Talking about Tropes with Amber Lin


There are certain tropes and archetypes that I love to read about. And write about.

For example, my new release Chance of Rain has two people trapped by a storm, with nothing to do but have hot, dirty sex :) That’s the cabin romance, and I love it!

I also love reunion stories, and the satisfaction that comes from a deep bond finally solidifying between the hero and the heroine. I love Navy SEAL heroes, how protective and strong and loyal they are. I love heroines who are soft and caring—except when they stand up for the ones they love, and then they become fierce.

And I love the rural, southern setting where folks work the land with their bare hands, where they know the value of community, and where help can come from unexpected sources. Chance of Rain is set in the fictional town of Dearling in the heart of Texas’s Hill country.

Tropes are great because they let you know what to expect. This book will be really sexy. This book will be sweet. This book will, hopefully, make you laugh-snort at one point or another.

But with some of these expectations, it can be fun to subvert them.

In the beginning of Chance of Rain, Natalie exchanges banter with the local town Sheriff. He’s a handsome guy in his own right and they get along great, but nothing romantic has happened between them or ever will. He’s the brother of her best friend, and that’s a trope, but not here.

Then Sawyer drives into down. He’s only here to sell his family’s farm and that’s it. It’s recently rained so when he pulls his car into a parking spot, wet rainwater splashes a pretty woman walking by, who stops and gives him a talking to. It’s a meet-cute of misfortune, which is also a trope, but not here.

Instead, Sawyer heads for the diner as soon as he possibly can—all while telling himself he has NO plans to stay. And Natalie cheerfully serves him coffee while trying not to notice how damn hot he is and pretending not to care that he’s back. Natalie didn’t take the relationship that would have been convenient for her, and nothing, not in all the places Sawyer had been, had ever tempted him either.

Tropes give us a groundwork, but in the end, it’s emotion that makes a romance work. It’s yearning that draws them back together. It’s the undeniable, smoking hot passion that keeps them there—not the storm that blows around them.

This is what TotallyBooked blog had in an early review: “Her writing style is beautiful, flawless and so evocative you live and breathe her stories. ‘Chance of Rain’ was sweet and emotional, it was hot and passionate and it had humour. Most of all though, it had that beautiful romance we all crave to escape into.”

You can read Chance of Rain now from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Thank you!

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