Your Favorite Memory


The Carina Press authors are “Getting in Character”!

What is your character’s favorite childhood memory?


Lieutenant Tom Donald is a dashing young officer serving in WWI. He’s handsome, a good soldier, but he lacks confidence in his abilities. Oh, and he’s gay, at a time when that could mean disgrace and imprisonment. Makes for a very interesting leading man.


Tom, what is your favorite childhood memory?


Going to the New Forest at pannage time. They let the pigs run loose to eat the acorns (which could poison the deer) so my parents used to take me to watch the sows and piglets rooting about. I was only a little boy when I discovered the connection between those piglets and the bacon I had for Sunday breakfast. I refused to eat it that next weekend and got sent to my room!

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Steel, the bad-boy metal sculptor who melts the heart of my very polite and sweet heroine, didn’t have a great childhood. He grew up on the wrong side of town and ran with the wrong crowd. Not that they were bad guys, necessarily, but they got up to no good. Steel is well aware he could have easily gone down that path—except that he found something he loved enough to put all his mad into. So, his favorite childhood memory isn’t hard to pick out. After all, there’s not a lot to choose from. But he remembers that time the school went to the art museum. At first he hated it—the place seemed specially designed for a kid like him to screw up. Until he walked into the sculpture gallery. In that moment he knew the world could hold something more than ugliness.

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What is your favorite childhood memory?

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