The Speculative Worlds of Carina Press


I’m an author published by Carina Press, but I’ve also been one of their customers since they launched. I’m an eclectic and voracious reader, so I enjoy the wide range of genres that Carina publishes and often find myself tempted, by beautiful covers and intriguing blurbs, to purchase and read a variety of books in genres that I don’t write in. You can call me a happy and satisfied customer.

Most of my purchases, though, are from Carina’s speculative fiction categories and I am continually impressed by the wide variety on offer. Steampunk? Check. Space Opera? Check. Horror? Check. Fantasy? Check. Cyberpunk? Check? Speculative world M/M and F/F? Check. Military Sci Fi? Erotic SF? Time Travel? Superheroes? Check, check, check and check. My joy would be complete if Carina offered a discount purchase program for their authors! (hint, giggle, hint) I do subscribe to the newsletter, though and take advantage of the many special offers and coupons. You can, too, if you haven’t already. Right here.

My own speculative offerings with Carina consist of Blue Galaxy and its recently released sequel, Blue Nebula. They are space opera novellas, set in a dangerous future and populated by damaged people who must do nefarious things if they are to survive evil villains, untrustworthy comrades and even their own family members. The love story between Captain Javan Rhodes and Marisol de la Vega underpins both books, but don’t expect a feel-good romance. Rather, expect twist and turns, lies and betrayals, dark humor, and hard-fought battles for both personal redemption and the survival of Planet Earth. I tend to the darker side of fiction *grin*

If you, like me, are a fan of the speculative worlds of Carina Press, you would probably enjoy the Contact: Infinite Futures blog, in which several Carina Press authors, including myself, blog about a variety of delightfully geeky subjects. You are cordially invited to stop by for a visit.

May I end this blog with a question? Of all the speculative fiction stories you’ve read from Carina Press – which has been your favorite and why?

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Diane Dooley writes science fiction, romance and horror – sometimes all in the same story.

You can keep tabs on her website for current and future releases, check out the links to her short stories on her blog or interact with her on Facebook or Twitter. She blogs at Contact: Infinite Futures and is also a regular contributor to The Galaxy Express.


7 thoughts on “The Speculative Worlds of Carina Press”

  1. J.L. Hilton says:

    I’m with you, Diane, I’m a Carina Press author and reader. I never cease to be amazed how much I love what they publish. They really do choose fun, unique authors and great stories. Every couple of months I try reading something NOT published by Carina Press and end up feeling disappointed by the lack of sexiness, humor, character development, editing or spirit. CP titles rock.

    Favorites? That’s tough, but I’d have to go with Desert Blade by Ella Drake, the Stormy Gale series by Christine Bell, and anything by Robert Appleton.

  2. Hillary says:

    Oh, here’s where I have to reveal that my tbr pile far outpaces my reading!

    Hunting Kat, by PJ Schnyder is great. A quick, sexy sci fi novella.

    Cindy Spencer Pape’s Gaslight Chronicles are lovely. Adventurous, and they truly put the steam in Steampunk. :)

    Christine Price’s The Usual Apocalypse has a set of characters that I wish I could hang with in their perilous paranormal world. Adorable and fun M/M.

    And, of course, I enjoyed Javan and Marisol in Blue Galaxy. Can’t wait to revisit them in Nebula!

  3. I agree Carina has a great selection.
    Faves so far:

    Ten Ruby Trick (fantasy with pirate/racketeers and some romance)
    Demon Crossing (paranormal romance with Norse fantasy elements)
    Stellarnet Rebel (science fiction romance)
    Rogue’s Pawn (fantasy with romantic elements)

  4. Carina does have a wonderful selection of stories across all genres of romance. I read fantasy and speculative romance among many other genres and it is great to have such a wide choice. Good luck with your new release!

  5. Diane_Dooley says:

    Darn it! I didn’t really think this post through. I should have realized I was going to end up with a bunch more books that I simply have to read. The good news is I just discovered the “wish list” function for my account. Can’t wait for pay day!

    Thanks for visiting and commenting, everyone!

  6. J.L. Hilton says:

    Oh, YES, Nicole, I left out Ten Ruby Trick. That was fantastic.

    There are so SO many more to read, and not enough hours in the day!

  7. paradiso says:

    I enjoyed reading this post for several reasons, one of which was the fact I had been looking around for a publisher who was open to speculative world building with a twist of romance. Thanks for writing this!


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