Dream Casting the Movie


We all love dreaming that books we love will be movies someday, don’t we?

It’s funny because, when “they” finally do make a movie of that favorite book, all us faithful readers pout and sulk about all the ways it’s just RONG.

There’s just no pleasing us, is there?

Really, it’s because we have so much love. We want the movie up there, so we can see the story play out as it did in our heads while we read it. But then, it never quite looks the same.

Being a Hollywood casting director must be a fascinating job – I’m always so interested in who they choose to play characters, especially well-loved ones. I’m not sure I’d be any good at it.

I sometimes get asked how I’d cast the Covenant of Thorns movies. This is difficult for me, because I rarely associate my characters with actual human beings – or actors, for that matter. ;-) They live in my head, but I see them as themselves. So, when I recently struggled with this question, I asked my readers.

The responses were SO FUN.

There have been debates on who the guy on the covers looks most like, especially on the Rogue’s Pawn cover. I’ve heard Keanu Reeves

and Kit Harington, who plays Jon Snow on Game of Thrones.








or Joe Manganiello, because of his role as Alcide on True Blood.





But, when I played Ask the Readers: Who Should Play Rogue??? Guess what the overwhelming answer was?

Oh yeah.

Richard Armitage.

He’s got all the high cheekbones and broody intensity of Rogue.

Gwynn was harder. After all, the stories are told from her point of view, so we don’t see her as much. My editor, Deb Nemeth, weighed in with this great description:

Gwynn needs an actress who projects intelligence, intensity/power, has great comic timing & sexy voice & can pull off steamy.

Who did she pick for that?

Emma Stone.

How much do I love that she sees the witty, self-possessed and utterly fabulous Emma Stone as Gwynn? So very, very much!

So, I know all of you have opinions. After all, you’ve been patiently waiting for this sequel for over a year!

Who would you cast as Rogue and Gwynn?

What about some of the other characters. Who should play Darling??? Add links to your comments, so we can all go look!


Jeffe Kennedy is an award-winning author with a writing career that spans decades. Her fantasy BDSM romance, Petals and Thorns, originally published under the pen name Jennifer Paris, has won several reader awards. Sapphire, the first book in Facets of Passion has placed first in multiple romance contests and the follow-up books, Platinum and Ruby, are climbing the charts. Her most recent works include three fiction series: the fantasy romance novels of A Covenant of Thorns, the contemporary BDSM novellas of the Facets of Passion, and the post-apocalyptic vampire erotica of the Blood Currency. The first book in Covenant of Thorns, Rogue’s Pawn, has won numerous awards and the highly anticipated sequel, Rogue’s Possession, releases this fall.

Jeffe lives in Santa Fe, with two Maine coon cats, a border collie, plentiful free-range lizards and a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Jeffe can be found online at her website: JeffeKennedy.com,  and on Twitter and Facebook.

3 thoughts on “Dream Casting the Movie”

  1. Richard Armitage can play any character in any of my books any time LOL. He’s welcome!!! Really enjoyed the post…

  2. Amy R says:

    While I did like the idea of Hugh Jackman as Rogue, I can see Richard Armitage (who is he btw?) as Rogue. And yes, Emma Stone does look like how I would picture Gwynn. For some reason I picture all the others to look like this:


    Just kidding. =)

  3. Very funny girl, Amy! Richard Armitage played in the miniseries North and South, which everyone seems to love. I didn’t know him either!

    Maybe Fan Girl Veronica can add more?

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