Confessions of a Bookworm


Writing is tons of fun, but it’s not as much fun as reading. It’s not even close. The sometimes grueling task of plotting, developing characters, pacing, writing dialogue, and the slaughtering of adverbs and commas that is my personal editing process compares sadly to the joys of disappearing into a story for which someone else did all the hard work. I am a writer, yes, but first and foremost I am a reader.

It was probably my mum’s doing. She wasn’t very good at stashing the racy romances under cushions and the cache of gruesome horror novels under the bed didn’t stay hidden for long. It wasn’t uncommon for her to remove the reading material from my clutching hands and shoo me outside for some fresh air. Best of all, she had too many children to supervise my reading properly, so I read wild. Probably, the rapiest of the romances and horror novels were not good for my poor, innocent developing psyche, but I seem to have survived okay.

Maybe it was the librarian’s fault. She fed me all the best books from the children’s section, then became intently focused on the card indexes whenever I snuck into the adult section. We found our safe words: I could check out anything I liked as long as I told her it was for my mum. Those were the salad days, the science fiction days, the epic historical and bestseller days. Good days. I had much more time to read then than I do now.

Or perhaps it was the fault of that spectacular failure of a boyfriend, who pushed literature, the avant-garde and poetry into my sweaty little hands and then actually expected me to pay attention to him and not the treasures his bookshelves held. Thank goodness my husband and I understand each other. The phrase, “not now, I’m at a good bit,” is sacrosanct in our household and I think, “I stayed up too late reading a good book,” should be a perfectly acceptable reason for calling out at work.

I’m sure, in a community of readers like this one, you all have similar stories to share – about the people who fed you books and the ones who looked the other way while you fed yourself.  Please do share your stories. Strange, how I think of books as nourishment. Do you? And if you’re looking for something to read I do hope you will consider the two books that Carina Press is releasing today: my own debut, Blue Galaxy, and Apocalypse Rising, by my delightful release day buddy, Maria Zannini, who has been so very kind and helpful to me .  Thank you, Maria, and happy reading to you all!

Blue Galaxy Apocalypse Rising, cover 500x791

Buy Blue Galaxy here

Buy Apocalypse Rising here.

There is an interview with me up and two copies of Blue Galaxy are being given away this week over at Gini Koch’s online crib, Blah, Blah, Blah.

About the author:

Diane Dooley was born in the Channel Islands, grew up in Scotland, has lived in several of the United States, loves to travel and to this day still suffers from wanderlust.

Since Diane was a voracious reader from a young age, it seemed to make perfect sense when she decided writing might make an enjoyable hobby. She has since realized that ‘enjoyable’ is entirely the wrong word. Her short stories have been published in several online venues, and she is a regular contributor to the science fiction blog The Galaxy Express.

Diane currently lives in a money pit of an old farmhouse in upstate New York, where she tends her husband, sons and a collection of reptiles. When she is not at her day job, she is either reading, writing, gardening, avoiding housework or driving her children to various sporting events. She is also a geek of intergalactic proportions with a severe YouTube habit.

Diane Dooley can be found on her blog, on Facebook, and on Goodreads.

19 thoughts on “Confessions of a Bookworm”

  1. The bookworms of the world applaud you, Diane! Yes, I can remember the days in middle school when the teacher would yell at me for reading material she felt was too mature for me. True enough, sometimes I didn’t even understand some of what I was reading…but it didn’t matter. If it wasn’t nailed down, I would pick it up and read it.

  2. Cathy in AK says:

    My mom didn’t read romances, but the horror books nearly over-ran our house. The first “adult” book I fully recall reading is Stephen King’s “Carrie.” Kinda gruesome and racy (I believe some boy touches a girl’s breast?! Scandalous!) for an innocent 11 year old :) After that, I think Mom decided I was good to go on whatever she was reading.

    Congrats on the release! I have to flip a coin or something to decide who I read first, you or Maria ;)

  3. Diane_Dooley says:

    @ Maureen – Bookworms of the World, unite! We have nothing to lose but…well, our flabby muscles for spending too much time on the couch reading, I suppose *grin*

  4. Diane_Dooley says:

    @ Cathy – LOVE that book!

  5. I started reading late because it took me a while to grasp the English language, but once I did, look out. There was nothing I wouldn’t try at least once.

    It was so much fun teaming up with you on relase day. I’m glad you suggested it.

  6. Kathy Ivan says:

    I think I was born with a book in my hands! :-)

    My mother was always reading, and I got my love of reading all types of genres from her. she never failed to encourage me; whenever I asked for a book, she would find a way to make sure that I got it.

    Congratulations, ladies on the releases, they look terrific.

  7. Diane, you and Maria make a formidable team. Congratulations on the release of Blue Galaxy. I wish you much success with it. And I, too, have a soft spot for librarians, the bookworm’s own pusher!

  8. Congratulations on the release! I can also lose myself in a good book. Carina seems to have so many in such widely diverse genres. I’m like a kid in a candy store!

  9. Diane_Dooley says:


    I had fun too!
    Let’s so it again sometime – like next week *grin*

  10. Diane_Dooley says:

    @Kathy – Thanks, Kathy, fellow bookworm.

  11. Diane_Dooley says:

    @Marcelle – Yeah, librarians are a terrific bunch.

  12. Diane_Dooley says:

    @ Wynter – I like that the Carina releases are so reasonably priced. My budget can include even more books!

  13. Happy release day, Diane! I hope everyone enjoys BLUE GALAXY as much as I did.

    As for who fed me books, I remember being given a big box of used books at the age of 9 or 10 by a family friend. I can’t remember the titles, but I think there was some Nancy Drew and possibly C.S. Lewis’s Narnia chronicles among the offerings.

    At any rate, that gift was a *huge* deal to me (and I’m sure my parents were grateful, having four kids to feed and clothe). I’d read books before, but that’s the day I became a *reader*.

  14. I used to sneak reads behind my textbooks in class. I don’t know why I expected to get away with it. I never looked that interested in science and history. And my mom knew all about the flashlight I had stuck to the bed frame. There is nothing like the delight of discovering an author you didn’t know existed and then finding out there is a huge backlist. Sigh.

  15. P.S. totally forgot the WOOT!!!!!

  16. Ilona says:

    My husband and children have all offered me a knife and fork many a time whilst I was lost in a book. According to them I eat books if I’m not actually inhaling them. They are almost as neccesary to me as air :D

  17. Diane_Dooley says:

    @ Heather – Oh, you remember the actual day you became a reader. How cool!

  18. Diane_Dooley says:

    @ Pauline – YES! Working your way through a meaty backlist is the best!

  19. Diane_Dooley says:

    @ Ilona – We usually have to clear the books off the dining table before we can sit down and eat. And such an extraordinary variety of reading material!

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