Submissions opportunity: one week only…feedback & 6 week response time


To cap off our week of submissions calls, we’re offering a special submissions opportunity for one week only.

Starting today, Friday October 5th, 2012 and ending Thursday at midnight, Eastern, we’re offering anyone who submits using the following subject line:

FEEDBACK. Title by author name, genre (I think this should go without saying, but please insert your details in place of the title, author name and genre)

You’ll receive the opportunity to receive a few personal lines of feedback should their manuscript be rejected (if your manuscript is acquired, you’ll be receiving a whole lot of feedback). Additionally, we will respond to these submissions within a 6 week timeframe of receipt–essentially by the US Thanksgiving near the end of November. Normally, we don’t offer personal feedback due to time constraints, but the rockin’ Carina Press freelance editors have volunteered to kick in some extra time and offer up this feedback, while also offering a turnaround response that is half of our normal response time. Did I mention they’re rockin’?

To be eligible (one manuscript per author for this opportunity, please!):

1) These must be manuscripts that have never been submitted to Carina Press before. With apologies, I know some who have submitted prior to this will wonder why they’re not included, but we wanted to offer a fun opportunity and we had to set the parameters to make it manageable or we’d be unable to do it at all.

2) You must follow the submissions guidelines and include all of the required parts (including a full manuscript and synopsis as well as all other information requested via our guidelines).

Note: following submissions guidelines also means only submitting books in genres we acquire! We won’t read submissions that we don’t have the possibility of acquiring, so please make sure your genre fits our guidelines.

3) Have a thick skin. We’ll offer constructive criticism as nicely as possible, but criticism can still sting.

4) Take an oath not to email us before the 6 weeks asking where your response is, where your feedback is or why you haven’t heard from us yet. And take an even stronger oath not to email us a nasty email telling us how inept we are, if we do reject your manuscript.

5) Use the above provided subject line so we know you’ve made these silent oaths to yourself!

Important: While we do accept multiple submissions from authors, please be aware that this particular opportunity is available for only ONE manuscript per author, in order to keep things manageable. However, you are certainly welcome to still submit more than one manuscript at this time (following the submissions guidelines of submitting each in separate emails.)

*Please note this opportunity is being offered to new-to-Carina Press authors, not to authors who already write for us (they get lots of feedback!)

You are welcome to address your submission directly to an editor, based on our editors’ submission call (if you address it to me for my call(s), you’ll need to note that specifically since most submissions come in addressed to me so I won’t know if you actually intend it for me unless you say so). However, you can also address it just to general “Dear Editor” and I’ll make sure it gets to an editor who loves your genre! I also encourage you to check out our calls for New Adult, Contemporary Crack and the holiday submissions as well.

61 thoughts on “Submissions opportunity: one week only…feedback & 6 week response time”

  1. M'Renee says:

    So glad i followed directions and waited until today to submit! :) Thanks guys.

  2. I’ve had my eyes on Carina Press for a while now and with this amazing incentive combined with the recent call for submissions, I can’t wait to send my ms to you guys!

    These freelance editors really are rockin’!

  3. Katie says:

    Oh sad, I don’t have anything in any kind of position to submit. Sad panda.

    Still, this is such an amazing opportunity that you’re all offering, and I’m so jealous of the people who will be able to take advantage of it.

  4. Tara says:

    The submission guideline FAQs state that you accept more than one MS for submission at a time. Is that available for this opportunity as well?

  5. Angela James says:

    No, it’s for one manuscript only. Thank you for asking that, I meant to add it to the “rules” and I forgot. In order to make this manageable, we need to limit it to one manuscript per author, or we may have someone who decides to get feedback on everything they’ve ever written :P

  6. Wow! This is an excellent opportunity for all writers. Hats off to the editors who are willing to do this extra work.

  7. Bummer for me :( My book has been in your slush pile since beginning of August. (No word yet…but fingers crossed!) Would SOOO love some feedback.

  8. Anita May aka Maya Kim says:

    I submitted on Wednesday Oct 3, but on Thursday while overlooking my submission I noticed there were format problems. I immediately emailed to your general questions link to ask that you delete that submission. Can you tell me whether it is still in the que or to go ahead a send a new submission package? Of course this is a great opportunity and I want feedback too! But what about that first submission? Did it count or was it deleted?

  9. Slongin’ MacDongin’ Scottish Highlander Gone Rogue coming at you… Followed by Fifty Shades of Slongin’ MacDongin’.

    A hilarious spoof at Scottish Highlander romance novels.

    Hope you like!

  10. What a great opportunity. I most certainly will participate. I’d appreciate any feedback on my writing. This of course will help me grow as a Writer and that is always a plus in my book. :D

    What a great idea. Thank you.

  11. Tara Smith says:

    Arghhh..still can’t believe I submitted my debut novel a month ago and missed out. I’m all ABOUT feedback. Good luck toall those lucky enough to take advantage!!

  12. Bebe Balocca says:

    Oooh, how exciting! I am doing my final polishing to a WIP. I don’t see any guidelines about length or genre, so I’m assuming that high heat level paranormal erotica, novella length, is acceptable?

  13. Helen Jones says:

    Just want to double check what the subject line should read. Is it “feedback”?

  14. Susan Taylor says:

    I can’t believe I blink and this opportunity arose. I’ve been so busy in the realm of SYTYCW 2012 that this almost…almost slipped by. Aha, not so. I’m sharing this one, Drop Dead Fred style. Loud and proud. And yes, I’ll be the pirate that touches the little red button.
    What a week. First Banned Books, now this.
    Thanks Carina.

  15. Angela James says:

    @Anita May if your book has already been submitted, it’s not eligible for this particular opportunity, but we’d still be excited to review your work for possible publication.

    @Stephanie and Tara: well, the ultimate goal is acquisition and publication and you’re not too early for that so positive thinking that that’s your end result ;)

    @Helen: if you read the post above, I lay out exactly how the subject line should read.

    @Bebe: Nothing about those details was laid out because it’s all in the submissions guidelines I say to read before submitting. On that page, we explain exactly the things we accept and acquire.

  16. Jason Arnett says:

    This is very, very cool. Thank you for the opportunities! I have a manuscript ready to submit and you’ll see it before the deadline.

  17. Tara Smith says:

    Indeed! *chants positive thinking… positive thinking…* :)

  18. Dana says:

    Am going to have to miss out on this great chance and pray another comes along.

    Though the story is written, I’m only up to chapter 5 in getting through autocrit and the crit group. Chapter five of so far a 83,999 wd story.

    Good luck everyone. And thanks for the opportunity Angela. (PLEASEEEEEEEE offer another one soon.)

  19. Ellie Heller says:

    Oh, now that’s an incentive to finish up this final round of edits.
    Thursday midnight, ack, better get off the interwebs.

  20. Hi Angela – I didn’t receive an automated response. I double checked the address I sent the submission to and it was correct. Should I be worried?

    Thank you!


  21. Angela James says:

    @Sharron send a follow-up email to the submissions address, without attachments, asking for a verification of receipt.

  22. I received an instant reply for my follow up with no attachments, so I assume there was an issue with the paperwork. Manuscript is in RTF. I will save the synopsis the same way. Maybe I should try re-submitting through my g-mail rather than my hotmail?

    Thank you for your help!

  23. Okay – I sent it through G-mail and it worked perfectly! Thank you for this opportunity!


  24. Tara Allen says:

    This is just awesome of all of you. <3 Carina folks.

    I'm nowhere near ready to participate, so good luck to all of you who submit. I look forward to reading your work when it's published!

    And I'll get my hinie in gear for next time!

  25. I’m three days away from week 16 on my current submission. Is this going to affect the response rate for my already submitted work?

    Good luck to everyone else!

    1. Angela James says:

      Response times for anyone who already submitted won’t be affected by this.

  26. Beth says:

    Just for clarification: you mean midnight Thursday, going into Friday, correct (as opposed to Wednesday, going into Thursday)?

    1. Angela James says:

      Beth, yes, Thursday going into Friday.

  27. Claudia Shelton says:

    If an editor with Harlequin is considering a differs manuscript, can I submit an entirely unrelated manuscript?

    1. Angela James says:

      @Claudia yes, you can submit different manuscripts to more than one Harlequin imprint at a time

  28. Samanthya Wyatt says:

    Does Carina Press publish printed copies as well as ebooks?

    1. Angela James says:

      Hi Samanthya, you might find a read through our FAQs helpful:

  29. Looks like I’m not going to make it in time! ;o(
    JJ Doe

  30. Mary Dahak says:

    So I was scrupulous in making sure I followed directions and sent everything off yesterday. Then today I’m mortified to discover that I may have sent a version “showing markup” with those few final revisions (I copy-edit for someone — that it’s my default is my only defense, but it makes it doubly mortifying that I did that.) Angela, am I correct in thinking that I’ve read somewhere on the blog — can’t find it, but probably because I’m panicked — that it’s acceptable to re-send it with instructions to delete the previous e-mail?

  31. Angela James says:

    Yep, Mary, that’s totally cool. No need to panic. It happens more than you might think :) Go ahead and resend your entire submission, with just a line at the beginning for us to delete the previous submission.

  32. Mary Dahak says:

    Whew! Many thanks, Angela. I imagine it’s me trying very, very hard…and overshooting the mark (and it’s reassuring to know it’s not just me.)

  33. Scott Berger says:

    Thank you for this opportunity. A friend suggested I check out your company and this opportunity. I find my stories falling between genres, so Carina Press sounds like a good fit. So much so that, even if the story I just submitted doesn’t appeal, I will submit others to you in the near future.


  34. Kelsey Keelhaus says:

    Stupid question: is the title of the email supposed to be “FEEDBACK. Title by author name, genre” or just “Title by author name, genre”? lol. :P

  35. Angela James says:

    The word FEEDBACK is important because it’s our trigger it’s for this opportunity. Otherwise, we treat it as a regular submission

  36. Kelsey Keelhaus says:

    Okay, thank you!

  37. Sorry. This is a duplicate message (posted to your Facebook page, too). I just tried to submit a query, synopsis, and ms, but I got an automatic response saying that my email delivery failed because “the recipient’s mailbox is full and can’t accept messages now. Microsoft Exchange will not try to redeliver this message for you.”

    The deadline for this is fast approaching… Is there any way I can resubmit at a later date (tomorrow, for example), or is there anything else I can do? I’d really hate to miss out on this. Thanks!

  38. Oh Michael it’s happening to me too! I should’ve sent it earlier today but wanted to recheck one section and now it won’t go through! I don’t know what to do now! :(

  39. AMY B says:

    Hi Angela, Can we send submissions to an alternative email address?

  40. AMY B says:

    Leaving another comment so I can set the notification on here. :)

  41. Jami Gold says:

    Yes, I just got the “Mailbox Full” message as well. I don’t want to *not* follow the submission guidelines and send it to another email address, but… Help!

  42. Monica says:

    Ditto to Jami,Amy, Nicole and Mishael. Help!!

  43. Ellie Heller says:

    Oh no! I sent mine at 10:23. I didn’t get the message, but now I’m worried my mail server might be ‘holding’ it for some reason given no one else has gotten through. Off to check spam filters. Ugh.

  44. Beth says:

    Just got the same error.

  45. CJ says:

    Has anyone come up with a solution? Second attempt failed.

  46. Julie Barnard says:

    Ahhhh! I just got the “Mailbox Full” message too. Where else can I send it?? Thank you.

  47. Cathy says:

    Hi! I just pulled up my inbox and found the mailbox full message as well. I’ll check back for instructions. Thanks!

  48. Hi Angela

    I sent my submission from Australia at 11.50pm Eastern time, breathed a sigh of relief and then checked my inbox for the message confirming receipt. Instead I got a postmaster message saying my email had been rejected. It said that the recipient’s inbox was full.

    Reading the messages above, I see I’m not alone.

    What can we do?
    Can we resend when the inbox has been cleared?
    And will our submissions still be considered as part of the FEEDBACK opportunity?

    Thanks for your help.


  49. M'Renee says:

    :( my email did not go through!!!

    1. Angela James says:

      Oh, all you procrastinators, I was trying to teach you a lesson. It looks like there were a lot of you who needed the lesson, did it work?

      Kidding! The mailbox obviously got slammed after about 5pm last night. I’ve cleared it out, so you should all be good to go ahead and submit. No one will miss out on the opportunity, promise.

  50. Thanks Angela!
    Resubmitted and received.
    Michelle :)

  51. Angela: LOL! Last night, when I got that “undeliverable” message, that’s exactly what I thought… ‘That’s what I get for waiting until almost the last minute to send it in.’

    I just sent my submission in again, and this time I got the lovely “submission received” email. Thank you. :-)

  52. Monica says:

    Angela a big thank you! And in answer to your question…lesson learned.

  53. Jami Gold says:

    Ha! No, that’s not me procrastinating. That’s me being conscientious. Carina Press deserves the best, right? :)

  54. Ellie Heller says:

    I realize it’s well past six, weeks. but have all the replies gone out? I show I sent something in but never got a reply. Looking at my submission, I do realize it wasn’t ready, but I was looking forward to the feedback to help me get it there. I did send it in during the crunch time, although I didn’t get a message that it didn’t go through. Just thought I’d follow up. Thanks!

  55. Angela James says:

    Hi Ellie,

    Everything was responded to before US Thanksgiving. You can follow up with the submissions email to see if an email (yours or ours) went astray! Please make sure your email has no attachments, to ensure the email gets through.

  56. Hi Angela,

    I did receive a confirmation, but I haven’t received a response either. I went ahead and sent a follow up yesterday, as per your instructions on the last post.

    Thank you for this exciting opportunity.

    Sharron Riddle Houdek

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