Now Hiring: Freelance cover copy writers


We are looking to expand the pool of freelancers we utilize to write Carina Press cover copy. We’re in search of people who are interested in the adult fiction genres we publish, and have the marketing understanding to know what makes catchy cover copy.

Please read the below carefully. Respondents who don’t meet the requirements or who don’t include the requested material will not receive a reply.


* One year paid experience in some editorial or copywriting capacity. In lieu of paid experience, we will accept internships in which the applicant worked with fiction and provided editorial feedback.

* Genuine love of reading and the craft of writing.

* Ability to self-motivate, stay on task and meet deadlines consistently.

* Ability to take direction and feedback and incorporate it into future assignments.

* Ability to write short, and cut as needed to meet strict word count/character count requirements.

* Willingness to write copy based on little more than a brief synopsis or proposal.

* Ability to identify the key hooks or themes of a book and focus on highlighting those in the copy.

* Appreciation for the need for compelling cover copy as a key selling tool for books.

* Understanding of the difference between writing a synopsis of a book, and writing copy that teases the reader with just enough essential information to make them want to buy and read.

* Interest in working in a freelance environment.

* Understanding of and insight into the genres you choose to write copy for.

If you meet these qualification requirements, are willing to work in a freelance capacity for a flat, per-assignment fee, and would like to learn more about the freelance copywriting position, please send your CV and a letter of interest, detailing your qualifications and stating why you are interested in working for Carina Press in particular, as well as what genres you feel you’d be most qualified to write copy for, to generalinquiries AT We will respond to all qualified applicants who submit all requested information with some further information about the position. From there, we ask all applicants to who move forward with the process to complete a copywriting test, so please be prepared to go through this process if you apply.

NOTE: We have openings for multiple positions going at the same time, so please follow directions for each. Please send separate emails geared toward each if you are interested in more than one position.

To apply: please put Your name: COVER COPY WRITING (ie Angela James: COVER COPY WRITING) in subject line,  attach CV and in body of email include a letter of interest detailing qualifications (please see above), why you’re interested in Carina Press, & what genres you’re qualified to write copy for.

Respondents who don’t meet the requirements or who don’t include the requested material will not receive a reply.

This freelance opportunity will remain open until August 30th, 2012.

3 thoughts on “Now Hiring: Freelance cover copy writers”

  1. Extremely excited to apply, so glad one of my writer friends posted this link! I read a lot of your stuff so I would absolutely love to have the chance to write cover copy.

  2. Betsy Knapp says:

    Would love to write free-lance material for Carina.I graduated from West Richland High School,Noble, Illinois and began my writing career at WTTV (now in Indianapolis, Indiana). I also attended Indiana Unversity but after writing openings and on-air copy for the WTTV News Anchor, I then moved to New York, was hired by Conde Nast Publications and served as Promotion Assistant at Vogue “Living”, and had the opportunity to work with the fabulous Helen Van Slyke, who was Promotion Director of Vogue. Wrote many of their Supplements such as “The Hat Is Back”. Also worked for House and Garden before marrying and having two sons. I returned to the workforce at CBS in Manhattan and worked my way up to Director of Marketing at WCBS-FM. I brought sources to CBS to assist me on copy and art, for placement around Manhattan, New Jersey,and Long Island. My husband retired a few years ago and we moved to our new home in Vermont. I wrote short stories for “The Long and The Short of It”,short stories for Chick Lit Shortys and for Short Stories For Women. A serious fall took me away from my writing for a couple of years but I’m BACK and working on my first novel. I would love to be considered for a freelance cover writer at Carina. Looking forward to hearing from you. Betsy Knapp

  3. Betsy Knapp says:

    I made a mistake as to where I posted my desire to write free lance cover copy for Carina. Thanks for your consideration.


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