The Yearbook Curse


Cover, Most Likely To Succeed

Five years ago, I went to my high school reunion. During the big Saturday night dinner, we voted for the “Mosts” – Most Interesting Job, Most Kids, Traveled the Furthest Distance, etc. (I lost Most Interesting Job to the woman who designs displays for the Lego company. I couldn’t really complain.)

In any case, the “Most” voting reminded me of the awards page in the typical high school yearbook, where classmates are voted Most Likely To Succeed, Cutest Couple, and more. So of course, that set me off on a round of “what ifs” – what if the kids who’d “won” those designations found their lives turning out the exact opposite of what they thought would be?

And thus, the Yearbook Curse was born.

Most Likely To Succeed? Stuck in a dead-end job, embarrassed at her lack of success on the professional – and personal – front.

Cutest Couple? Broke up right after graduation, and haven’t seen each other since.

Life of the Party? Still hiding behind her best buddy persona and unable to let anyone see the real person inside.

And now it’s ten years later. Can their high school reunion be a chance to get back on track?


The most challenging aspect of this series, for me, is that all three novellas take place over the exact same weekend. (Can’t really have a high-school-reunion book that isn’t during that weekend, right?) So I had to find ways to have the characters interact throughout all three novellas without relying on too much repetition.

This week, the first of the three novellas comes out. Find out what happens to Kelsey, voted Most Likely To Succeed, when she has to own up to her lack of success to the person whose opinion matters most to her – Nathan, her high school lab partner (and secret crush). I hope you enjoy!

What would be your “most” if a vote were held today? Most outgoing? Most changed? Let us know in the comments!

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