Interview with Allegra Fairweather


It took a lot of persuasion, but Allegra Fairweather has finally and very graciously (she made Janni add that) consented to an interview. So here are the questions Janni put to her.

JN: What was your life like growing up?

AF: My family put the ‘dys’ in dysfunctional. First there were Dad’s frequent absences from home followed by his disappearance when I was fifteen. Then there was my failure to win Mom’s approval, and the less than ideal relationship with my sister, Lily. Let’s not mention my step-father, Senator Hampton. Still, I had my guardian angel so it wasn’t all bad.

JN: How would you describe your personality?

AF: Tough and ballsy. Okay, I have no fashion sense but I make up for that with a good sense of humor.

JN: Do you have a motto or code you live by?

AF: Punch first, ask questions later.

JN: What one thing would you take to a deserted island?

AF: My guardian angel, Casper, who would double as a means to get off. I’d get sooo bored on a deserted island.

JN: Where would you go on vacation?

AF: I work all over the world so I prefer to ‘vacation’ at home. In Island of Secrets I finally get my dream home.

JN: What is your most distinguishing characteristic?

AF: My bright red hair. Yes, it is natural. What? You don’t believe me?

JN: What is your major skill or talent?

AF: My right big toe itches when I’m near the paranormal. Oh, and I have a mean left hook.

JN: If you had to pick another career, what would it be?

AF: Are you kidding? This is the only thing I know how to do.

JN: What’s on your bucket list?

AF: Funny you should mention that. My bucket list features in Island of Secrets, but you know that don’t you, Janni? Next question.

JN: Who are your closest friends?

AF: Wanda Appleseed, a trainee witch, and—I can’t believe I’m saying this—but my sister Lily has been one of my best buds since I delivered her daughter, Little Allegra.

JN: Who do you love?

AF: Sshh, it’s a secret.

JN: What are your future plans?

AF:     a) to solve the next case

b) to work out a way to kiss Casper without compromising his entry into Heaven.


What would you like to ask Allegra? The most interesting question will win a copy of Island of Secrets. And, who knows, Allegra might even stop by to answer.


Island of SecretsIsland of Secrets

I’m a paranormal investigator without a home of my own. So when a wealthy client offers me a lucrative job on a private South Pacific island, I jump at the opportunity.

It’s not all fun in the sun, though. A dead merman—no, really—with an arrow in his chest has washed up on shore. My investigation reveals a century-old war between the mers and a goblin tribe, who believe the mers stole their treasure. But the real thief was a pirate! He buried the treasure and died before digging it up again.

Casper, my guardian angel and sort-of-but-not-really boyfriend, usually helps me out but he’s acting all weird and busy. The only person left who can help me find the treasure is the pirate’s former girlfriend, who happens to be a forgetful, alcoholic ghost.

Oh, and I’m not the only one searching for this treasure. Someone else wants it badly and they’re prepared to commit murder to prevent anyone else from getting it…


Author bio:

Janni Nell began writing in her late teens. Her dream to publish a novel was fulfilled when Carina Press released the first Allegra Fairweather novel in 2010. Island of Secrets is the third in the series. Janni is currently working on the fifth Allegra story. When she isn’t writing, you can find Janni line-dancing or working in her vegetable garden.

To keep up-to-date with Janni’s news visit her website or Facebook page. Or follow her on Twitter.





4 thoughts on “Interview with Allegra Fairweather”

  1. Coleen Kwan says:

    I’d like to know what does Allegra think of Janni Nell!

    Congrats on another release :)

  2. Janni Nell says:

    JN: Don’t you just hate it when your ISP provider goes down on promo day!

    Thanks for stopping by Coleen. Great question!

    AF: What do I think of Janni Nell? Hmm. Well, compared to me she’s a bit of a wimp. I mean I live it. She writes it. Mind you she does know a few dark secrets about my life, so actually she’s a wonderful person, one of the best I know. And she’d better make me look good in my next adventure or I might have to hurt her.

  3. Coleen Kwan says:

    Good answer! Sounds like Allegra can be quite a handful. Hope Janni’s up to it.

  4. Janni Nell says:

    JN: So, we promised a copy of Island of Secrets to the best question. I’ll throw this to Allegra to choose.

    AF: Gee, tough gig. Um…um…I choose…Coleen.

    JN: Congratulations, Coleen. We’ll be in touch.

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