You tell us: Will you be at #rwa12?


Yeah, okay, this might seem like kind of a copout topic but see, it’s like this. This weekend I spent nearly all day Saturday working on 2 powerpoints for RWA next week. And then I spent too many hours packing. So I think I used up all my clever on the powerpoints. Plus, I really want to be sure you know about some of our key things happening at RWA, so you don’t miss us. You want to find me and say hello, right? I hope you will!

Wednesday at 5p-8p is the Literacy signing at the convention center.

Around 20 Carina Press authors will be signing!

Thursday at 9:45a is the Carina Press Spotlight in the Platinum 1 room.

This is one of the powerpoints I’ve spent hours creating and there’s going to be a small ton of info offered in the presentation, along with a fun opportunity for you to help us make some decisions on some cover art!

Thursday at 9:00p is the Harlequin Pajama Party in the Marriott’s Newport Beach room.

Open to all conference attendees, this is a fun party hosted by our community guru, Jayne Hoogenberk. It’s always a great time, a good excuse to wear cute pajamas (but pajamas are not a requirement. Err, I mean, you can wear party clothes. Some type of clothing is a requirement.)

Friday at 9:45a-11:15a is the Harlequin signing.

Carina Press authors Shannon Stacey, Fiona Lowe and Marie Force will be signing along with many other incredible Harlequin authors. Come and check us out!

Friday at 3:15p to 4:15p is the Social Media Mavens panel in Platinum 2

This is the second powerpoint I created. I’ll be leading a top-level discussion on author involvement in social media with my boss Malle Vallik, as well as authors Julie Rowe, Adrienne Giordano and Jaci Burton. We’ll be offering some advanced tips, resources and thoughts on social media.

Saturday at 11:00a-12:00p is the Harlequin PAN session.

I do know that there will be some new Harlequin projects that will be revealed/discussed, including one of great benefit to Harlequin authors, so be sure to attend if you’re a PAN member!


Sooo…you tell us, are you attending #rwa12? Will you be at any of the above functions? What workshops or parties are you most looking forward to at #rwa12?

3 thoughts on “You tell us: Will you be at #rwa12?”

  1. Wish I was going to RWA this year everything sounds awesome! Every second year is a convention year for me. Last year was RWA, Thrillerfest, Bouchercon and SIWC. That means 2012 is a writing year.

  2. Michelle_Garren_Flye says:

    Next year! I’m so sad I won’t be there this year…

  3. Kari Gregg says:

    I’ll be at the lit signing — not signing myself but supporting the M/M contingent. I was horribly disappointed that the Carina spotlight was scheduled during the Alternative Romance panel. As a M/M writer, I can’t skip that panel, but missing the Carina spotlight? Not happy. I’ll be at the H/S panel open to non-H/S authors on Friday, though, and the H/S signing too. I’m not a creepy stalker. Promise. ;-)

    I’m looking forward to meeting other M/M writers and reconnecting with friends from cons past. The Passionate Ink party looks like fun and I’m excited that so many workshops seem digital-friendly this year.

    Hope to see you there!

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