I Hurt You Because I Care


So, here we are. You. Me. Zoey. And the third book in the Monster Haven series. Plus, Maurice, of course. If I don’t mention everybody’s favorite closet monster from time to time, the Internet gets sad. Nobody likes a sad Internet.

Three books, people. Three! A year ago I was pinging off the walls, still in shock because my first book had come out. And now the third one is out, and the fourth is already written and off with my editor. That’s insane.

And more than a little awesome.

This is a six-book series. By the time you get to the end of this new one, Fairies in My Fireplace, Zoey will have reached the midpoint of her journey.

And that’s why I had to take it up a notch.

We’ve had our emotional ups and downs up till now. We laughed. We cried. We wanted to punch a few mythical creatures in the throat. (I’m looking at you, Leprechaun Mafia.) If you haven’t read the first two books yet, I advise wearing a seatbelt for emotional security.

Book three, however, is where things get a little hairy. Forget the seatbelt for Fairies in My Fireplace. Use the pull-down harness restraint.

The drops are bigger, the danger is greater, and you may experience an inversion or two. If you have a soft heart, hormonal issues, or are pregnant, you may want to consult your doctor before reading.

Seriously, when I use an analogy, I beat it to death with a spiked baseball bat stolen from a bug-eyed bridge troll with halitosis and a trick knee he injured during Mythical Creature Jello-fest ‘89.


Anyway, emotional rollercoaster. Be ready. I hope Fairies in My Fireplace makes you laugh. I hope it doesn’t make you cry, but from the feedback I’ve received, the odds are stacked against you. For that, I’m sorry. I really am. But sometimes we have to go through some difficult times together to get to the good stuff. I don’t want to hurt you. Honest.

New characters have wandered into Zoey’s life from off the street, and old ones are back – even one or two you might not have expected to see again.

Maurice is in the kitchen cooking up a batch of mascarpone-raspberry muffins. Zoey’s planning a charity fashion show. And Riley is… well, you’ll have to see what Zoey’s reaper boyfriend has going on.

And did I mention the crazy djinn who escaped from her master? Or the mothman with a secret? Goblin orphans having a sleepover? Yeah. It’s like that.

So, come for the story. Stick around for the muffins. The ride is nowhere near over.


Sometimes it’s the monsters who need to be saved…

A migration of mythical creatures has begun, and more and more of them are landing on Zoey Donovan’s doorstep. As the only Aegis left in the country, it falls to her to protect the Hidden and keep them safe—and her house has become a sanctuary for water sprites, goblins, harpies, djinn and more.

Keeping track of her boarders is a full-time job, and Zoey’s already got her hands full trying to run her wedding planning business. Good thing she has a resident closet monster to keep her organized, and a hot Reaper boyfriend to help her relax every once in a while.

But she can’t keep up monster-triage indefinitely, and as more Hidden arrive, it becomes clear that someone—or something—is hunting them. In the midst of planning an event for a notoriously difficult client, Zoey’s got to figure out who’s behind the hunt…and she’s got to stop them before there are no Hidden left.


R.L. NaquinOriginally from Northern California, Rachel has a tendency to move every few years, resulting in a total of seven different states and a six-year stint in England. Currently, she’s living in Kansas and planning  her next grand adventure. Rachel has one heroic husband, two genius kids, a crazy-catlady starter kit, and an imaginary dog named Waffles.

She doesn’t have time for a real dog.

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Rachel loves stalkers and will often invite them inside for milk and cookies. Or rum. She does like rum.

6 thoughts on “I Hurt You Because I Care”

  1. Mary Ellen says:

    You’ll cry. But you’ll laugh. And rum? I wasn’t offered rum! Perhaps I should stalk HARDER. Or more efficiently or something.

    I love Zoey.

  2. R.L._Naquin says:

    MaryEllen, I left you a mai tai on the windowsill outside my room last night. Wasn’t it your night to keep watch?

  3. ruth says:

    Cookies I heard cookies. I ran 3.6 miles today, I could eat some cookies. ;) Loving #3.

  4. R.L._Naquin says:

    I’ll put out cookies, tonight, Ruth. Glad you’re enjoying the book!

  5. Jason Arnett says:

    This one was my favorite of the series so far. And what you did – it wasn’t fair. You made me care so much and then [spoiler redacted].

    This hurt. A LOT. But damn if it wasn’t an excellent read. Anxious to get the next one.

  6. R.L._Naquin says:

    Thanks, Jason. I’m sorry I made you hurt. I’ll try to make it up to you in the next book. Glad to hear you enjoyed it and don’t hate me!

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