5 Ways Space Operas Can Help You Live a Better Life


The phrase space opera was coined in 1941 and recently author T.D. Wilson did a Spotlight on Space Opera right here on the blog. He defined space opera as “filled with adventure, conflict, mystery, and romance and beautifully orchestrated for the reader in an outer space setting.”

In other words it’s a big adventure, set in space, with romance, cool technology, exotic worlds and civilizations, and dashing heroes and heroines. Excited? I am.

Okay, so how can space operas help us live a better life right here on regular old Earth? Here we go:

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MORE LOVE – We could all do with more love in our lives and space operas offer some big sweeping love stories. Princess Leia and Han Solo? Flash Gordon and Dale Arden? Dathan Phoenix and Eos Rai? Space operas encourage us to get out of the ordinary and do something extraordinary to show that special someone in our lives that we love them.

INSPIRATION – I find the awe-inspiring worlds and peoples of space operas a real inspiration. I love to see the mixed crews of Star Trek, where prejudice is a thing of the past. I love to see the vast races and worlds of the Star Wars galaxy and believe that anything is possible.

LARGER THAN LIFE HEROES AND HEROINES – Space operas give us heroes and heroines to look up to. Okay, they are larger than life, but most of them are flawed and despite the seemingly impossible odds stacked against them, they just keep getting up and trying to save the day (or the princess, or the empire or find the last remaining fragment of the Mona Lisa). We could all learn something from their determination and perseverance as we face the challenges of our own lives.

COOL GADGETS – Space operas offer us some pretty cool stuff. Ever wanted your own lightsaber? Droids to do your housework? Or a lingual implant so you can speak any language? Space operas show us the possibilities of the future and inspire us to create them. And in the meantime, we can always use these space opera inspired gadgets: Your own Lightsaber BBQ tongs or a MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer or maybe a smartphone-controlled robot called MiP.

MORE ADVENTURE IN YOUR LIFE – Space operas are all about grand adventure whether they are escaping from Ming the Merciless, or the Cylons, or going on a galactic treasure hunt. Reading a great adventure helps us spice up our own busy lives or might even inspire us to make our own adventure (get away for a weekend, take a hike, or take the kids somewhere fun).

So if you need a bit more Space Opera in your life, check these out:

  • Books: The Epherium Chronicles by T.D. Wilson, Cosmic Sparks Series by Robert Appleton or lots more here >> Carina Press Space Opera
  • Movies: Star Wars, Fifth Element, The Chronicles of Riddick
  • TV Shows: Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek and Firefly
  • Comics: Flash Gordon and Guardians of the Galaxy (soon to be a movie starring Zoe Saldana, Vin Diesel, Glenn Close and Bradley Cooper)

CONTEST: Enter to win my sci-fi romance novella Winter Fusion (set in the same galaxy as AT STAR’S END). Just leave a comment here at the blog and tell me which cool space gadget (either from this post or from your fav space opera science fiction) you’d like to have.

Dr. Eos Rai has speAction Romance Science Fiction Romance Space Operant a lifetime dedicated to her mother’s dream of finding the long lost Mona Lisa. When Eos uncovers tantalizing evidence of Star’s End—the last known location of the masterpiece—she’s shocked when her employer, the Galactic Institute of Historic Preservation, turn its back on her. Left with no choice, Eos must trust the most notorious treasure hunter in the galaxy; a man she finds infuriating, annoying and far too tempting.

Dathan Phoenix can sniff out relics at a stellar mile. With his brothers by his side, he takes the adventures that suit him and refuses to become a lazy, bitter failure like his father. When the gorgeous Eos Rai comes looking to hire him, he knows she’s trouble, but he’s lured into a hunt that turns into a wild and dangerous adventure. As Eos and Dathan are pushed to their limits, they discover treasure isn’t the only thing they’re drawn to…but how will their desire survive when Dathan demands the Mona Lisa as his payment?

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9 thoughts on “5 Ways Space Operas Can Help You Live a Better Life”

  1. Justine Wang says:

    A MakerBot! A MakerBot!

  2. Anna_Hackett says:

    Hi Justine — a MakerBot would be pretty cool!

  3. Emmeline lock says:

    Hey Anna,

    Cool post!

    While I would dearly love a robot, I’d probably roll R2D2 within a day, given the mess my kids leave around. So, I’m going to put a medical wand/scanner at the top of my list, like I’ve just read about in a Linnea Sinclair book. It would save me a few trips to the docs with aforementioned kids! ;).

    E xx

  4. Kathryn Flaherty says:

    I thought about this for a few minutes before I remembered the one thing I wanted from my favourite space opera. A Lens from E.E. ‘Doc’ Smith’s the Lensman series, it helps you become telepathic and no one can steal it from you because if they touch it ‘they die’. I had to put that bit in brackets because as a 10 year old having something my cousins couldn’t borrow would have been fantastic.

  5. Anna_Hackett says:

    Hi Em — a medical scanner would be very helpful for anyone with kids, that’s for sure! And I’m reading some Linnea Sinclair as well, right now — good choice of sci-fi romance!

  6. Anna_Hackett says:

    Hi Kathryn — I think telepathy could be very cool…although we may sometimes find out stuff we didn’t want to know! I haven’t read the Lensman series but I’ll check it out.

  7. Scott Tiedke says:

    My very own Stargate please!

  8. Anna_Hackett says:

    Good one, Scott! I want one of those as well!!

  9. Anna_Hackett says:

    Justine — you’re the winner of the copy of WINTER FUSION. Please email me through my website http://www.annahackettbooks.com and I’ll send the book through to you!!

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