Photo Friday: Carina in Australia


Last Sunday I was privileged to get to have lunch with some of the Australian Carina Press authors. It was a fantastic lunch and I had such a great time getting to know these ladies. I hope I get a chance to do it again in a few years! Thank you, ladies, for being so incredibly warm and welcoming and making my visit a smashing success for me!

From left to right: Rachael Johns, Shannon Curtis, Shona Husk, Fiona Lowe, Joan Kilby, Cathryn Brunet (in front of me) and Janni Nell

And a bonus picture…I’m sure you were expecting koalas (and I have pictures of plenty of those!) but these birds at the Featherdale Wildlife park just make me smile and I had to share. Aren’t they both adorable and cuddly looking while also looking crotchety and wise?

4 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Carina in Australia”

  1. Janni Nell says:

    It was great to meet you, Angela. Thanks so much for taking time to lunch with us. :-)

  2. I agree it was a fabulous lunch and we loved having you. Thanks and I hope you do come back soon :)

  3. Coleen Kwan says:

    I think those birds are tawny frogmouths. They always look hilarious.

  4. Gloria Galasso says:

    Cute as they can be. And they do, indeed, look grumpy. Maybe because they didn’t get their whole nap?

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