Author Spotlight: Lorenda Christensen


lorendaIf you’re a fan of dragons, you’ll definitely want to check out Lorenda Christensen. The Dracim Series deals with the coexistence of humans and dragons, and features adventure and, of course, fiery romance! Along with details about the first book in the series, we also have a note from the author herself on how even something as simple as a search engine can turn into inspiration!


Auto-Complete as Inspiration by Lorenda Christensen

I love internet search boxes. Especially those that have the auto-complete feature where the search engine guesses at what you’re looking for next. Sometimes, auto-complete simply saves me a couple of key presses. But on really good days, it jump starts my imagination. For example, I was recently looking for advice on how to make a craft box for my son’s class project, and this is what I received for my choices.


Sure, there’s not a craft box to be seen, but the Minecraft server certainly caught my eye. It made me wonder just exactly what a Minecraft server was, but more important, what type of person (or people) would be interested in creating one. And this is why I love being an author of romantic fantasy. Just like those Minecraft players, I can take just a few items, and build an entire world around them. What other job gives me that much freedom to dream?

So next time you’re looking for inspiration, try using auto-complete. Because you never know, it might be the spark that sets your imagination free.


Book Two of The Dracim Series:

dancingDancing with Dragons

If Carol Jenski knows anything, it’s fashion–and it’s not in fashion to consort with dragons, even though they’ve coexisted with humans since World War III. Still, she would never have agreed to take part in a plot against them. Now a dragon lord has called for her head, her boyfriend is MIA and she’s been abandoned in a foreign country.

Only reporter Daniel Wallent is on Carol’s side…sort of. He offers his assistance if she helps him investigate his latest story. He’ll need Carol’s language skills to infiltrate in the organization run by one of the most dangerous and secretive dragons in the world.

Escaping one sociopathic dragon’s claws only to walk into another’s is an insane risk–and so is falling for Daniel. Posing as his blushing–and very affectionate–new bride as cover soon leads to an all-too-real attraction. But fighting off dragons and her desire for Daniel may be more of a challenge than Carol can handle…


What readers are saying about Never Deal with Dragons:

Author Lorenda Christensen adeptly intertwines world-building details with an engaging cast of characters and an intriguing story. — Amazon review


 She has created a world so believable, so tangible and sparkling and delicious, I found myself wanting to move there. — Goodreads review


Never Deal With Dragons is a refreshing new take on the dragon story. I was hooked on the first page.

Amazon review


Want to know more? Visit Lorenda’s website, and be sure to like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

2 thoughts on “Author Spotlight: Lorenda Christensen”

  1. AJ Larrieu says:

    Congratulations on your new release, Lorenda! I love your dragons and I can’t wait to read more. :)

  2. Lorenda P Thurman says:

    From one Lorenda to another, great job, looking forward to more.

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