You tell us: what genre do you wish there was more of?


Your turn to tell us…what you think we should be publishing?

Okay, not just us, but across the board in publishing, what genre do you wish there was more of? Are you hankering for a great Western romance, looking to go back in time with steampunk technology or maybe have a lingering desire to visit new worlds with a great science fiction thriller.

I know, for me, I still wish I could find more really amazing futuristics, as well as some space opera cowboy tales! I feel like it’s hard to find really great fantasy romance or fantasy with romantic elements to read, and I also wouldn’t mind if the science fiction romance genre suddenly exploded.

So you tell us, what genre do you want more books published in?

59 thoughts on “You tell us: what genre do you wish there was more of?”

  1. Jenn says:

    Contemporary romance! Adult humans, attracted but reticent, taking the risk and working it out. Characters who, even if they have an extraordinary circumstance in their lives, struggle with conflict in a realistic way.

  2. Stacy Gail says:

    CYBERPUNK. I’m such a fan of Blade Runner, Minority Report, even Logan’s Run. Yet it’s hard to find quality futuristic fiction that takes place in a near-future here on Earth. I’ve deliberately set aside story ideas that took place in near-future settings, simply because I assumed no one would want to read them. But I can’t be the only one who’s looking for that next great dystopian story that brings our near-future world to life.

  3. Celine says:

    I would love to see some more quality, well-researched steampunk novels. Or some original contemporary paranormals. I feel like the same old vampires & werewolves are becoming a bit.. boring.

  4. Piper Denna says:

    Irish, Irish, Irish.

    Need I say more?

    Contemporary, historical, who cares as long as there’s an Irish guy!

  5. Dopey says:

    More gritty, realistic, earthy Westerns (not all gingham table cloths and cornbread, please!) , and more paranormal-other genre combinations (I’ve read some great paranormal-Westerns, paranormal-historicals, and LOVE the combination of accurate historical/period detail with the fantastical and mythical). Also, how about urban-futuristic-paranormals in which the world is not about cave in on itself completely?

  6. Grady O'Grady says:

    More urban fantasy with a male protagonist. What once was a fantastic sub-genre has been inundated with paranormal romance or entirely predictable books about a female protagonist with special powers who works for special ops, the police, supernatural covert ops. You name it, the book is out there and the cover is always a scantily clad female with leather pants, flowy hair and a creepy background image.

    All those books suck.


  7. MaryK says:

    Definitely more SF/F Romance. Or Urban Fantasy Romance. I like UF and some have romantic threads. I’d like stronger threads or full-blown Romances in UF worlds like Singh’s Angels’ Blood. It has a strong enough HEA for me to consider it Romance but it’s darker and grittier than Paranormal Romance. It’s unique in my experience. And yummy. :)

  8. Jennie says:

    I would love to see more sci-fi, steampunk, apocalyptic and dystopian stories. I hadn’t heard of Cyberpunk before, but now that Stacy Gail mentioned it, it sounds intriguing.

  9. Angela James says:

    @Grady, I don’t think *all* the urban fantasy books with women on the cover suck. Ilona Andrews and Nalini Singh, for instance, write fantastic urban fantasy, even owing that the protaganists are female :P

    Have you read Kevin Hearne?

  10. SJ Driscoll says:

    Just a story about today. Not SF, not romance, not mystery/thriller, not literary. Not any genre. Just about people the way they are. About our lives. About our world.

  11. Grady O'Grady says:

    @Angela James

    Yep, read Kevin Hearne.

    The UF market is flooded with similar books. It’s like when everybody and his dog started making clones of Cabbage Patch dolls after they hit critical mass. There is very little original stuff in the UF genre right now. I’m going to read horror for a while, I think.

    1. Angela James says:

      @Grady I realized I should also have mentioned Quarter Square by David Bridger for you. Have you read it? Check out this review:

  12. More non-urban fantasy with romantic elements. More SF, too, harder or softer SF, with or without actual obvious romantic elements. I try to make a point of buying the Carina titles that fall into the SF/F genre. :)

  13. Lori Beth Johnson says:

    I would love to see more books set in what I term nostalgic times… Like the 20s-70s…. maybe even 80s. Not books written then, but written now with a contemporary sensibility yet with charm from a bygone era.

    I also would love to see more mainstream books with gay characters. I don’t think that all books with gay protagonists or hero/heroines should have to be in the “gay” or even erotic section.

    Would also love to see more time travel!!

  14. Renee says:

    Stacy, I came by here to say JUST that! I love me my paranormals, but I’m excited to see how creative the romance scene can get with a nice, gritty cyberpunk.

  15. Rowena Rush says:

    I can’t say exactly what I want to see, but I can say what I *don’t* want to see. I, too, am tired of vampires and werewolves. I don’t understand the cowboy/rancher/set in Montana/Wyoming/Oregon/Texas thing. Maybe because I am midwestern. ? I would love to see real men doing real jobs…we can’t all raise horses for a living! I don’t particularly bond with the chick lit heroine, because I am so utterly *not* chic… I am not urban, I am not even particularly fashionable, although I wish I was. I agree that more non-heterosexual characters would be great, especially ones that aren’t so cookie-cutter “gay best friend”. I’d love to see some gothic elements. I, too, would adore works set between the 20s-40s. I wouldn’t mind seeing more military vets (contemporary) or read about people who make romance work with more realistic conflicts. I don’t really care for the whole “falling for the millionaire playboy/prince” thing. I understand it, but it isn’t realistic (to me). I want to actually be able to put myself in the Heroine’s shoes and feel like the HEA is real. Which must be why I have such a hard time writing what is popular…it just isn’t what I want to read. :)

  16. I second Dopey’s suggestion about more gritty, earthy, realistic westerns. I’m a huge fan of Kaki Warner’s western romances for just this reason and would love to see more stories like it.

    I’d love to see more American historical romance–Civil War, the Gilded Age, a really great love story set on a steamboat. I would also love a really great WWII romance because I adore that era.

    And I would love a great Sci-Fi Romance with a unique twist on aliens and technology.

  17. Brooklyn Ann says:

    I’d like to see more historical paranormal, more realistic native american romance (like Catherine Hart, NOT Cassie Edwards) Something set in the 50’s-80’s that’s actually realistic, not the bodice-ripper or overly prude stuff they had back then…and more rock stars! Mmmm…rock stars…. Still loving my vamps, but I’d like a series in which there isn’t a love triangle w’ a werewolf. Heck, maybe just leave werewolves and love triangles out period. :)

  18. Rita says:

    I’m up for anything that doesn’t have heroines TSTL. I don’t want the H&H to have to give up everything for the other. I want them each to grow enough to fit their lives together.

  19. Kevin says:

    I’d like to see more epic fantasy wihere extraordinarily complex world creation took place like Sanderson’s Way of Kings.

    But just more quality epic fantasy in general would be great, like the Kingkiller Chronicle by Rothfuss and Wheel of Time by Jordan/Sanderson.

  20. Angela James says:

    Kevin, I totally agree with you. I haven’t read Rothfuss yet, but since he told me the 3rd book will be a few years out, I decided to wait to read his books until the 3rd one releases. Who else do you like that writes series like that?

  21. elaing8 says:

    I would like to see more F/F or F/F/M contemporary romance or paranormal romance books

  22. saga says:

    I would like to see more urban fantasy and mystery m/m. And less weird sex mixed into that thanks. Not fond of non-con, threesome etc. I want good stories, with intruiging plots, not oversexting.

  23. Ilona says:

    Futuristics or SFR – never seem to be enough of them around :(

  24. Corinne Bridges says:

    Love the contemporary & erotic (m/f/m) romance the best!!

  25. I’d like to see more historical time travel. Today’s women are liberated, accomplished, and capable. How they manage situations and enlighten people in the past is just awesome.

  26. Talitha says:

    Steampunk and fantasy with original worlds and great characters. And good pacing. Am I asking too much here?

    It’s a real challenge for me to find characters I really like.

  27. Deborah R says:

    cowboy romances!!

  28. Tia Nevitt says:

    I’d like to see more science fiction romance without supernatural elements. I love FTL and space opera and even psionics, but I prefer fantasy for stories that feature mythologies and alternate religions.

    For SF, I love stories that heavy on the space aspect!

  29. Jacinta says:

    Anything that involves space cowboys eg firefly!

  30. Evangeline Holland says:

    Multicultural historical romance and MC paranormal romance–think Marjorie M. Liu, Beverly Jenkins, and the late L. A. Banks.

  31. Jazz Age!

    How funny, the ‘puter won’t let me just post “Jazz Age!”. It’s “too short”.

    Oh well, to expand… I love the Golden Age mysteries and would love romantic suspense set in that era.

  32. I’m with Jenn – bring on the contemporary! But then again, I could be biased :)

  33. Victoria Jarman says:

    So many choices. I’d love to see more well executed urban fantasy any day. I’m also getting keen on Steampunk, especially the Asian Steampunk that’s starting to surface.

  34. Mary G says:

    Not more of them so much as longer books in the M/M genre.
    Was blown away by Devlin & Garrick by Cameron Dane. Almost 400 pages of a really great story.

  35. I wish that there was more science fiction romance/space opera.

  36. Lara Kairos says:

    More historical romance/drama in late modern settings, especially in Europe – 1900’s, WWI, inter-war era, WWII, postwar, 50’s-60’s. More 18th and 19th century settings outside of Victorian and Regency, and in countries other than Britain or the US – Germany, Poland, Russia, Balkan countries, Scandinavian countries or the Mediterranean. More realistic plots with protagonists from different strata of society. Some people commented to me that the scope of historical settings offered by epubs was too limited, and there were too many ‘rich prince/playboy’ plots.

  37. Sam says:

    Romantic suspense, whatever the genre. I mean, nothing is new. Yes, we’ve all read about werewolves, cowboys, vampires & so what? If the writer creates suspense, it’s fantastic. But if I read a boring book about aliens, steampunk, or life on another planet, at the end of the day it’s still boring! The genre doesn’t matter, the writing does. So far this year, I’ve read about 20 romance novels and only one did it for me. It’s kind of sad and frustrating!

  38. Jan says:

    I work with young adults. Other than some delightful steampunk, it’s all dystopias and paranormal angst. Where is the more upbeat exciting adventure thriller sci fi? We need a balance here. Too much doom and gloom.

  39. MJ says:

    M/M sci-fi & fantasy
    M/M paranormal without vampires or shifters (examples would be Jordan Castillo Price -PsyCop & Ally Blue -Bay City Paranormal
    More stories set in Europe (Scandinavia would be wicked) written by people who has connections to the area so they know the layout

  40. Jill Q. says:

    Okay, I know I’m a day late and dollar short, but I had to chime in with something I really love and don’t see any more.
    Old-fashioned romantic suspense along the lines of Mary Stewart and M.M. Kaye. Nothing paranormal (although I do also love Barbara Michaels) no serial killers no superhuman “kick-butt” heroines who can do it all (got nothing against ’em, but I can’t relate to them either) just ordinary women in dangerous exotic settings using their wits to get out of trouble. I like a touch of gothic too. I feel like Stewart and Kaye were good at making the women fairly spunky and pro-active for their time.,
    I know there is that balance between “ordinary” and “too stupid to live”, but I really hope to see more of those heroines.

  41. Rene says:

    @Kevin and Angela: Speaking of epic fantasy, have you tried Kate Elliot? Her Crown of Stars series is great, and I really enjoyed Cold Magic, first of a new epic series. (The second comes out soon.)

  42. Emma Shortt says:

    Dystopian and post apocalyptic. I have real trouble finding that sort of romance. I want to see people falling in love when everything else is falling apart.:)

    Oh, and I gotta agree with Angela, read Quarter Square! It’s fab.

  43. MaryK says:

    @Jill Q. – I love those. I’m too wimpy for modern Romantic Suspense

  44. JP says:

    Two things:

    1. Straightforward contemporary romance. Not romantic suspense, not paranormal, just lovely, lighthearted, boy meets girl (or boy), shenanigans (what a wonderful word, shenanigans) ensue, HEA.

    2. Related to my parenthetical note above, more high-quality m/m romance or fiction.

    And 3. Please, please, please, pretty, pretty PLEASE go into print, you guys!!!! Not all of us have (or want) e-readers and when you publish greats like Josh Lanyon and Lauren Dane and we can’t get them in print, it really bums us out.

  45. LH says:

    More m/m romance, preferably with a dose of humor. Whatever sub-genre, as long as it’s not werewolves or vampires.

  46. Anne Tenino says:

    M/M Romance, preferably sci-fi-esque.

  47. Kari Gregg says:

    1. M/M
    2. BDSM

    but especially

    3. M/M BDSM


  48. minne edwards says:

    more quality m/m – you have started well – what with Josh Lanyon and Harper Fox etc so just more please and slightly longer – novels as opposed novellas would be good or should I say as well as!.

  49. Kaje Harper says:

    More m/m, either contemporary or with an added genre (mystery or SF), and I agree that Josh Lanyon and Harper Fox represent some of the best work that I read in the genre.

  50. L.C. Chase says:

    Ditto what Sam said: “The genre doesn’t matter, the writing does.”

    That said, I do lean more toward contemporary, mystery, suspense, and I would also love to see more (and longer) M/M.

  51. Jordan says:

    We need a LOT more m/m romance in every other sub genre, especially sci-fi, futuristic, and steampunk… and fantasy too.

    And put them in print too! I LOVE my paperback books and don’t own an ereader!

  52. More quality m/m romance/mystery/sf/fantasy

    Novel length, preferably, but I can live with shorter works :)

    Josh Lanyon and Harper Fox are great role models in the genre :)

  53. Suzanne says:

    I’d love to see more romantic thrillers. Or even thrillers with romantic elements.

  54. Selina Kyle says:

    I’d love to see more contemporary romantic comedies, esp. with a woman in her 40s. I can’t relate to the woman in her 20s searching for herself.

  55. Kristie says:

    I’d like to see more M/M romance released. There is a very big audience for it out there. Bigger than you might think.

  56. Nancy Holroyd says:

    More contemporary, light-hearted romance; more medical romance.

  57. Claire says:

    Girl-friendly science fiction. And I mean actual science fiction, not this pathetic fantasy-billed-as-scifi garbage that seems to be the norm these days.

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