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If you’re a diehard romantic suspense reader, you probably nodded in agreement when ‘bodyguard’ appeared on a list compiled by neuroscientists of the most popular heroes in Harlequin romances.

Who wouldn’t want a sexy hunk providing 24/7 protection? A fearless, resourceful man willing to give his life to protect yours? When we read a bodyguard romance, we know the hero will get the job done even in the most dangerous situation. Here is a man who can overcome any obstacle even those set by the heroine.

Add into the mix enforced intimacy, which is tailor-made for sexual tension. After all, the idea of being looked after is seductive in itself as a fantasy. The Alpha male bodyguard offers the heady brew of testosterone and tenderness.

Then there’s the blasting to smithereens of the bodyguard code ‘thou shalt not get involved with a client’. What a delicious right/wrong dilemma confronts the protector for he knows if he’s looking at the heroine, then he’s not looking at others. That cool, calm yet watchful demeanor can go right out the door for the right woman. Of course, that woman continues to get into trouble heightening the push/pull for the hero.

In my latest Carina Press release, HER DARK PROTECTOR, set in south Florida, the justice system is on its last legs as corruption has permeated its highest ranks. Only Gail Malloy, a state attorney with a death wish, is determined to bring down a notorious drug lord once and for all and becomes a target herself. Fortunately for her, a stranger is keeping watch, determined to keep her alive.

Haunted by tragedy, business tycoon Jason Hawke joined a secret organization dedicated to maintaining law and order. With his chance at revenge finally at hand, he’ll do anything to keep to keep Gail alive to put the crime boss away. Even if it means keeping her with him day and night.

I’d love to hear what draws you as a reader to bodyguard stories! Carol




Award winning author Carol Stephenson lives in southeast Florida with her beloved Shih Tzu. She’s an attorney by day and author by night. She’s best known for her emotionally drawn, hard-driving romances. In her free time she indulges in travel, photography and competing on a trivia team.

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5 thoughts on “I Will Die For You – The Romantic Suspense Bodyguard”

  1. I think it’s the enforced intimacy. Two people who might never have talked to each other under other circumstances end up sharing part of themselves…

    My fave bodyguard story is probably Hot Target by Suzanne Brockmann.

  2. I love this, Carol. “The heady brew of testosterone and tenderness.” Oh, yes, what more could a heroine ask for? Can’t wait to read Her Dark Protector. I’m buying it now!

  3. Wonderful blog, Carol, and you certainly whetted my appetite to read Her Dark Protector!

  4. Thanks, Lynnette!!! I hope you enjoy the story! :) Carol

  5. Nicole, I love Suzanne Brockmann’s books as well. Congratulations on your release! :) Carol

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