Science Fiction Holiday Submissions Call


Carina Press is pleased to announce a call for submissions for our 2012 holiday collections. This will be the only open collection call for 2012 and is an excellent opportunity for authors interested in participating in the normally by-invitation-only Carina Press collections.

Carina is looking for science fiction novellas with a winter holiday theme, to be published digitally both individually and as a collection in December 2012. The novellas should be from 18,000 to 35,000 words and feature science fiction elements as integral to the novella. The stories do not need to be romance, or even have romance elements, but can be straight science fiction, or science fiction with romantic elements, and can also feature elements of mystery, thriller, horror or other sub-genres. Additionally, there is no set heat level for these stories, so they can have no sex, or be ultra-sexy, or anything in between.

I recognize that saying simply “science fiction” leaves room for a tremendous amount of interpretation within the genre. However, this is preferable as I feel narrowing it down too much might leave out something amazing.

Essentially, we’re looking for interesting, creative, well-written stories within the science fiction genre that will appeal to readers’ imaginations and add to our growing catalog of science fiction stories.

The science fiction holiday collection will be edited by Angela James and  supported by a marketing and promotion campaign both online and in print. In addition,  each author chosen to contribute to the anthology will receive a set number of limited-edition print copies for their own use in giveaways and contests (or to decorate their own bookshelves).

To submit, please send your completed manuscript and synopsis, along with query letter to by March 15th, 20112. In the subject line, please put SciFi Holiday: Manuscript Title and Author

All submissions will be reviewed and final decision made by April 30th, 2012.

For questions about this call for submissions, please email Angela James at

For more information about Carina Press, and to read the submission guidelines, please visit

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33 thoughts on “Science Fiction Holiday Submissions Call”

  1. Shawn says:

    So awesome. Great idea, Angela!

  2. Jody W. says:

    Yes, Mr. Roboto, there is a Santa Claus :)

  3. Terri Kionka says:

    Does Sci Fi mean outer space, or is paranormal within the genre?

    1. Angela James says:

      Hi Terri,

      Paranormal isn’t considered science fiction.

  4. Wouldn’t both Steam Punk and Post-apocalyptic fall into the Sci-Fi category?

  5. Stacy Gail says:

    Yayyyyy! More science fiction… with tinsel! :D

  6. Angela James says:

    Carol, yes they could. Like I said, I didn’t want to define scifi too much, for fear someone would think I was leaving out something they’d like to write!

  7. Cathryn Cade says:


    Love this idea. Hmm, this may be my only chance to find out if Tygers believe in Santa.


  8. Angela James says:

    Oooh, Cathryn!

  9. This will be a fun one to play with! Somehow I never thought of putting any holidays into my SF before but now the creative hat is going ON.

  10. Barry Rosenberg says:

    To submit … by March 15th, 20112.
    Only another 18,000 years to submit!

  11. Joan D. says:

    You said paranormal won’t be accepted, but how about time travel, from present to past?

  12. Angela James says:

    Joan, it would have to be really focused on the science fiction aspects of that. Think more H.G. Wells and less Lynn Kurland.

  13. Ira Nayman says:

    Just a quick question: does the holiday have to be Christmas? Could it be Hanukah? Or, could it be a holiday specific to my fictional universe?

    1. Angela James says:

      The reason it’s a “holiday” call is because we’re open to other winter holidays besides Christmas.

  14. C. Wright says:

    Since I didn’t see the answer to my question here, in the regular submission guidelines, or the submission-related FAQ’s, I’ll go ahead and ask: does it matter what sex the protagonists of the story are?

    I’ve got some possibilities for this, but I don’t want to waste anyone’s time if sending a story where two people of the same sex fall in love isn’t welcome.

  15. Angela James says:

    Nope, doesn’t matter!

  16. Kathy says:

    What’s the $$$ situation?

  17. Kathy says:

    No, really…how much does it pay? I’m not as eager as some others to give my work away for free…

  18. C. Wright says:

    Angela — Awesome! Thanks for the info, I appreciate it.

  19. Angela James says:

    Kathy, we’re a royalty-paying publisher. All of our books are contracted on the same royalties, we don’t ask anyone to write for us for free. Currently 15% of cover price on 3rd party & 30% cover price on direct sales, though that will be going up (and be in effect before these books release).

  20. What a great idea! I’d never thought of doing a holiday science fiction story, even though I love writing both holiday stories and science fiction stories.

  21. Kaye Manro says:

    Thanks for opening up this submission call, Angela. You will probably receive some interesting stories for sure. I know the SF girl inside me was glad to hear about it!

  22. Pippa Jay says:

    I know you said further up in the comments that any winter holiday counts aside from Christmas, but do you only mean that kind of holiday? And not in terms of a general vacation in winter?

  23. Angela James says:

    I don’t mean holiday as in vacation, nope.

  24. Susan says:

    You said the science fiction elements have to be integral to the novella. How involved does the “holiday” aspect have to be?

  25. Deb Stover says:

    What a delightful concept!


  26. Angela James says:

    Susan, it doesn’t have to be as integral as the scifi elements, but because these books will be sold as holiday collections, they do have to have some sort of “holiday” feel to them. You may find it helpful to read one or two of the holiday novellas from last year, or those coming up in December.

    But, ultimately, we want it to have holiday elements so we can sell them as holiday novellas, but it doesn’t have to be part of the plot, more instead as part of the story.

  27. Susan says:

    Thanks, Angela! I’ll definitely check out the upcoming novellas and the ones from last year.

  28. Kris Starr says:

    Angela —
    Just out of curiosity, should previously-contracted Carina authors submit to their own editors, or still use the “submissions” email you list above?

    Have an idea that I might try to pull together… :)


    1. Angela James says:

      You’d submit to me. I’m editing the anthology!

  29. Stephen W. Leslie says:

    I just saw your request for submission and I have a great story but I don’t know if I have enough time to make the deadline. I have a lot of publication references, but I have never attempted a novel. The novel I am working on would fit in the science fiction category, but also under general romance. So if I miss the deadline should I still submit a manuscript?

  30. Nicola Kilpatrick says:

    Hello, I was just wondering whether applicants would be informed of a decision soon? Kind Regards.

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