to whom I should submit my work!

  8. I’m in the middle of editing one I think Lynn would love still have about half way to go on the edit but kinda excited.

  9. Cid says:

    Danit, and here I pushed my zombie slayer story to the side!

  10. lexcade says:

    I may have squeed. Just a little. OK a lot. So glad SOMEONE’s looking for SF!!!

  11. Suzanne says:

    I’ve just sent in two full novels, and I was wondering when I could expect to hear a response.

    Thank you,


  12. Rhonda Stapleton says:

    Suzanne–we’re working our way through the queue as fast as we can! :D Hopefully you should hear soon. We generally don’t take relatively long to respond to submissions.

  13. I am excited to hear that Carina Press is interested in SF. I’ve WIP that I would enjoy submitting :-)

  14. Suzanne says:

    As a reader, there are Things! On! This! List! that I would buy and love. Seeing this makes me excited for the new releases Carina has on the radar!

  15. What an amazing list! I hope someone is submitting a prehistoric romance.

  16. Wow, thanks. I’m submitting to Lynne Anderson urgently :)

  17. Suzanne says:

    Thank you Rhonda. It’s so lovely to receive a reply. :)

  18. Saba says:

    I have a completed 120k word sci-fi romance. Is this too long or would you be interested in seeing it? Also would you want a partial or the full?

  19. Rhonda Stapleton says:

    120k is not too long–please feel free to send. Also, we want the full plus the synopsis. If you check the bottom of this post, you can see the link to our submissions page. Thanks!

  20. Saba – you can find the submission guidelines here: https://www.carinapress.com/blog/submission-guidelines/

    Rhonda – this makes me excited for awesome stories.

  21. Rhonda Stapleton says:

    Emma et al–ME TOO!!! I’m excited to see the new subs we get.

  22. I’m so happy to see one of the editors is looking for thrillers. I LOVE thrillers, it’s my little addiction. I’m currently writing a romantic thriller. Hopefully, once I’m done with it, it will be good enough to publish.

    I so agree with the editors looking for prehistoric historical. I would love to read something set in ancient Egypt or Rome.

  23. Saba says:

    Thanks Rhonda and Emma :) Will get to polishing!!

  24. Lara Kairos says:

    Thanks for letting us all know. I’m pushing forward with revising my novella!

    Are space travels/star wars mandatory for a sci-fi/futuristic story? Mine is a futuristic techie nerd romance with WWII ghosts, but not much space travel except a weekend trip to the Moon.

  25. Sigh. I wish one of you would mosey over to my blog and pick one. I promise I’ll finish it!

    Have incentive, will travel.

  26. Chacelyn says:

    Ahhh, my Zombie Hunter Romance novel isn’t ready yet…crapola

  27. Bronwyn S says:

    Aggghhhh! Now I don’t know who to query… Too many choices! Rhonda, who do you think would be the best fit for a dark regency noir involving a courtesan and the third son of an earl?

    I know you like to read historical subs too…

    Ta muchly,

  28. Bronwyn S says:

    lol @ Chacelyn! I thought I was the only one who says crapola =)

  29. Rhonda Stapleton says:

    Bronwyn–if you’re not sure, you can just address it to “editor” and Angela will give it to someone. If we think the story is good but maybe not quite for us, we’ll pass it along to someone else to read. :D

    Of course, my greedy side is going to say OMG MEEEEEE because I heart courtesan stories. hehe

  30. Bronwyn S says:

    Great. Thanks Rhonda! I’ve got 105 pages left to read over and then it will be on it’s way =)


  31. Helen Ellis says:

    Melissa Johnson mentioned that she was interested in prehistoric romance. I am a bit of a grecophile :) and I’m wondering if you would be interested in a romantic novella about the eruption of the Greek island of Santorini in 1650 BC, the Minoan era. I know this island and its history well. The Minoans were very ‘modern’ for their age and have left some amazing treasures from which one can call forth a picture of the times. I already have this dramatic event in a short story which I can send to you as a synopsis. It would be easy to expand it to about 15,000 words.

  32. Marie Harte says:

    Alissa is a terrific editor who’s really open to ideas. So if you’ve got ’em, send ’em!

    Marie :)

  33. Lynne Anderson says:

    @Monique: Ooo! I look forward to it! But no rush; I’ll still be here :)

  34. minakshi says:

    Wow! this is encouraging. where does this fit (genre) ; A sow that becomes a woman, her turmoils, her lovers, her struggle in identity, her visions and dreams and then her realisation that she needs to get back to what she was..is this called magical realism, barouque,surreal? which genre. Its quirky as well. Also what happens when one has micro wd doc and does not use a pdf file..Is this acceptable to submit the ms. completed and finished?
    thanks…looking forward.

  35. Rhonda Stapleton says:

    Minakshi–not sure what genre that would fit into, but I would say magical realism would be close. And please see our submission guidelines on what format we accept full manuscripts in: https://www.carinapress.com/blog/submission-guidelines/


  36. minakshi says:

    Thanks Rhonda..will be checking on this now!..minakshi

  37. Zena Briggs says:

    Are short stories OK? For an Arthurian anthology?
    Thanks. =)

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