Alison Dasho’s New Apartment Pasta


It’s that time of year! We will be posting one holiday recipe a day for the month of November from our Carina Press authors and editors!


When my husband and I got married, we received some amazing cookware, but we lived in a tiny attic apartment and couldn’t unpack our gifts. Three months later, we moved into a place with a huge kitchen and I immediately unpacked everything.

Our second or third night in the new place, we were exhausted from moving but determined to not order pizza (again). This pasta dish came together after a quick stop to our neighborhood grocery store where we bought anything that looked good. Simple, relatively fast, and with enough ingredients to make it feel fancy without being overly complicated. And it’s versatile—any veggies can be swapped out for something you like better/something more seasonal. And it leaves you with most of a bottle of wine to enjoy at the table!- Alison Dasho, Carina Press Editor



Olive Oil

Italian sausage (either bulk or in casing)

Onion (I like sweet onion for this, but any will do)

Red Pepper

Zucchini or yellow squash

Button mushrooms


White wine

1 lb. Linguini

Grated Parmesan or Romano cheese for sprinkling (optional)

Red pepper flakes (optional)

Salt/pepper to taste


Heat olive oil over medium heat in a skillet. Put large pot of water over medium/low heat. Thinly slice the onion, toss in pan with a pinch of salt. While the onion cooks down, finely chop the garlic, set aside. Prep your sausage—either into thick slices if it has casing, or into little sausage balls if you bought in bulk. When onion is done to your liking (I like near-caramelized), toss garlic in the pan and cook for 3-5 minutes.


Drop sausage pieces into the pan, leaving be for 2-3 minutes to get nice and brown on one side. While those are cooking, cut up red pepper, zucchini (or squash), and button mushrooms. Stir sausage around in the pan, flipping pieces over to get browned on all sides—if browned bits build up on the bottom of the pan, that’s okay, you’ll be deglazing in a second.


Pour a generous glass of white wine (any non-sweet kind will do, use your favorite). Drink the wine! Pour another generous glass. When the sausage is browned all over and mostly cooked, pour wine in the pan to deglaze, scraping up all the delicious bits as you go.

Let the wine cook down for 3-5 minutes, then toss in the zucchini and stir to coat. If you like things a bit spicy, toss in a pinch of red pepper flakes at this point. Turn up the heat under your pot of water from medium/low to high to bring to a boil. Toss red pepper into the pan, stir to coat. Once they’ve had 3-5 minutes to cook, add the mushrooms, stir, and cover.


Your water should be boiling by now—add plenty of salt, then your pasta. Once pasta is al dente, drain. Using a spoon or carefully tipping the pan with the cover ajar, drizzle some of the liquid from the sausage pan into your pasta pot. Add in a third of the drained pasta, toss to coat. Then drizzle in more liquid from the pan, repeating with the second and third portions of drained pasta. (You may need to add a bit of olive oil to the pasta pot, depending on how much liquid you’ve got in the sausage/veggies pan.)


Plate generous servings of coated pasta, then scoop out generous helpings of sausage and veggies onto each pile of pasta. Sprinkle with grated cheese, serve.

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