It’s Adventure Time!


Choose Your Shot final No, not that Adventure Time (though I’m a fan of Jake the dog), but rather an adventure that you get to direct yourself. That’s right, you get to drive the ship!

I’m a child of the 80’s and as such, was around for the fantastically amazing Choose Your Own Adventure books. As an avid reader, these were the best experiences for me. I was amazed at the variety of options the writers provided. I would boldly trudge in, not caring if I would fall off a cliff (I always did), get eaten by a bear (they growled a lot), or blasted out an airlock (gasp!). It was the immersive nature of these books that held the appeal. You could read and re-read them, each time getting a slightly different experience. A lot of allowance money was spent on my adventures and I never once regretted the purchase.

Fast forward thirty (holy cow) years, and here I sit. Last year brought some major life changes and provided me the opportunity to make some decisions that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to. I was very much at my own decision point, and could flip to page 8 to take the safe road, or page 45 to see what could happen if I went down the road flanked by the ominous trees. It got me thinking about some of the things I loved as a kid, and the choose your adventure books came to mind. I thought it would be fantastic to have a similar style book for adults. I know myself as a reader, there are many times when I wanted a character to choose a path different from where they ended up going. How fun it would be to provide that opportunity to my readers.

And of course, to let them choose the kink the heroine got to play with…

In short order, Choose Your Shot: An Interactive Erotic Romance was born. I have to say this was one of the most challenging books I’ve ever written. My admiration for the authors of the original children’s books has jumped up exponentially. It was hard work, but fun. No, there are no bears, cliffs or airlocks, but there are three heroes that you the reader get to choose. There are a WIDE variety of kinks you’ll be able to explore. Plus, fans of the Long Shots series will be able to walk through Mavericks, exploring in detail some of the rooms that were only mentioned in previous books.

I hope you enjoy the erotic adventure I’ve set out for you. No, you might not like all the paths, but it’s the thrill of trying things out, exploring the unknown that’s the real thrill. And you never know, you might discover some of these paths lead you to a little unexpected pleasure.


Choose Your Shot: An Interactive Erotic Romance is now available from Carina Amazon | B&N. You can find other books in the Long Shots series at Carina Press.

Christine d’Abo is hooked on romance. As a novelist and short story writer with over thirty publications, including the immensely popular Long Shots series, the imagination is always flowing. She loves to exercise and stops writing just long enough to keep her body in motion too. When she’s not pretending to be a ninja in her basement, she’s most likely spending time with her family and two dogs. You can visit Christine’s website at or chat with her on Twitter @Christine_dAbo.

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