Photo Friday: Look up!


I don’t get a chance to visit the Harlequin offices in NYC very often, but I always tell people who are visiting for the first time to be prepared: you’re going to stop and look up.

You see, the NYC Harlequin offices are in the historic Woolworth building. One of the oldest skyscrapers in the world, and still one of the fifty tallest buildings in the world, it’s also closed to tourists. Which makes visiting the Harlequin offices that much more fun, because not only is the outside gorgeous, the inside is…astounding. I only have a few pictures that I snapped on the main floor to share. I think I’ll ahve to take a journey back, so I can share some of the other detail that I didn’t capture.

In the meantime, if you get a chance to visit the Harlequin offices in NYC: look up!

(this is me on the stairs that are at the back of the first floor. I’m not actually pouting, I was mugging for the camera)

3 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Look up!”

  1. Oh, wow, what a splendid sight that must be in person…the ceiling that is! I wonder if those who work there get neck ache from looking up all the time, or if they’ve become immune to its beauty?

  2. Gloria Galasso says:

    Wow! I love architecture from that period! And the detailing looks exquisite. It’s a shame that the public can’t get in to see it sometimes, art like that needs to be seen. Now, back to dialogue tags.

  3. Gloria Galasso says:

    Your post got me so curious that I looked up the building on Wikipedia. Although there are some problems with the article, it still gave me a lot of information about the building. Very interesting stuff. And still one of the tallest 20 buildings in NYC. I would love to see those mosaics.

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