Carina Press Not-at-Nationals Pitch Session


Feel like you’re missing out by not attending RWA Nationals this year? Good news! Not all of the editors here at Carina Press are attending either! And those who couldn’t attend this year are taking your pitches in the Carina Press Not-at-Nationals Pitch Session hosted right here on the Carina Press blog!

Have a manuscript you want considered by our fabulous editors? Now’s your chance! Post your pitch below in the comments section and check back to see if an editor has requested your material!

Editors participating in the pitch session:

Deborah Nemeth @DebNemeth
Alissa Davis @AlissaDenay
Melissa Johnson @MelissJohnson
Tina Burns @TinaBurns


Authors are invited to pitch their 200 word (maximum) query and first 100 words or first paragraph for submission. The contest will run from July 23 – July 27 – pitches submitted after this date will not be considered. Please check back on the blog! You must submit your pitch with a valid email address. Authors whose pitches are chosen will be contacted via email. Editors will request materials from authors by July 28. Send your submission no later than July 31, 2014 midnight Eastern. The link you receive will expire after that, and you will be unable to submit via this route. Good luck to all!


1) A complete, ready-to-send, manuscript that falls within the commercial fiction genres that we publish. (Please view our submissions guidelines here)

2) You must be prepared to send your manuscript within 3 days of the Carina Press Not-at-Nationals Pitch Session.

3) The manuscript cannot be one that has previously received a pass letter from us.

4) The manuscript cannot be one that is currently under review with another Harlequin imprint

5) You may pitch more than one project.


1) Post your pitch as a comment on the “Carina Press Not-at-Nationals Pitch Session” blog post which is where the editors will be monitoring the pitches. this blog post will go live on July 23, 2014 9am Eastern.

2) Please do not post pitches for one book in the same blog comment. Enter a separate comment for a new book pitch

3) Please do not post your pitch for the same book more than once

4) Watch for a reply from a Carina Press editor.

5) If an editor lets you know that they’d like to see your submission and your manuscript is NOT currently on submission with us:

a) The editor will contact you via your email address which is required to comment on the blog post. Please be sure to use a valid email address for this purpose
b) Please follow the submission guidelines here and include all required information via the received Submittable link.

If more than one editor asks for your submission, you may choose which editor to send to, though you may also wish to indicate the second editor who had interest, in case the first editor chooses not to read it.

d) Send your submission no later than July 31, 2014 midnight Eastern. The link you receive will expire after that, and you will be unable to submit via this route.


  • You don’t need to direct your pitch to a specific editor. The editors participating will be monitoring the blog comments throughout the day. However, if you want to bring it to the attention of an editor you think it’s particularly suited for, you are welcome to do so. At the bottom of this post is a list of participating Carina Press editors.
  • Please don’t post your pitch more than once on the blog. This includes not changing your pitch five times and posting it five different ways, please. This allows all authors equal opportunity to be seen. Thank you!
  • An updated list of what different editors are looking for is available here. You can see editor bios here.
  • Information about what we publish, our submissions guidelines and specific FAQs can be found here.
  •  Feedback is welcome! Please email us at if ever you have specific, constructive feedback you’d like to share.


Even if your pitch isn’t selected by an editor, that doesn’t mean your project isn’t right for us. In the end, it’s the words you write in the story that will get us to acquire the book, not the words you wrote for the pitch, so if you’ve written something we publish, please still submit it to us. Your chances of having the manuscript acquired are just as good as those whose pitches we single out.

*Permission to forward this post, use it on blogs and author forums is permitted.*

Submit your pitch in the format below. Please be sure that your query and first 100 words/first paragraph adhere to the word counts below.




Manuscript Word Count:

200 maximum word query:

First 100 words or first paragraph of your story:

95 thoughts on “Carina Press Not-at-Nationals Pitch Session”

  1. S. Usher Evans says:

    Name: S. Usher Evans
    Title: Double Life
    Genre: Sci-Fi (Adult/New Adult)
    Manuscript Word Count: 78,000

    Piracy is a game. 

    Pirate syndicates court the highest-priced pirates as their members, and employ bounty hunters like Razia to capture pirates in rival organizations. At least, they would be if Razia’s boss ever gave her a chance. It’s a man’s world, and all she’s allowed to hunt are purse snatchers.

    To make money, she’s stuck in her other life as Dr. Lyssa Peate selling undiscovered planets. She’s haunted by the ghost of her father, who disappeared while studying a phenomenon known only in religious scriptures – Leveman’s Vortex, the home to the soul-judging Great Creator.

    Lyssa’s been using her father’s work as a cover story while she struggles to make it as Razia, but now she’s been assigned an intern – her younger brother Vel. He’s sycophantic, eager to please, and definitely spying on her. But in a chance run-in with the Universal Police, Lyssa’s intern is mistaken for Razia’s hostage, and suddenly, she is one of the most wanted pirates in the universe. 

    Free to hunt the top pirates, she ditches the intern and her old life. That is, until Vel reappears and demands to stay – or else he’ll tell everyone about her double life.

    First 100 words:
    She let out a quiet, bored sigh.

    They had been here for hours – or what felt like hours. Time seemed to stand still in the center of Leveman’s Vortex. It was hard to describe this place, even though she had been here more times than she could remember. There was nothing but white mist for as far as her eyes could see. In fact, the only discernible landmark in this entire place was this oasis. Giant boulders jutted out from the mist, forming a small hill to a raised dais, atop which an old, weathered stone arch stood tall.

  2. Heather McCane says:

    Name: Heather McCane
    Genre: Historical Romance
    Word Count: 82,000


    Nicholas Bradford has a problem. He has six months to find a woman who will willingly marry him, or – according to his late grandfather’s will – Nicholas will forfeit his family’s fortune. Unfortunately for Nicholas, his life as a villain is about to catch up with him.

    Elizabeth Harrington is elated the night Nicholas Bradford proposes marriage to her. Regrettably, her best friend proposes to her the same night. He tries to persuade her with a kiss, and her father witnesses the unwanted embrace. He forces Elizabeth to marry her best friend.

    Undaunted by Elizabeth’s marriage, Nicholas kidnaps Elizabeth and sets off towards London. After all, he still needs his “willing bride”. But what Nicholas does not count on, is he himself falling victim to his alluring captive, or the possibility, that his “willing bride”, may in fact be in love with another man.

    From Boston during the Civil War, to the glittering ballrooms of London, two men will discover the enduring gift of true love, and what each will do to keep it, as the dividing lines between hero and villain become shades of grey on their quest to keep the one woman neither man can live without.

    First 100 Words:

    Nicholas Bradford was not a man given to certain vices. He was a prominent citizen of Boston’s upper society. A wealthy business man. A subscriber to the Boston Herald. He didn’t drink excessively, cheat or steal. . . until tonight.

  3. Siren Allen says:

    Name: Siren Allen
    Title: Yours, For Now – Book One of the Yours, Forever Series
    Genre: Erotic Romance
    Manuscript Word Count: 65k


    Things are heating up at Franklin General Hospital.

    Dr. Elizabeth Kemp never thought she’d ask friend and colleague, Dr. Preston Lancaster to be her submissive. What’s even more surprising is that he agrees – on one condition: she has to return the favor. Her two weeks as his Domme ends with a dramatic climax she wasn’t prepared for – she’s hopelessly in love and terrified he’ll break her heart.

    Preston has been in love with Elizabeth since the day they met. His two weeks with her are more than he ever imagined, but when the tables are turned, she refuses to make good on her promise to reciprocate. Preston isn’t giving up without a fight, but he’s not fighting for two weeks of dominance anymore. He’s fighting for forever.

    Can Preston convince Elizabeth that her heart is safe with him – or will two weeks be all he has?

    *First 100 words or first paragraph of your story:

    “Would you like to try BDSM with me?”
    Elizabeth winced as Preston choked on his coffee, spilling a few drops of the hot liquid onto the front of his scrubs. He leaned forward to keep the hot liquid seeping into his top from scorching his skin. Reaching over the table, she patted him on the back and immediately regretted putting her hands on him. Each cough caused his muscles to contract, and the thin fabric of his green scrub top didn’t prevent her from feeling his muscles flex. Elizabeth quickly removed her hand from him before she did something crazy.

  4. Alissa Davis says:

    I’d like to take a look at this, Siren Allen.

  5. Siren Allen says:

    :) Thanks! I’ll get it sent in. :)

  6. Loralie Hall says:

    Name: Loralie Hall
    Title: Breaching His Defenses
    Genre: Contemporary Romance
    Manuscript Word Count: 54,000

    Years ago, heartbreak corrupted Jared Tippins’ outlook on love. He spun the betrayal into a rapid climb up the corporate ladder, and swore off any relationship with a morning after. Luckily for him, the playful siren who rescues him from singing a duet alone in a karaoke bar doesn’t want anything long term. Sure, she could’ve mentioned she works for the competition. It’d be better if he could stop fantasizing about ways to make her moan. At least she’s not behind the security concerns which have plagued his company for almost six months. Then he’d be screwed on a whole new level.

    Mikki Elford is determined to have the fun she missed out on when she fast-tracked her way through college. But school had its upside, too. She’s qualified to legally hack corporate networks. Best job ever. She also gained an appreciation for the legends in computing: Gates, Jobs, and Tippins. When she meets Jared Tippins and realizes he’s sexy and fluent in programming languages older than she is, no consequence will dissuade her from an impromptu fling. Fortunately, he doesn’t mind that she compromised his network six months ago to land her job. Oh, crap, no one told him.

    First 100 words:
    Jared’s fingers twitched across the slew of jumbled shot glasses on the shelf in front of him. He shouldn’t be browsing a hotel gift shop for souvenirs; he should be on the same conference call as his best friend and business associate. Helping to wrap up the biggest sale they’d had in their sights in months.

    He forced his attention away from the disarray and to the neatly stacked playing cards one row over. Cute cards, decks directly from the floor at Cesar’s Palace. He raised an eyebrow at the barely-clad woman on the pack—too obvious.

  7. Alissa Davis says:

    Loralie, I’d be happy to look at this. Computer geeks are fantastic.

  8. Annie C. Clark says:

    Name: Annie C. Clark
    Title: Decisions, Decisions
    Genre: NA Contemporary
    Manuscript Word Count: 60,000

    22-year-old Alice is ahead of the post college graduate game. She landed a job with benefits, her own apartment, a grump of a cat named Moonbeam, and can make payments on time to her demonic overlord, Sallie Mae.

    Content spending weekends in her pajamas and binge watching Netflix, Alice’s lust sensor overloads when she meets her new coworker Takumi. Alice flails trying to use her lack-of-seduction techniques to win him. Luckily for her, Takumi takes matters into his own hands.

    However, snagging her dream sex god isn’t going as planned. Alice wanted a steamy romance but Takumi wants happily ever after, convinced of their future together. Alice believes she’s too young for shared rent, marriage, and babies, and when the higher ups at work get an “anonymous” tip about her relationship with Takumi, Alice’s career is in danger.

    Alice never wanted to give up her career for love, but she’s thinking Takumi may be The One. Up for a coveted promotion at work, accepting the job means she’ll be Takumi’s supervisor. If it’s discovered they’re still dating, they’re both headed for the unemployment line and Alice may end up on her parent’s couch with a mountain of past due bills.

    First 100 words:
    Alice was screwed.

    And not in the literal sense she hoped for. Wearing a plain monochrome dress and jacket, no makeup on, and with her hair in the same ponytail she sported for three days, she stuck with her usual lax professional style for today’s interviews. Alice realized her terrible mistake the second she saw him.

    SweetGodinheavenhavemercyonmysoul, she thought.

    He was gorgeous. Not just “Hi I’m the new boy next door” gorgeous but the kind of gorgeous you’d slap your mama over. The kind of gorgeous you’d stab your best friend of twenty years in the back, set her house on fire, and drive off into the sunset with her husband gorgeous.

  9. Robyn Arrington says:

    Name: Robyn Arrington
    Title: Survivor’s Guilt
    Genre: NA Science Fantasy
    Manuscript Word Count: 121,000

    A horrific virus killed Xander Tyndall’s family and cost his country the Tarrok War. Xander is left a helpless survivor until his sister (friend of dragons, a notorious war criminal and Xander’s sole remaining relative) gives him a mission: spy on the people who created the virus that killed his family and then execute them.

    Selected to attend an elite university run by the very people who unleashed the pandemic virus, Xander initially thinks his task straightforward. He mistakenly believes his biggest challenge will be to conquer his emotions and hide his true motives. But when his fellow students and he begin to exhibit peculiar new talents, Xander fears that he is dealing with duplicity far beyond anything he could have imagined.

    Xander’s mission is further endangered when he falls for one of his targets, Dr. Elyse Fairchild. As the two uncover a dangerous alien connection between the deadly virus and their new skills, Xander seeks to reconcile his duty and his conscience. Torn between completing his mission and forgiving Dr. Fairchild, Xander learns that not every choice in life is clear.

    First 100 words:
    The cockroach scuttled toward me, teasing me with its juicy, plump body. It was just out of reach, maybe less than a foot away. I’d already scared it off twice this morning by trying to catch it too soon and was determined not to make that mistake again. Despite the chilly damp atmosphere, sweat beaded on my forehead and rolled down between my shoulder blades. Just a few steps closer, I willed the filthy insect. And then, like it was reading my mind, the cockroach darted forward to just within my reach. I jerked my right foot down and heard a satisfying crunch. I didn’t step on it too hard though; I didn’t want the whole meal crushed.

  10. Loralie Hall says:

    Thank you, Alissa (I love computer geeks) :D Sending soon!

  11. Ann Stewart says:

    Name: Ann Stewart w/a Reagan Phillips

    Title: His Law to Obey

    Genre: Steamy Romantic Suspense

    Word Count: 42k

    When Nashville homicide detective Mitch Kilpatrick defies department orders to investigate a string of small town murders, his singular goal is to catch a serial killer. That is until his investigation leads to Lacy Andrews, an uninhibited and sexy-as-sin bartender who happens to be the police chief’s only daughter.

    Confident and alluring, Lacy is everything Mitch believes he doesn’t deserve, but that won’t stop him from getting her in his bed, especially when he learns she’s sworn off cops for good. He enjoys the challenge her good-girl-gone-wild persona presents until her secretive past connects with his current case and she becomes an unwilling pawn in his investigation. Confronted with repeating his past mistakes, will Mitch push Lacy away to keep her secret hidden, or expose her painful past to solve the most important case of his career?

    His Law to Obey was the FCRW 2013 Beacon award winner for Erotic Romance.

    First 100 Words:
    If he wanted to murder a girl, Charlie’s Bar would be his first stop.
    Tucked into a table in a back corner of the roadside dive bar, Detective Mitch Kirkpatrick sank lower in his chair and swung a near empty bottle of lager to his lips.

    The late summer heat wave packed the place with women in short skirts, skimpy tops, and cowboy boots. A slow country song crooned from speakers that flanked the wide, empty dance floor. In darkened corners, bodies intertwined and bare skin flashed.

    If he wanted to catch a killer he had to find where the killers hunted.

    Thank you,

  12. Louisa Klein says:


    Title: Supernatural Freak

    Genre: urban fantasy

    Manuscript Word Count: 75000

    200 maximum word query:

    When paranormal expert Robyn Wise is offered an outrageous sum of money to cure a boy who is turning into a dead tree, she’s very sceptical. A politician ready to pay that much to make his son stop growing branches instead of hair? Come on! She’s more likely to be abducted by aliens. This is a trap. Or much worse. And, of course, it’s much worse.

    The child is turning into a dark portal, created by a powerful entity determined to absorb Fairyland’s power. This means that not only queen Titania and her court are in danger, but the very balance of the magic fluxes.

    She’d rather stick a pencil in her own eye, but to learn how to destroy the portal, she has to sneak into the Wizardry Council, a place full of wizards who are hiding something—though it’s certainly not their dislike of Robyn.

    There, she discovers a secret that could help to overthrow Fairyland’s enemies for good, a secret that puts her in the midst of an ancient and deadly war, and not as a bystander, but as the main target.

    First 100 words or first paragraph of your story:

    Faced with being alone in the middle of nowhere at night, the true Londoner doesn’t lose her head but takes a deep breath, smoothes her jacket, and goes in search of a bobby or a black cab. Only foreigners freak out in such circumstances. Londoners, on the other hand, being the most British of all British people, never ever freak out. Still, when you are a paranormal expert who’s in a deserted area of the Docks and are supposed to heal a werewolf with the aid of a shaman who hasn’t shown up, I’m afraid the only reasonable
    reaction is to…
    “Run!” Mr Wilson growls, getting worryingly hirsute. He has a point. A skinny girl in her twenties is no match for a werewolf.

  13. Linda O'Connor says:

    Name: Linda O’Connor
    Title: She’s Not a Fan
    Genre: Contemporary Romance (Sports)
    MS Word Count: 47,380

    Dear Ms. Davis,

    I love this ‘I’m bummed I can’t go to Nationals’ consolation!

    I’ve written a Contemporary Romance novel about hockey, and I’d appreciate your consideration for publication. ‘She’s Not a Fan’ is completed at 47,380 words.

    Sarah Jain is a family doctor in a mid-size hockey-crazy town. She hates hockey. She hasn’t gone anywhere near a rink in years, until her friend, the team doctor, calls in a favour. Mike Wallace is the starting goalie for the local professional hockey team. He’s not about to let an injury slow him down or a rookie doctor call the shots. They don’t respect each other’s jobs, but when they have to work together, sparks fly and ice melts. They find a way to play a game they both can win, but love on the ice doesn’t always go smoothly!

    This is my first novel. I’ve also finished a draft about the team doctor. I’m a member of the RWA. Being a physician gives me unique insight into the lives of doctors (and people!). I’m Canadian. I love hockey.

    Thank you very much for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

    Linda O’Connor

    1st Paragraph:
    Dr. Sarah Jain sat at her desk scrolling through the latest version of UpToDate. A patient had walked barefoot through a mud puddle in Honduras and returned home to Canada with an itchy foot. It was definitely a parasite. She saw it under the skin. The question was, which one? Hookworm, Tungiasis, Schistosomiasis, so many to choose from. That was the fun thing about Family Medicine. So much variety.

  14. CAS says:

    Name: C A Speakman
    Title: How NOT To Be A Tabloid Cover Story
    Genre: Contemporary
    Word Count: 50,000

    Food truck owner and dog model mom Taylor Monroe learns that true love is disruptive, unpredictable, and can reduce a carefully ordered life to complete chaos after runaway turned superstar Adam Grant strolls into her life.

    Taylor’s life is exactly the way she likes it – normal, quiet, predictably routine. A chance encounter at a photo shoot and a moment of mistaken identity tosses all of that out the window once she appears on the cover of the tabloids throwing a punch at devilishly handsome Hollywood playboy Adam Grant. Though she would like to reduce her fifteen minutes of fame to two, Adam isn’t content to let her slip back into her normal life, but delights in the press’ obsession with her. Her peaceful routine spinning out of control, Taylor’s mind is certain his continuing attentiveness can’t be real, but just an act for the cameras. Her body, on the other hand, doesn’t care what her mind thinks once he touches her. In spite of complications caused by paparazzi, an ex-girlfriend, loving family, crazy friends and a mischievous puppy, Adam and Taylor find out that love will come when you let down your guard and open your heart.

    First 100 Words:

    1. Never kiss a stranger – no matter how hot and sexy he is – even if he starts it
    2. If you do, make sure there isn’t anyone within telephoto lens range.
    3. Always make sure that the man kissing you is not either rich or famous, and if he is both, run for the nearest exit.
    4. Always make sure that his ex-girlfriend knows that she is an ‘ex’.
    5. Do not appear anywhere in public with him if you break Rule #3.

  15. Melissa Johnson says:

    Annie C., I’m interested in your manuscript Decisions, Decisions.

  16. Alissa Davis says:

    Linda O’Connor, I’d be happy to take a look.

  17. Melissa Johnson says:

    CAS, I’d like to look at your manuscript How NOT To Be A Tabloid Cover Story.

  18. Linda O'Connor says:

    Thanks very much! I’ll send it.

  19. CAS says:

    Yay! Thank you!

  20. Amy Giuffrida says:

    Amy Giuffrida
    The Bleeding Heart
    NA Dark Contemporary

    200 maximum word query:

    As an apprentice at her uncle’s tattoo shop, seventeen-year-old Brooklyn practices the art of dispensing pain onto others by tattooing and piercing human skin. Practice makes perfect, especially since the man she really wants to torture rots in jail for murder.

    Brooklyn is a talented artist and it’s this part of her—the normal part—that tears at her soul in a good vs. evil battle of wills. Her obsession with tattoos and blood, quickly turns to desire for Daniel, the guy she dreams about getting on her tattoo table. Daniel has a different idea as to what they should be doing with their bodies, which may be the only thing that can save her. Unfortunately, when she turns eighteen and is finally legal to become a full-time member of the shop, Brooklyn spirals out of control and her sanity begins to slip. In the end she will have to choose between exacting vengeance, staying alive, and loving Daniel. 

    First 100 Words:

    I’m a monster—a dangerous one. Not the kind that will break into your house to steal prized possessions or shoot you dead on the street, but dangerous nonetheless. I try to ignore the pointed looks as I walk to the store. I know how they see me and what they think.

    It’s the same every time.
    My fair skin, beautiful long wavy brown hair and large green eyes make me look innocent enough, that is until you catch a glimpse of my neck. This is where I’m different. I have a large pink scar that runs across my throat.

  21. A.M. Bledsoe says:

    Name: A.M. Bledsoe
    Title: Floods
    Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense
    Word Count: 66,400

    A timid nurse named Raine and a cocky attorney named Kade are both running from their pasts which, unbeknownst to them, are intertwined. They end up neighbors in the same tiny, incidental town in Oklahoma. He’s determined to break down her paranoid walls, and she’s determined to remain distant.

    After they inevitably fall in love, Raine shares her painful past, and Kade realizes he unknowingly betrayed her before he even knew her. She was stabbed, and he may as well have twisted the knife. Their twisted past drives them apart, but their destiny draws them back together.

    Once Kade and Raine are ready to begin their happily ever after, an unstoppable twister plows through their town and threatens to separate them forever. After surviving the storm, another twist brings the danger of Raine’s past right to her doorstep.

    First 100 Words:
    Raine Taylor carefully shut the door of her small uptown apartment and quickly locked the bolt. She turned around and tightened the knit scarf hanging around her neck. Habitually glancing to her right and then to her left, the young nurse darted to her nearby car. The breeze was warm, and the evening sun splashed a multitude of colors across the sky. Raine kept her head down and her face hidden though, fearing danger everywhere she turned. Escaping the beauty of the moment, she solemnly slipped into her car, and finally took a deep breath.

  22. Melissa Bailey Volker says:

    Melissa Bailey Volker
    Romantic Suspense
    89 000 words
    Smart and sassy renewable energy consultant, Kate Callaghan, is good at her job. She gets environmental protests out of the way for wind farm developers. But, when she breezes into St Francis Bay, her ordered world starts to unravel.
    Amid opposition from anti-wind farm preservationists and stalking from the farmer who will host the development on his land, Kate meets the gorgeous surfer and veterinarian, Matthew Sykes. He is rebuilding his life after the death of his wife and raising a little girl. Kate can handle a tough day at work, but struggles to cope when Matthew’s rough charm touches her heart. She harbours guilt and anxiety from an ocean tragedy years before and fears his response to her past. But, as she realizes she is falling for him, she discovers Matthew has a secret.
    He is locked into the environmental opposition by his late wife’s will. Kate is torn between the security of her career and her attraction to Matthew. Then she is caught in a greedy conspiracy around the wind farm development, and she finds herself fighting for her life. She must face her fear of the sea if she wants to survive. Can she trust Matthew to come to her aid?
    First 100
    Kate knew what Peter would say even before she dialed.
    She looked out the window at the Indian Ocean. It was like a looking glass, cloaked in a thin mist, with a hush of expectation hanging over it. She ran her finger down the window pane, leaving a trail in the sticky salted film.
    ‘Prepare the way, Kate.’ That’s what he always said.
    ‘ Smooth the ruffled feathers, placate the tree huggers, wine and dine them, do what you have to but make sure they sign on the dotted line.’
    He was her boss so she allowed him a little bit of bossiness. But just a little bit. She wiped her finger on her jeans as he took her call.

  23. Rissa Watkins says:

    Name: Rissa Watkins


    Genre: Humorous, Adult Urban Fantasy

    Manuscript Word Count:87,000


    Sara is being stalked by Death. Not in a metaphorical, we are all going to die someday way. More like the literal, move out of your house and get a restraining order kind of way.

    It’s not like she chose to be one of the few mortals who can see Death, which he finds fascinating. When she survives Death’s repeated attempts to kill her, he becomes obsessed with her so much that his daytime gig as the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse starts to suffer.

    The Heavenly seals from the Book of Revelations have been broken. The riders of the Apocalypse have arrived. So have werewolves, zombies and a vengeful archangel who wants to purge the world of humanity. Naturally, all this happens just when Sara’s wasteland love life seems to be showing signs of a turnaround. For the first time in her life she has a chance for happiness. But, before she can build a new life, she must survive Death’s infatuation with her and stop him from unleashing the End of Days, biblical style.

    First 100 words:

    Some people think the world will end in a zombie apocalypse. They’ll swear their friend’s sister’s boyfriend was eaten by a zombie. Suckers. While we’re at it, don’t tell me the world’s going to end because of vampires or werewolves either. Yes, I know what Fox News says, but come on; when have they ever been considered a legitimate news source?

  24. JoAnne Kenrick says:

    Name: JoAnne Kenrick

    Title: Whatever Lola Wants

    Genre: Contemporary Romance

    Manuscript Word Count: 35K

    When the spotlight fades, the tease begins.

    Louisa “Lola” Lone flees The Royal Ballet, and ends her days as arm-candy to a cheating choreographer. Back on London’s West End, she will recreate herself and find the happiness success never brought her. But the blond surfer who still holds her heart hasn’t been in touch, and may resent her leaving him cold for fame and fortune.

    Dennis Bay sucks at relationships. Why? Because he can’t get over Lola. A decade later, she’s back and needs his support. He’d love to pretend she’s just his baby sister’s friend, to surf out his emotions on the biggest waves and forget about her. But he can’t deny the sexy dancer has him in a frenzy of love and lust.

    Spinning into the dazzling world of burlesque , Louisa gets her raunchy on and learns the art of strip tease in hopes of finding peace within, and a clear path back to Dennis and the future. But her jealous ex lingers with promises of fame, and threatens their second chance at an ever after.

    First paragraph:
    The train from Heathrow crawled to a halt and the exit doors opened.
    Louisa Lone rose from her seat, sucked in a breath, and pulled her wheeled suitcase onto the Marble Arch platform. The station hadn’t changed since she’d jumped aboard the fast ride to center stage ten years earlier; steel blue railings, stark white tiles, and chatter echoing through the underground tunnels.

  25. Rissa Watkins says:

    Name: Rissa Watkins


    Genre: NA – Urban Fantasy

    Manuscript Word Count:85,500 words

    200 maximum word query:

    Karie is pretending to be just another spoiled, party-obsessed coed, and not the only survivor of a suicide cult to hide from the Paparazzi who relentlessly stalk her. Her plan works, until trouble knocks her off her Manolos when she is attacked while leaving a frat party. Rafael, a demon hunting classmate with a crush on her, saves her. Karie likes Rafael, which after being sold out by her last boyfriend to the press, scares her more than the knife-wielding freak who tried to assault her.

    When a skanky witch steals Karie’s body for herself, Karie enlists Rafael’s help to recover her body before the witch does something– or worse someone — bad with it. They soon learn the witch isn’t her only enemy. The witch’s master, who orchestrated the cult suicide that killed Karie’s mom, needs Karie to save him from eternal damnation. He will do anything, even set all the demons of Hell loose on the world to get her.

    Armed with only a killer taste in shoes and the help of her friends, Karie sets out to find the witch, reclaim her body, save the world and maybe, just maybe capture Rafael’s heart in the process.

    First 100 words:

    Karie had faced down death twice in her life already, so a frat house full of wasted college students should have been no sweat for her. But sweat she did because the frat boys, in their infinite wisdom, had cranked the heat up to aid in the removal of clothing.

    Someone passed a tray of Jello-O shots in front of her. Karie shuddered at the colorful offerings. No way would she blindly drink anything anyone handed her ever again.

    Sure, she had trust issues, but if you couldn’t trust your own mother not to poison you, who could you trust?

  26. Tracy Blalock says:

    Name: Tracy Blalock
    Title: Agreeing to His Terms
    Genre: Contemporary Romance
    Manuscript Word Count: 52,000


    Executive Assistant Kari Jordan has a crush on her handsome boss, Adam Richardson, but she’s determined not to let it interfere with her job. Her resolve is put to the test, however, when he proposes a business marriage for the company’s benefit. Though she hesitates to blur the line between her professional and personal lives, he leaves her no choice but to agree to his terms.

    Facing an ultimatum from the company’s owner, Adam Richardson must marry or lose the CEO position he’s worked years to achieve and watch while the business falters under the inept leadership of his proposed replacement. He isn’t interested in happily-ever-after, but he will do whatever it takes to ensure the company and its employees don’t suffer needlessly.

    A temporary marriage-of-convenience to his personal assistant seems like the perfect solution. But it isn’t long before close quarters lead to an unexpected complication to their simple business deal. Can they successfully renegotiate the terms of their agreement when emotions void their original contract?

    First 100 words

    “Marry you?! That is not part of my job description!” Kari Jordan stared at her boss in shock, wondering if the pressure he’d been under recently had caused him to snap.

    It was the only explanation she could come up with for Adam Richardson’s sudden onset of insanity.

    The corners of his lips turned down in displeasure at her outburst. “It’s a simple business contract requiring your signature, like countless others.”

    Except she hadn’t acquired a husband as part of those. “But why me?”

    “Because we have a professional relationship, unencumbered by personal feelings.”

    Don’t bet on that, she silently warned.

  27. Deborah Nemeth says:

    Melissa Bailey Volker, I’d be interested in reading your romantic suspense manuscript. You may submit it to my attention.

  28. Ryan Hollins says:

    Name: Ryan Hollins
    Genre: Adult Fantasy
    Manuscript Word Count: 100,000

    200 maximum word query:

    The abyss that splits the sky has been there since Whik can remember, before the invasion and slaughter of his family by the Larks— dog-like beasts from the frozen lands.

    Whik and a band of survivors escape to the island of Sebolt, where Whik finds The Maker, a device capable of duplicating worlds. When he activates it, the sky splits further apart and Whik sees another dimension.

    Whik’s possession of The Maker attracts unwanted attention. Malachi, a murderer banished from Whik’s homeland, wants revenge on Whik’s people for the disappearance of his daughter, who is lost in another dimension thanks to experiments with The Maker.

    If Malachi can find the device, he may find clues to the whereabouts of his daughter. Now he has an army of Larks to aid him, and he’ll stop at nothing to create a dozen duplicate worlds with endless second chances.

    Yet for every world duplicated, another falls apart. To hold Malachi at bay and stop the sky from falling in one world, Whik will sacrifice everything in another.

    The novel is told from multiple points of view and recently won the Wattpad Prize, gathering over 500,000 reads on the site.

    First 100 words or first paragraph of your story:

    If Malachi’s plan worked, the scattered tribes of the north might stand behind his quest; if it didn’t, his heart would likely be pulled from his chest and hung as a charm above an infant’s crib.

    He paddled onwards, propelling the birch bark canoe through the northern ice pack. Frozen fragments cracked against the hull and bobbed about in the wake of his boat. His fingers were stiff as whalebones, ghost-white and tingling. The strap of the satchel draped across his midsection crunched with each thrust. I’ll come upon them, he told himself. With frost and frenzied fear.

  29. Brittany Illbeck says:

    Name: Brittany Illbeck
    Title: Hostile Play
    Genre: Romance Psychological Thriller
    Manuscript Word Count: 60,000

    200 maximum word query:

    Rayden Cirilli doesn’t know how to stand up for herself. She’s a second guesser and a nervous wreck about almost everything. And then there is her best friend, Anica, who shines like the brightest star. She’s athletic, fierce, and beyond hot-headed.

    After running away from the high stressors of graduating college and entering the real world, Rayden and Anica arrive in Knox Harbor, a western coastal mountain town.

    Landon Willis, a mountain ranger and the go-to guy in Knox Harbor, unexpectedly finds Rayden, but not Anica, living in the forest. Determined to get Rayden medical attention, he escorts her out of the forest and into the safety of his cabin. The chemistry between them is undeniable as Landon lets her into his life – and into his bed.

    Trouble in town stirs up as businesses are being broken into and people are being mugged and beaten at night. The town begins to blame Anica for the disturbances and robberies. Except she is still nowhere to be found and police cannot find any records of her. As if she never existed.

    As Landon becomes more suspicious of the two friends, he digs into Rayden’s past to discover something that not only puts the town at risk, but his own life.

    First 100 words or first paragraph of your story:

    “Who are you?”

    He was the first unfamiliar voice I had heard in over two weeks. I hesitantly looked up at the suspicious green-eyed man. I didn’t respond nor did I want to be found. I held myself tighter, entangled in the small growth of the forest floor. My eyes were damp. He needed to go away.

  30. Melissa Bailey Volker says:

    Will submit. Thank you. :)

  31. Tina Burns says:

    Ann Stewart, I’d love to look at His Law to Obey. You can send it to my attention. Thanks!

  32. Alyssa Cole says:

    Name: Alyssa Cole

    Title: A Beauty’s Curse

    Genre: Romantic Fantasy

    Manuscript Word Count: 82,000

    200 maximum word query:

    Olwyn is ready to die, knowing she is leaving little behind. The only one of her siblings to inherit any magic from their deceased fairy mother, she has been rejected by most of her family. To make matters worse, what little magic she does have seems to stem from an old Welsh legend, which has a dark side. With her closest companion being a cold fairy aunt Olwyn rejected long ago, there seems nothing left for her in this world. And so, she travels to the chateau of the Beast, who will spare her beloved father’s life if she sacrifices her own.

    To her surprise, the Beast is a sorrowful soul who, as vicious as he looks, proves to be as human as she is. Both parties learn to grow and accept each other–and themselves. But as if the emotional gap they need to bridge isn’t daunting enough, there seems to be another sort of monster lurking in the shadows of the chateau…

    A BEAUTY’S CURSE deals with families and lovers, duty versus desires, and the gray areas within the human heart. This book is the first in a projected trilogy, although the novel can stand on its own.

    First 100 words or first paragraph of your story:

    The six Wilde children–three sons and three daughters–perched themselves on the bed, listening with rapt attention. No fear punctured their hearts, though the candlelight’s flickering made the shadows shift and dance with devilish delight, and the wind threw pellets of rain vengefully against the windows. They were home, they were together, and in the mind of the youngest child, this meant they were perfectly safe.

    Besides, their father, whom the children called Tad, was telling a most peculiar story.

  33. Ann Stewart says:

    Thank you, Tina. His Law to Obey is on the way to your attention.

  34. Deborah Nemeth says:

    Alyssa Cole, I’ll take a look at your romantic fantasy A Beauty’s Curse. You can submit it to my attention.

  35. A M Chambers says:

    Name: A M Chambers

    Title: Listen to the Silence

    Genre: New Adult M/M

    Manuscript Word Count: 48000

    200 word maximum query:

    On the back of his secret high school lover’s betrayal, deaf culinary student Alex flips the bird at forever, and heads to Italy as part of a student exchange programme seeking nothing more than oblivion found in the here and now of fine food, men and his work placement at one of the Italian Riviera’s most refined restaurants. Until he is beaten and left with nothing but a phone number scrawled into his palm.
    When law graduate Marco is called in the aftermath of Alex’s attack, he is keen to play up to a purely platonic role in Alex’s life. Bound by guilt for his brother’s death in prison, and his parents’ expectations, when Marco stumbled into Alex’s bed the last thing he wanted was tomorrow. But with Alex’s imminent return to the States, Marco realises that his feelings for Alex are worth fighting and facing the consequences for.

    First 100 words of your story:

    I’d always anticipated Carter’s arrival. But instead of the usual fluttering fanfare, this felt more like the pounding of horses hooves as they fled an impending storm. I’ve taken the train from New York too many times over the past thirteen months that I’ve been studying at ICE for the journey to hold my interest. Leaving plenty of time for doubts to sprout and multiply like mold on an abandoned peach. Left to fester in my stomach along with that endangered flicker of hope that this wasn’t really the end.

  36. Alissa Davis says:

    A M Chambers, I’d like to take a look at Listen to the Silence. You may submit it to my attention.

  37. Tracy Poole says:

    Name: Tracy Poole
    Title: A Shot Worth Taking
    Genre: Romantic Suspense
    Manuscript Word Count: 80,000


    After stopping terrorists from detonating a dirty bomb, Special Ops soldier Tony Vincenti and FBI linguist Angela Hoffman intend for their next joint mission to involve under-the-covers work. Only someone wants to cash in on a contract on Angela’s life. With little evidence to support their suspicions of who is trying to kill her, will Angela violate her own ethics to expose the would-be assassin and get a shot at a future with Tony?

    “A Shot Worth Taking” is part of my series about the Bad Karma Special Ops team whose love lives are as dangerous as their missions. This title placed second in the Single Title category of their 2013 Daphne du Maurier contest, first in the 2013 Golden Rose Contest, and is a finalist in the 2014 Sheila in the Romantic Suspense category.

    Two Green Berets are my main “go-to” guys for technical information, providing information needed to accurately depict the setting, life, and action in my stories. One of the Green Berets presented on several workshops with me at last year’s RWA convention and is one of my military member beta reader making sure my missions are dead-on.

    First 100 words:

    Who would have thought a sandstorm would be good for something?
    The isolation it created by making the locals hunker down inside their mud-walled homes was a blessing to the team picking their way down the pothole-filled street. Sergeant First Class Tony Vincenti’s skin tingled like a thousand mini shocks of electricity danced on the surface of his body. His skin tingled from the swirling sand infiltrating his uniform to pierce his flesh. His skin tingled even more from the expectation of capturing Samir al-Shehri currently holding the number ten spot on their list of Most Wanted Scumbags.

  38. Deborah Nemeth says:

    Tracy Poole, I’m interested in reading your romantic suspense ms I Shot Worth Taking, so you may submit it to my attention.

  39. Sandra Masters McCart says:

    Name: Sandra Masters McCart
    Title: My Divinely Decadent Duke (First book in a three-book series)
    Genre: Regency
    Manuscript Word Count: 84,000
    200 Maximum word query:

    Serena Worthington, who fears intimacy, has no desire for another despicable husband and is determined never to be hurt by any man. When she meets Lord Geoffrey Austen, she is attracted to the known rake. Their banter flares propelling them into a relationship that sizzles with passion, treachery, betrayal and redemption. Serena is offered the position as Geoffrey’s mistress and refuses. When he leaves, she discovers the pain of a broken heart hurts far more than the blows from her husband’s belt ever did.

    No matter how golden the handcuffs, Geoffrey resolves never to marry. In London, in retrospection, he realizes she might be the one woman who cares for his tortured heart. Too late Geoffrey learns Serena is betrothed to another cruel man. The magic they shared shattered like Geoffrey’s heart. Through a secret messenger, he comes to know she is being held against her will and forced into a marriage arranged by her selfish brother. Geoffrey plans a daring rescue, lays his life on the line to save the woman who has always been his.

    Will Serena attend her wedding or Geoffrey’s funeral? Someone will die. Will chaos and circumstance allow it to play out?

    First 100 words of My Divinely Decadent Duke:

    If Lady Serena could be granted one wish, it would be to ride off into the morning mist—and vanish.

    She bent her head over her sketch and inhaled the scent of sweet honeysuckle. Here, in her favorite retreat she could let down her guard—and feel safe.

    Hoof beats disturbed her contemplation. A vision of syncopated grace, man and steed, which moved as one caught her attention. She blinked to see if the god-like man was real.

    Good day, My Lady,” the vision spoke, drew the horse to a halt and dismounted his stallion.

  40. Deborah Nemeth says:

    Sandra Masters McCart, I’d be interested in reading your Regency romance. You may submit to my attention.

  41. Melissa Johnson says:

    Amy Giuffrida, I’m interested in your manuscript The Bleeding Heart.

  42. Wendy Bennett says:

    Name: Wendy Bennett
    Title: Smoke Show
    Genre: NA Contemporary Sports Romance
    Word Count: 78,000


    Smoke Show is a 78,000 word New Adult Contemporary Sports Romance. This is the first book in the Detroit Pilots hockey team series.

    After losing a scholarship when she’s axed from her University’s soccer team, Auden Berezin is thrilled when she scores a job translating for Aleksandr Varenkov, a sexy Russian hockey player. Soon Auden realizes Aleksandr wants more than just her translating services, but his job means he’s always leaving and she isn’t interested in a guy who will abandon her, the way her parents did. The time they spend together in the close quarters of the Detroit Pilots locker room allows Aleksandr to chip away at her glacier of grief, and Auden has to decide if she can finally put her tragic past on ice to take a shot on a future with him. 

    I have been a member of RWA and my local RWA chapter, Carolina Romance Writers, for two years. I was born and raised in “Hockeytown” (Detroit, MI), and instead of counting sheep when I can’t sleep, I recite the Red Wings roster. Thank you for holding the “Carina Press Not-at-Nationals Pitch Session.”

    Thank you,
    Wendy Bennett

    First 100 Words:

    When you’re twenty-years-old, there’s nothing music and a drink can’t cure.
    That was my best friend’s response when I told her I’d been cut from Central State’s women’s soccer team this morning.
    Two chicks bellowing “It’s Raining Men” wafted through the air and I’d just received my vodka club from the bartender. So why did it still feel like someone scratched my heart out with a serrated shovel?
    Maybe “It’s Raining Men” wasn’t the right song?
    Or maybe her remedy lacked one vital piece. Like five minutes locked in the bathroom with the crazy-haired hottie approaching me.

  43. Melissa Johnson says:

    Brittany Illbeck, I’d like to look at Hostile Play.

  44. Melissa Johnson says:

    Wendy Bennett, I’m interested in reading Smoke Show.

  45. Sandra Masters McCart says:

    Name: Sandra Masters McCart
    Title: One Night With A Duke
    Genre: Historical 1816 England
    Manuscript Word Count: 140,000 words
    200 Maximum Word Query:

    London, England in 1816 is a time of historical significance as the industrial revolution galvanizes the masses.

    Lord Reginald Worthington, having lost his Duchess and heir in childbirth, bound by his code of honor, makes a deathbed promise which he has kept until he meets Lady Samantha Winston. He is attracted to her in spite of her irreverence which both fascinates and anguishes him.

    Widowed Lady Samantha harbors a dark secret. When he, in a chance meeting enters her carriage and one kiss may save his life, she responds in the name of safety-but the kiss is not safe at all.

    From London to the County of Hampshire, she and the Duke discover a love that cannot be denied. Their story is conflicted by suspicion, political intrigue, attempted assassination, passion, betrayal and redemption and the kidnapping of the Prince Regent. A group of devoted rescuers scheme to secure the release of the future King but at the cost of Samantha disobeying her husband’s command not to get involved.

    When the injured Duke discovers his pregnant wife has gone without him, he is incensed and informs her their marriage is over. Strong wills collide. Will true love save their future?

    100 Words of First Paragraph:

    An eerie sensation crept over Reginald Worthington as the gray mist enveloped his face. Perhaps his decision to walk to the ball should have been reconsidered.

    The opaque lamplight glowed and the Tenth Duke of Ravenswood pulled up the collar of his three-tiered cape to ward off the chill, his mind occupied with the present condition of the economic times.

    Glass shattering caught his attention where a group of drunken men argued across the street. He slowed his pace, kept himself obscured from view and paused alongside an entrance to a house. His breath quickened at the treacherous rants.

  46. Wendy Bennett says:

    Thank you, Melissa!

  47. Amy Giuffrida says:

    Thank you for your consideration, Melissa!

  48. Tracy Poole says:

    Thank you, Deb. I will send shortly and look forward to hearing back from you. Thanks for the opportunity and taking sting out of not being at RWA this year.

  49. Tiffany Sullivan says:

    Name: Tiffany Sullivan
    Title: King of Spice
    Genre: Contemporary Romance
    Manuscript Word Count: 51,000 words

    200 Maximum Word Query:

    Trini James fled India and her arranged marriage 10 years ago. She vowed never to return, until she is summoned back to assist with her ailing mother. She is forced to put her successful career as a DJ on pause so she can return.
    Now, she finds herself back in India and face to face with the man she left behind. Ravindar Alvares is a powerful man determined to win back the woman he was married to all those years ago. He offers to buy Trini’s family land, so she will have all she needs to care for her mother, but the agreement includes they enter into a new marriage.
    She refuses to be manipulated but he’s not all ego and power which puts her head and heart at odds as she longs for and despises Ravindar at the same time. But the biggest hurdle she must overcome is the secret she has kept all these years. She and Ravindar share a child.
    As Ravindar falls deeper in love with Trini each day, he only wants to prove himself to her, wanting nothing more than a family to call his own. Little does he know he already has one.

    FIRST 100 WORDS-

    Trini James pinched David’s naked butt as she walked into the lobby of her office.
    “Hi lover,” she whispered in her sexiest, husky voice. “Lookin’ good. What? You’re not talking to me?”

    David stood silent looking away off into the distance. “Rude, just like a man.” She flipped her dark hair, flashed a flirtatious smile as she looked over her shoulder and winked. She soon entered the frosted glass door of her manager’s office.
    “Oh, do you know how much I adore that stupid statue out front?” Trini asked. She smiled as she removed her fitted leather coat. “This dump brings a smile to my face some days. I tell ya; I love it!”
    She unwrapped the blue and fuchsia scarf around her neck and flopped down in a chair. Her boss didn’t look up. Was everyone a statue today? Why was no one talking to her?

  50. A M Chambers says:

    That’s great! Thank you Alissa!

  51. Jade Chandler says:

    Name: Jade Chandler
    Title: Made for Sin
    Genre: Erotic Romance
    Manuscript Word Count: 70,210

    200 Maximum Word Query:
    Sin Shameless remade herself down to her name. Owner of an exclusive sex club, she’s achieved the success she dreamed about. But success is a cold lover. She struggles to overcome the mistakes she made ten years ago. Then perhaps she can find happiness with her first love. As redemption is in sight, the darkest chapter of her past becomes her present. And this time he seeks her life.

    Zak Morrow has loved Sin for ten years, but she only wants sex from him. A rock star trapped in the sex-zone with the only woman he’s ever loved. The irony isn’t lost on him. As his band soars to fame, he longs for her love. Just when he captures her heart, her past puts their love and lives in jeopardy. The fight for her heart becomes one of survival and he is determined to win at any cost.

    This is the first of a Faction band series. The next book is almost complete.

    First 100 words

    “On your knees.” The voice boomed from behind her.
    She yelped and dropped. The hard smack of skin on wood floor competed with her raspy breaths that came quicker and quicker. She wished she could control the fear those words brought her, but she couldn’t.
    A thwack to her back startled her and a whimper escaped. Pain rolled down her spine.
    “Hands,” he commanded her.
    How could she be so stupid? She knew the penance position. She grasped the wooden bar in front of her and fixed her eyes on the picture of Christ on the cross, bloody and tormented.

  52. Alissa Davis says:

    I’d love to see that, Jade Chandler.

  53. Alexa Night says:


    Title: The Executive’s Secretary

    Genre: erotic romance

    Manuscript Word Count: 55k

    200 maximum word query: Piper Troy did not go to college for six years to get Bryce Thompson his coffee every morning. Unfortunately jobs are short and he pays his assistants very well. Thankfully for his last assistant had a nervous breakdown and quit. The only thing standing in her way to the top and her own mental breakdown is the infuriating Bryce.

    On the eve of his company’s biggest acquisition Piper inadvertently takes home all of the files. When Bryce realizes his documents are missing and the frustrating Miss Jones was the last one to have her incompetent hands on them he goes on the hunt.

    Piper never expected to see Bryce standing at her door. He never expected to see her in just a t-shirt and panties. In such a compromising situation there is only one thing for them to do, let out their sexual frustration on each other.

    As their craving for each other rises, Piper and Bryce must decide what they’re willing to sacrifice in order to win each other.

    First 100 words or first paragraph of your story:
    Executive Administrative Assistant to Bryce Thompson.
    That’s what my placard says.
    That’s my job title.
    I’m the glorified secretary to the country’s youngest, richest, and most gorgeous asshole.
    If I had known just what Bryce Thompson was like I never would have begged my professor to write that letter of recommendation for her brother. My heart stopped and my stomach heaved at the sound of his voice. He was gorgeous, mysterious, and utterly despicable. I don’t know how the other women in the office didn’t see it. I don’t know why they all swoon at the site of him. He made me want to vomit in the nearest waste basket.

  54. H. L. Wampler says:


    Title: Ever After: The Crimson Cloak

    Genre: Na Uf

    Manuscript Word Count: 64k

    200 maximum word query:

    Once upon a night in a land not so far away, twenty-one-year-old Elysse Grimm life changes forever when she learns she’s the last fairy tale guardian. Protector of another world that she doesn’t know exists, in stories that are very much alive. Stories she stopped believing in years ago.

    However, it all becomes terrifyingly real when she witnesses a woman in a red-hooded jacket being mauled to death by a giant wolf in the middle of downtown Pittsburgh. With no one by her side except the irresistible huntsman, Connor, confront the threat that’s lays before her: the evil Queen.

    Elysse has inherited all of her family’s unfinished fairy tale mess, including the evil queen who has killed every last Grimm. Every Grimm except for Elysse.
    She must abandon everything she thought was real and logical for make-believe and fantasy if she is to succeed. With Connor by her side, and a forbidden love budding, she must track down the wolf and save humanity before it’s too late for both of their worlds.

    First 100 words or first paragraph of your story:

    The woman emerged from the tree line watching the young girl in the only lit window in the old house. She stood silent, waiting. Her years of searching had finally come to an end.
    “What if she remembers?” the large wolf asked, sitting next to the woman. His tail swishing around his body.
    “She never will,” the woman replied, watching the girl through small lit window in the silent house across the yard.
    “You don’t know that. There is a cure for every curse. Even yours.” He stood and prowled the tree line.
    “Errow, stop. The girl has gone this long with no knowledge of the truth.”

  55. Heather Van Fleet says:

    Name:Heather Van Fleet
    Title:The Imperfect Try
    Genre:New Adult Contemporary
    Manuscript Word Count: 85,000

    200 maximum word query:

    She’s exactly what he secretly desires. He’s exactly what she doesn’t need.

    Twenty–one–year–old Addison Parker prefers to stay off the radar, living a reclusive life in her parent’s basement. Playing it safe is the only way to keep her tainted past at bay, yet when Collin comes into the picture, she can’t help questioning her choices for the first time in nine years.

    Heartbroken after a tragedy he’ll never accept, twenty–four–year–old rugby player Collin Montgomery is forced to move back to his hometown, four–year–old daughter in toe. Too stubborn to work for his father’s engineering firm, he takes a job as a security guard. The only problem? Finding someone to care for his kid while he’s off playing the mind–numbing role of rent–a–cop.

    Addie would be the perfect nanny for his daughter…if she wasn’t such an enigma. The last thing Collin wants is to deal with secrets and baggage, especially when he’s got enough of his own eating at him. But walking away from the one girl who kick–starts his heart proves impossible the more time he spends with her.

    When Addie’s brother unexpectedly turns up six months out of juvie, she can’t seem to get her head in the game. Along with his obvious drug problem, the guy brings drug lords and murder into the mix—definitely not how she envisioned her sophomore year at college. Collin doesn’t exactly help with matters either—not when he pins her against tables and doors with his tempting body. Yet it’s that very allure mixed with his super–sexy–daddy side that makes her under-worked libido go crazy.

    But will that charm really do her any good…if she’s dead?

    First 100 words:

    “Alouette, gentille, Alouette. Alouette, je te plumerai.”

    “Oh, shit. Not this one again.” McKenna, my best friend since the seventh grade whined as she laid her blonde head against my shoulder.

    “Uh, huh…” Distracted, I bit down on my lower lip, desperately trying to get a look at the new sexpot that stood in the middle of the circle.

    All fifteen rugby players shifted and thrusted their hips to the beat of their words, while he stood with the chosen brunette over his shoulders, and a giddy smile on his lips.

    “Does she have the scraggly hair?” Mr. Sexpot yelled.

  56. Deborah Nemeth says:

    Heather, I’d like to read your NA ms The Imperfect Try, so you may submit it to my attention.

  57. Jade Chandler says:

    Awesome. Thanks, Alissa Davis
    I look forward to the submission wmail.

  58. Paul Gibbon says:

    Name: Paul Gibbon

    Title: The Titan’s Sword

    Genre: Fantasy / Romance

    Manuscript Word Count: 76,000


    Nobody had ever accused Usha of being a hero, least of all herself. She was a sellsword, treasure hunter and thief who survived by her sword arm and her wits, at home in her world of savage adventure. It seemed like one more adventure, to find a lost temple and recover a magical sword.

    But having succeeded, Usha is surprised when, awakened by shed blood, the sword transforms into Aren, a handsome man who claims to be the king of a long-lost land, with his soul eternally bound into the weapon by the ancient Titanics. The same evil that destroyed his kingdom has returned centuries later, and he is determined to destroy it permanently.

    He and Usha turn out to be central to the plots of a dark cabal of sorcerers, as well as a mysterious & unnatural hunter, and they find themselves relying on each other—and growing closer. Their adventure carries them from a deadly city of thieves to the frozen wastes of a long-dead kingdom, and finally to an empire in flames where ancient debts will be settled and choices will be made that will shape both of their futures and imperil their lives and their love.

    First Paragraph:

    In the lands between the northern borders of the decadent but still glorious empire of Atharia and the dry and salt-sown territories of the nomadic Jafran peoples, there lay a certain spear of land that jutted into the forbidding and endless ocean like the last tooth left in an elder’s mouth. These thickly forested, semi-tropical lands were sequestered from the nations of man by treacherous mountains and an accursed reputation, Some swore that the lush forests housed horrible beasts, the Mocolle whose steps carved valleys, and the Penagga, the devil that would make clothing out of a man and then seek out those he had loved. Others said that this place was the last fragment of a continent now drowned, a last remnant of pre-human times. All the legends agreed that it was a place of secrets, ones that did not want to be discovered.

  59. Tiana Johnson says:

    Name: Tiana Johnson
    Title: One More Chance
    Genre: Contemporary Romance // Contemporary Crack
    Word Count: 35,100

    The last thing Jena Franklin needs is bad news, especially about the riskiest act of her life. Seducing Nikos Pappas was her cherished secret, one that no one knew, and now her secret seduction has been published online for everyone to see, including Nikos. Nikos left Tarpon Springs as fast as possible after graduation, but always kept tabs on Jena. Now in Chicago where Jena now lives, he wonders if that spark between them on that one special night was real or just a dare. There’s no time like the present to find out. What will happen when they get a second chance to act upon their desire…and possibly more?

    First 100 words:
    In the swanky Sky Lounge of O’Hare International Airport, Nikos Pappas drained the contents of the tumbler and set it on the bar. Ice clinked against the glass. He pointed at the bartender and then to the empty glass container.
    “Another, please.”
    His request was crisp, clipped, straight, and dry. Just like his mood. He could blame his mood on the weather. But he knew better than to tempt Mother Nature anymore. Put the blame where it truly belongs: on the woman who just left and the idiocy that made him propose to her.

  60. Kellie Renee says:

    Title: Making Music
    Genre: Romance – Contemporary
    Manuscript Word Count: 50,000

    200 maximum word query:

    When former teenage tearaway Petunia Hunter returns to Rabbits Leap determined to save her relationship with her family by saving their drought stricken dairy farm, her hopes of happily ever after are thrown into disarray by the arrival of her ex, rock god Dean Doolan.

    Women, fame, and adoration haven’t helped Dean get over the pain of being dumped by Petunia. With his next album due and his writing well running dry, he decides retribution will be his inspiration. His plan? To make her fall in love with him, then to break her heart, as she once did his.

    Three days. Two warring ex-lovers. One jealous cow. Can revenge turn to romance or will Rabbits Leap be rocked to its core?

    First 100 words:

    “Shake it, shake it, shake it hard” Petunia wiggled her hips back and forth while singing into the microphone. “Go on girl, make me proud. Shake your you know what! Whoooo!” she whooped, waggling her bum as she plunged her microphone, better known as the dish brush, back into the hot soapy water. Rabbits Leap may be a sleepy farming town, she mused, but at least it had her favourite music station KISS FM.

  61. Alissa Davis says:

    Kellie Renee, I’d like to take a look at Making Music.

  62. Charlotte Gardner says:

    Name: Charlotte Gardner
    Title: The Viking’s Promise
    Genre: Historical Romance
    Manuscript Word Count: 70,000

    Ten years have passed since Frea was snatched from Ireland and enslaved by Norsemen. On the death of her master, she is destined to be sacrificed and accompany him into Valhalla.

    Honour-bound, sea-warrior Esben Kare returns home to find his chief dead and a feisty thrall awaiting death. Determined to fulfil a promise he made long ago, Esben assigns himself as Frea’s bodyguard, vowing to protect her until the day of the funeral.

    The fiercely handsome warrior both terrifies and bewitches Frea, but he is the enemy and stands between her and freedom. Determined to survive, Frea escapes but Esben is only one step behind.

    Together, they come face to face with wild bears, outlaws and berserkers. But all too soon Frea’s past catches up with them. Suddenly, Esben realises Frea isn’t all she seems and the secrets she’s kept hidden for so long threaten to destroy his family, his community and their new found love.

    First 100 words:
    “It’s not neat enough.” Gerd flicked the spinning whorl in Frea’s hands, dismissing her work with a shake of her head. “Start again.”

    The tension in the room tightened.

    “Mistress.” Frea discarded the length of thread and picked up a new handful of wool from her basket. She cared nothing for spinning. She only had thoughts for Alf. Please let him be safe, she prayed.

    The healer poked her head around the door, a sheen of sweat glistening across her forehead. “A moment please, Gerd.”

    Frea glanced between the healer and Alf’s mother. Gerd paled, but straightened her shoulders and followed the healer back into Alf’s private room.

  63. Tana Essary says:

    Name: Tana Essary, writing as Tana Lovett
    Title: As Long As There Is Chocolate
    Genre: Contemporary romance with a paranormal twist.
    Manuscript Word Count: 95,000
    After an ugly divorce, Kate moves to her favorite little Colorado town, Castle Springs, to start a new life as a chocolatier. She lives above her shop in a charming historic building.
    Gio owns and lives over the deli across the street, and watching him does things to Kate’s body without her brain’s full consent. Because she believes he’s sleeping with half the women in town, Kate avoids him like the plague…mostly.
    She learns on the internet that Gio is more than just “Fabio, the sandwich boy”.
    Much of the town has stayed within his family for generations, including Kate’s building.
    At her 102nd birthday party, Gio’s great-grandmother convinces Kate that the “presence” of her friend, and Gio’s maternal grandmother, Juliana, lives above the chocolate shop. Kate finds a room in the attic virtually untouched since the time of Juliana’s death.
    Together Kate and Gio search for answers about his dead ancestors, and learn of a family treasure, long forgotten.
    In their quest, Kate learns to trust her heart, and her body, and that every day is a good one, as long as there is chocolate.
    First 100 words:
    “You are not going to fall. You are not going to fall. You are not going to fall.” Muttering this mantra to myself around the pencil in my teeth almost kept me steady. Almost. Funny, my little problem with elevation hadn’t seemed like an obstacle until now. I was capable of installing the vinyl artwork on the wall myself, and I had no intention of hiring it out. I clutched the ladder with my left hand, careful not to crush the paper roll under my arm. Wearing the masking tape roll like a bracelet on the arm clutching the tools I made it to the first step.
    “Good job, Kate. Well done.” Stalling, I blew upward, trying to rearrange the curls sticking to my damp forehead.
    A noise across the street caught my attention, as if I needed an excuse to look. It was a sickness, really. An obsession. I felt like I spent half my life staring out that window, and it had nothing to do with the cute deli guy. Nothing at all.
    “Put on your PJs, Princess, because if you believe that, you’re dreaming.”
    His laugh exploded.
    “He is the loudest man.”

  64. Kellie Renee says:

    Thank you so much for the opportunity Alissa!

  65. Kari Bovee says:

    Name: Kari Bovee
    Title: Dead Eye Dame
    Genre: Historical Mystery
    Manuscript Word Count: 109K


    Annie Oakley is the sole support of her widowed mother and two siblings. An expert markswoman, Annie hunts game to sell to the local mercantile to survive, instead of accepting a marriage proposal that could solve all her problems. After besting the famous sharp-shooter, Frank Butler, in a shooting contest, Annie is offered a position in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show. Finally, she has a chance to save the family farm from foreclosure and make her dreams come true.

    In her new life, Annie must contend with the trappings of fame, professional jealousy, rivalry with her new love, Frank Butler, and demons from her past. When her Indian assistant is found dead in Annie’s tent, the local coroner claims natural causes, but after a slanderous article about Annie is published and her prized horse, Buck, a major part of her act is stolen, Annie begins to fear she was the intended target.

    Annie must work hard to clear her tainted name, find the murderer and her beloved Buck, and in the end discovers the secret identity of a Confederate spy who nearly caused a completely different outcome of America’s Civil War.

    First 100 words:

    Annie stared out the stagecoach window and wondered if she would die — in a manner of speaking.

    She was not in any real danger, but her heart hammered so hard in her chest she worried she might keel over in apoplexy. No, that was a hemorrhage. She’d learned that when Mr. Tweeden’s wife Martha died of a “bleeding in the brain.” Either way, Annie knew, the minute she stepped out of the stagecoach in front of the famed Southern Hotel, she just might collapse.

    Her first public appearance as America’s newest darling, Annie Oakley, happened in less than an hour and her stomach knotted just thinking about it.

  66. Sarah Richmond says:

    Name: Sarah Richmond
    Title: Do Be Sensible, Miss Wynchcomb
    Word Count: 70K

    Query: Do Be Sensible, Miss Wynchcomb

    Constance Wynchcomb, companion to Lady Caddick-Boyle, is smitten when they meet Evan Galsworthy at a public house in a snowstorm. A romantic at heart, Constance is buoyed by Evan Galsworthy’s ardor.
    Evan courts her and she willingly accepts his offer of marriage. She’s chagrined when a suspicious Lady Caddick-Boyle hires an agent of inquiry to investigate Evan’s past.
    Evan is devastated when he learns his mother and father were never married. Knowing he’s not a suitable husband for Constance, he forsakes the wedding, leaving Constance waiting at the church.
    Evan’s mother died in childbirth but he’s determined to find his father.
    Constance resigns herself to caring for her ladyship until her resentment reaches a boil. She must have answers to why Evan abandoned her. She deserves no less.
    She finds him at the pub where they met. She has intelligence he does not: his mother is alive and lives in London.
    Evan’s unwilling to risk ruining Constance’s reputation by including her in his quest to find his mother. Constance insists. They begin their search, but will what they discover only strengthen Evan’s belief that he is the wrong person for her to love?

    First Paragraph:

    Constance Wynchcomb’s first ride in a motorcar, and here she was, encased with her employer, Lady Caddick-Boyle, in her ladyship’s new Daimler, both bounced around like oranges in a crate, on their way to Kent with the fearless Reynolds, driving through sheets of rain, the motor’s windscreen wipers swiping manically, and her ladyship’s maid, Dodge, sitting next to him, urging him to be careful.

  67. Sarah Richmond says:

    Genre: Historical Romance

  68. Olivia A Foust says:

    Name: Olivia A. Foust
    Title: Trials of Trinita; the Spider’s Lair
    Genre: New Adult Fantasy Fiction
    Manuscript word count: 80,000
    Ten days before Jaedyn’s Eighteenth birthday, Captain Aidal takes him into custody and shares a truth that shatters his simple life; He is the Milanq Halfling that is prophesied to kill the Sovereign of Trinita.
    Aidal wants the title of Sovereign for himself and plans to use Jaedyn to get it. When he refuses to help him obtain the throne, Jaedyn is tortured and raped by the Captain before a sympathetic soldier helps him escape and they head to the Capital City of Jaepysh to warn the Sovereign of the rising threat.
    Aidal knows of his plans and sends a Milanq Tracker after them, eager to keep them from their goal and get them back into his hands. However, the Tracker is intrigued by the Halfling man she is following and finds herself torn between her orders and her heart.
    When Jaedyn is forced to face and heal from the Captain’s abuse and come to terms with whom and what he is, will he still risk his life and freedom to warn the Sovereign, or will he choose a different path and watch Trinita burn itself to the ground?

    First 100 words:
    The Sovereign stopped in front of the gilded doors, taking a deep breath to calm himself. In the past 500 years of known history in Trinita there had only been fifteen men who’d won the Title of Sovereign and led their mighty homeland, and he was the youngest and most inexperienced of them all. He had read the books and learned the art of swordsmanship, all in preparation to become the ruler of his great country and he’d fought hard in battle and training as he worked for the coveted title; yet all that training and knowledge couldn’t settle his nerves as he stood in front of the great doors leading into a room that hadn’t been entered for nearly 60 years until this day.

  69. Susan Andrews says:

    Name: Suzy Havoc
    Genre: Contemporary Romance
    Word Count: 60,000


    New York hacker Brandon Martin catches villains on the Internet. He slips past security, uses charm to steal passwords and penetrates opponents’ systems in the name of justice. If he crosses the line from time to time, so what? He’ll never get caught. But, with their leader jailed, the independent and fractious team is disintegrating, and only Brandon can pull them together. His mentor, Casey, wants him to hire an events manager for their meeting. Brandon thinks the idea is silly.

    Las Vegas native Joanna Costello can read people and situations. She’s called the Event Whisperer by her peers. She is barely holding onto her business, however, because a hacker stole her identity and ruined her credit last year. Now, geeks just creep her out.

    The last thing she wants as a client is Lucky Numbers, a mysterious team of programmers who catch bad guys. But she has little choice when Brandon Martin visits her Las Vegas office and asks for her help. He is willing to pay a premium price, and Joanna needs the money.

    The computer genius and the people reader need to work together, pulling this team into a cohesive fighting force. How can they work together, when attraction sizzles and threatens to derail the project?

    First 100 Words:

    Joanna listened as the bank clerk yammered on, outlining this latest catastrophe. Her bank account was empty? Again? Hackers had torn her life apart once before. She should be safe, now.

    No. Just – no. Unable to listen further, she slammed the phone into its cradle, and missed. She slammed it again, and missed once more. Infuriated, she picked up the receiver and hurled it at the office wall. The coiled cord yanked it back, clipping her finger on its return trip.

    Suppressing a howl of pain, she jammed the injured nail into her mouth.

    The phone swung gently from its cord, mocking her.

    “Bad day?”

    The deep, delicious voice snapped her head around, and Joanna snatched her finger from her mouth like a naughty child.

  70. Heather Rebel says:

    Name: Heather Rebel
    Title: DARE YOU
    Genre: Contemporary New Adult
    Word Count: 76K


    Eden knew it wouldn’t last—and it didn’t. Now, two years later, after pretending he didn’t used to live next door to her, she finds herself sneaking over to steal her ex-boyfriend Zac’s guitar.

    When she trips and falls into his bed, she thinks she might die of embarrassment and awkward questions. He’s just a shot as she remembers, and for a moment, feels the chemistry spike between them…until an attractive blonde comes into his bedroom, wrapped in a towel.

    Zac never understood why things ended so quickly between them, but he knows leaving was the best choice. Living next to her again is harder than he expects, there’s no avoiding her. Her behavior is strange, though, almost compulsive. When he learns the truth, he’ll do whatever he can to make up for his part in that.

    Neither one can let go of the past, but they can’t deny the magnetism between them. Eden holds tight to their end while Zac wants to move forward and start again. For two years, Eden embraced the pain of Zac’s abandonment and doesn’t know how to, or if she wants to, let go of it. Zac knows Eden’s the only thing in his life that ever mattered and he’s not going to lose her again. If they have any chance of making it work, they will need to move beyond games of dare, and get to the truth.

    First 100 words:

    People wander around the outside of the two story frat house holding red plastic cups. I grab my water bottle and finish the last of the liter, still feeling thirsty. I crush the plastic in my hands, peel at the label.

    “Isn’t that his jeep, chica?” Alexa—Alex—my best friend, asks, pointing to a red jeep sitting off to the side of the frat house.

    “Probably.” I feel out of breath, anxious, nauseated. That’s a lot of people. A lot of people I don’t know. And if I want to see him—for the first time in two years—I have to push through the crowd and find the stage.

  71. Ali Pearcy says:

    Name: Ali Pearcy

    Title: Losing You

    Genre: Contemporary Romance

    Manuscript Word Count: 126,000

    200 maximum word query:

    Emma Scott enjoys the quiet life as a reception teacher in a school on the outskirts of London.

    At the opposite end of the spectrum, her identical twin sister is a spoilt Hollywood actress, living the high life in Los Angeles.

    Chalk and cheese in every aspect of their lives, from jobs, to looks, to their choice of men.
    Which makes it all the more unbelievable to Emma when Jennifer makes a very bizarre request of her – to get revenge on a lover who dared to walk away.

    Her instructions: seduce him, make him crave her, then leave him high and dry. The perfect revenge.

    The trouble is Alexander Carlisle is a player. He goes through women like most people go through hot dinners. Plain old Emma doesn’t have a hope in hell of seducing him – does she?

    The moment Alex meets Emma, he finds himself dealing with emotions he simply isn’t used to feeling. Having spent his life convincing himself he deserves to be alone, he now finds himself becoming obsessive over her safety. So when he learns that Emma’s life could be in danger, he finds that he will stop at nothing to protect her.

    First 100 words or first paragraph of your story:

    “Emma, are you seriously not listening to me? Did you hear what I said? I want you to have sex with him.”

    Emma Scott’s eyes widened and she stared in shock at her identical twin sister. “It’s not that I didn’t hear you,” she said, swallowing hard, utterly certain she must’ve misheard. “It’s just that… what the hell? You want me to sleep with your castoffs?”

    Jennifer’s blue eyes, so like her own, gleamed wickedly. “Oh come on, he needs to be taught a lesson, Em. I’d do it myself but I’ve got that casting thing tomorrow then I’m leaving. I simply haven’t got time to seek revenge.”

  72. Alissa Davis says:

    Heather Rebel, I’d like to look at Dare You.

  73. Heather Rebel says:

    Alissa, thank you for the opportunity.

  74. Hannah Brown says:

    Name: Hannah Brown
    Title: She
    Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance
    Manuscript Word Count: 110,000 (with a sequel of a similar length.)

    200 maximum word query:

    She is a full-length erotic romance novel. It depicts the in-depth experience of how Gemima and Logan, two American expats now living in Paris, fall in love. In a relationship that is void of the usual relationship dramas, She delivers a refreshing take on the romance/erotica genre. It’s very sexy, romantic, engaging, and explicit.

    Logan meets Gemima two years before the novel begins, and an ardent passion for her is awoken within him. Gemima was in a long-time relationship, so Logan watches from the sidelines, biding his time.
    The novel begins after Gemima’s long time boyfriend, Jerry, cheats on her. She leaves him and begins her life anew. That’s when she and Logan are reunited, and an immediate, intense and fervent love affair begins.

    This novel, and it’s sequel, takes place over one month of time. It is told from Gemima’s POV, and includes her quirky, humorous, and delightfully inappropriate internal monologues (the likes of which we all have).
    Each chapter is named after a song that is prevalent to the contents of that chapter. The last chapter in the series is called She, after the Charles Aznavour song.

    First 100 words or first paragraph of your story:

    What a prick, I think heatedly, replaying our last conversation over in my mind. It was less of a conversation and more of a confession: Jerry cheated on me. Asshole! And not just with anyone, oh no, of course not, but with the evil cow, who can only be described as my nemesis: Mimi Pims. Bitch!
    I, Gemima, had to leave the office party early due to some sort of food poisoning, while Jerry, who doesn’t even work there, said he’ll join me at home later. This seems odd to me, but too consumed in not throwing up in front of everyone I work with, including the nemesis, Mimi, I leave.

  75. Hannah Brown says:

    Name: Hannah Brown
    Title: The Archer and the Outlaw (or Nottingham)
    Genre: Historical romance/folklore
    Manuscript Word Count: 70, 000. First in a series of four.

    200 maximum word query:

    The Archer and the Outlaw (or Nottingham) is a historical romance, retelling the story of Robin Hood. The fresh and original adaptation gives an in-depth account of life in Nottinghamshire in medieval times. The first novel depicts Robin’s fall in social status, the rise to power of the soon-to-be-infamous Sheriff of Nottingham, and the political tightrope that Lady Marian must walk, climaxing in Robin being outlawed. Book two then depicts how he became THE Robin Hood, and so on.

    Robin returns from fighting in the Holy Land to his beloved home with one thing on his mind: to win back the heart of his ex-fiance, Lady Marian. Guilt-ridden and burdened by a terrible secret, he is desperate and determined to earn her forgiveness what for he did so many years ago…

    This novel, and its sequels, are told from both Robin’s and Marian’s POV, giving the reader a broader picture of life in the Shire at this time.
    In later books, Robin will narrate his life in the forest, causing mayhem with the Merry Men, whilst Marian remains in the political inner-circle within Nottingham Castle, gaining the Sheriff’s trust and secretly scheming his downfall.

    First 100 words or first paragraph of your story:

    I knew this place well as a child, but as I rode through the all-too-familiar forest I could not allow feelings of nostalgia and homecoming to perforate my mind; the emotions were too great. It was so overwhelming that I was back in Nottinghamshire, alive and well, for on more than a dozen occasions I did not think my return here possible, and yet…I’d returned. So, no, I could not succumb to my feelings, for they might’ve left me fetal, weeping like a child.
    Instead, I focussed on pushing my steed faster, intent on reaching the Town (the heart of the Shire) as quickly as possible.

  76. Hannah Brown says:

    Name: Hannah Brown
    Title: The Realm Traveller (previously published as The Portal Opener)
    Genre: Fantasy/Romance/New Adult
    Manuscript Word Count: 75,000. First in a trilogy. Books 1+2 previously published.

    200 maximum word query:

    Th Realm Traveller is a trilogy of fantasy and romance. It tells the story of a young, bold risk-taker, Freya, who embarks on the journey of a lifetime after discovering that she can open portals that transport her to other realms. In the Realm of the Dead she encounters Christian, a soul, who is her soul’s equal (a more potent version of a soul mate). Book one explores the immediacy, intensity and irrevocability of their blossoming romance.

    Freya is bored of her mundane, she longs for something more. Even her gorgeous best friend, Felix, can’t tempt her into settling down into an ordinary life. Freya wants an adventure OUT of this world, and so she opens a portal and enters a new realm, where she meets Christian. Believing herself to be unsuitable for a romantic relationship, Christian swiftly changes her mind.

    The books are told from Freya’s POV, with an occasional chapter told from Christian’s.
The Realm Traveller was first published in 2009 under the name The Portal Opener. Book 2 was published in 2012. While they sold well in my local area, I’m now seeking a wider audience.

    First 100 words or first paragraph of your story:

    I’ve always known there is more to me than just my physical body; something that ties me down to this earth; something beyond what human eyes can see.
    But you try telling that to the friends I go to high school with. No thanks, I’d rather not see their faces as they stare at me with their sceptical, ‘she’s-so-weird’ stares. But I think, no, I know, there is something more.
    Friends are an interesting topic when it comes to me, and I don’t say that because I have none, I just don’t particularly like the ones I do have. I guess, for the most part, I’m not a people person.

  77. Alison Pritchard says:

    NAME: Alison Pritchard
    TITLE: Wølff – Rise of the Valdyr
    GENRE: Paranormal Romance


    Ages past, Odin created shape-shifting wolves called Valdyr to guard the wolf-Giant Fenrir and prevent an apocalyptic war.

    ERIK KRON is the current Valdyr Alpha, sworn to fight Fenrir’s evil sons who for eons have attempted to free their father. But his Pack is besieged by a curse that has slowly ravaged it. After trapping the curse within himself, Erik vows to eradicate it before it kills him and re-infects everyone else – all while trying to unravel a cryptic prophecy from Odin about a wolf who may be able to avert the apocalypse.

    KRISTIN ANDERSEN is one of the “lost” Valdyr with a unique ability to mask her wolf scent. As a child, she was imprisoned by the Sons of Fenrir who murdered her family. Twelve years later, pretending to be human, she infiltrates Erik’s Pack, hoping to find and destroy her enemy.

    Sparks soon fly between Kristin and Erik, but when he discovers she’s Valdyr, he’s afraid he’ll taint her with the curse and rejects her. Humiliated in front of his Pack, she leaves in a manner that reveals her rare magical abilities, making Erik realize she’s the wolf from Odin’s prophecy, and he has to get her back.

    FIRST 100 WORDS:

    Leave it to Gina to kill her before she even got to the compound.

    Kristin sucked back air and grabbed the sides of her seat as the big, black SUV barreled toward them. Her foster-sister, long, red nails flashing on the wheel, swerved left, slamming her against the passenger door. Eyes squeezed shut, Kristin tossed the gods a quick prayer, and for the second time in her life, waited to die.

    When the car came to an abrupt halt without the death-blow she’d anticipated, she unclenched her teeth and took a deep breath. “I said ‘pull-over’, not ‘kill us now’.”

    Gina cut the Mini’s engine. “Technicalities.”

  78. Alison Pritchard says:

    NAME: Alison Pritchard
    TITLE: The Sons Of Gregor MacLeod – Highland Promise
    GENRE: Historical Romance (Medieval Scotland)


    DARACH MACKENZIE vowed never again to let a woman near his heart when his father and clansmen were betrayed and killed eight years ago by Darach’s betrothed and her brother, Laird Fraser. The MacKenzies and Frasers have been at each other’s throats ever since, and Darach has become a rock unto himself, leading his clan with a detachment born of order, reason, and strength.

    CAITLIN MACINNES vowed never again to let anyone or anything in need be abandoned – be it a misunderstood horse, motherless kittens, or a hardened Laird longing for connection. Imprisoned by her uncle when her parents were killed three years ago, she’s recently been rescued by Darach and has decided to stay with him – if she can just keep him from discovering her secret. She won’t be any trouble. No trouble at all.

    Weeks later, after she has won over Darach’s clan despite her shenanigans and wormed her way into Darach’s heart despite his resolve to keep her out, Caitlin’s uncle arrives with Darach’s enemy, Laird Fraser, who claims Caitlin is his wife.

    Now Darach must decide if he’ll return Caitlin to a life of degradation or defy his Church and King and be the hero she needs.

    FIRST 100 WORDS:

    The Highlands, Scotland, 1332

    Gregor MacLeod stared down the long, wooden table at the five Highland Lairds seated in front of him and resisted the urge to smash his fists through the wood.

    Blackhearts, everyone of them.

    It did not matter that some of them had been persuaded by lies, others by fear or greed.
    They had united against him and attempted to crush his clan, to steal his land.

    They had failed. Now he had the right to crush them.

    Drawing a vicious-looking dirk from within his linen sleeve, he then picked up an apple from the table and leaned back in his chair.

  79. Mari Christie says:

    Name: Mari Christie, writing as Mariana Gabrielle
    Attn: Kerri Buckley
    Title: Royal Regard
    Genre: Historical Romance (Regency)
    Word Count: 127,500

    After fifteen years roaming the globe, the Countess of Hamersby has returned to England with her husband, an elderly diplomat. She soon finds herself plagued by troubles: a new title, estate, and sizable fortune; marked attentions from the marriage mart; the reunion with her loving family; and a growing friendship with the fourth King George.

    Settling into her new life in London, this shy-but-not-timid, not-so-young lady faces society’s censure, the Earl’s decline, false friends with wicked agendas, and the singular sufferings of a world-wise wallflower. Guided by her well-meaning husband, subject to interference by a meddlesome monarch, she must choose the dastardly rogue who says he loves her, the charming French courtier with a silver tongue, or the quiet country life she has travelled the world to find.

    A professional writer, editor, and designer in the Denver area, I hold a BA in Writing from the University of Colorado Denver, summa cum laude and With Distinction. I have completed three mainstream historical fiction manuscripts, two Regency romances, and an epic poem, and maintain a stable, growing social media platform specific to writing. This manuscript runs approximately 127,500 words.

    First Paragraph(s):

    1789, Épinal, France

    “You are mine! Bought and paid! Tu comprends?”

    A buggy whip slashed through the air, landing across the slender shoulders of an unclad woman chained to a bedpost thicker than her waist, almost twice her height. Iron rings studded the heavy oak on all sides, two of which held her arms motionless but for flinching from body blows, recoiling from dislocations. The leather landed across dozens, perhaps hundreds, of timeworn stripes along her back, ripping her scarred flesh, bruised and torn, bent and broken.

  80. Mari Christie says:

    Name: Mari Christie, writing as Mariana Gabrielle
    Attn: Rhonda Helms
    Title: La Déesse Noire: The Black Goddess
    Genre: Historical Romance (Regency)
    Manuscript Word Count: 50,000

    Kali Matai, La Déesse Noire, London’s most famed Indian dancer and courtesan, keeps secrets as though her life depends on it. Her father is a British peer, her mother one of India’s legendary tawaifs: dancers, singers, poets, and paramours who, throughout history, enthralled the subcontinent’s most powerful kings and noblemen. Since childhood, she was destined for the beds of the most influential men in England.

    Once embarked on her career as a dancer and inamorata, Kali finds herself under the iron control of malicious and powerful men who will use her beauty toward their own ends, no matter the consequence. Even with the help of important men she has captivated, securing Kali’s freedom, her family, and the man she loves, will require her protectors stop at nothing to fulfill her desires.

    A professional writer, editor, and designer in the Denver area, I hold a BA in Writing from the University of Colorado Denver, summa cum laude and With Distinction. I have completed three mainstream historical fiction manuscripts, two Regency romances, and an epic poem, and maintain a stable, growing social media platform specific to writing. This manuscript runs approximately 50,000 words.

    First Paragraph

    Viakom, India – 1802

    The woman’s breath was heavy, voice course, rough, like the skin of a rhinoceros. Air blew hot as a lion’s breath, forcing steam from the wastes the girl had cleaned again and again from her mother’s skin. The sandalwood smell of the rock hills infused the room, washing clean the scent of the next life, softening the sharp sounds of women gossiping in the rice fields, opening her mind to the cloudless sky. Over the chirrups and tittering of children running on the riverbank, the sound of one lonely girl chanting and keening slipped under the door.

  81. Meg McKenzie says:

    Name: Meg McKenzie
    Title: Voice of the Year
    Genre: New Adult/Multicultural
    Word Count: 75,000

    When Graciela Rivera hears that “America’s Golden Voice” is coming to Miami, she’s ecstatic: The prize money will turn her autistic son’s life around. Her audition tanks, though, and Gracie’s crushed to wind up on the “loser reel.”

    But hot Miami chef Ernesto and her Cuban grandmother help transform the teen into Grace Rivers, who wins America’s heart – and that of dangerously attractive fellow contestant David.

    At the show’s finale, Grace has a wrenching decision to make: Will her conflicted feelings for David cost her the crown?

    Ultimately, her happy ending is far different than the one she had envisioned.

    First 100 words:

    I blink at his touch. I’d been leaning against the stucco wall, far, far away from La Terraza and its greasy kitchen.

    But this guy jolts me awake in a hurry.

    “Didn’t mean to scare you.”

    I squint at him: sunburned chest, nice smile, light hair. In other words, The Guy Mami Warned Me About. Or as Maria might say: Cute, cara. Really cute.

    “This place any good?” I follow his eyes to the crooked Havana posters, grubby floors and, uh-oh, my boss.

    I turn back to the blond Apollo, hands shoved awkwardly in the pockets of his surfer jams.

  82. Antonia Aquilante says:

    Name: Antonia Aquilante
    Title: The Prince’s Consort
    Genre: M/M Romantic Fantasy
    Word Count: 105,000

    Alexander Philip inherited the throne of Tournai much younger than he ever expected. Since then, his life has been about ruling his country, dealing with politicking courtiers, and fending off those insisting he take a wife. He doesn’t want a wife, though he would like a lover, and he’s tired of being discreet about his interest in men.

    Amory can’t resign himself to his father seeing him as a disappointment, so when his father, a wealthy merchant, insists Amory accompany him to the palace for a meeting with the prince, Amory hopes his father will finally allow him into the business. He is horrified when his father tries to barter with the prince – a night with Amory for more time completing a commission.

    Alexander Philip’s first impulse is to refuse the repulsive offer, but there’s something about Amory that makes him hesitate. After talking with Amory, he wants more than one night. But he doesn’t expect love to grow between them or that they would want a more permanent arrangement. Or the lengths those opposed will go to keep them apart, even trying to take Amory’s life. This is the first in a planned series, though each novel stands alone.

    First Paragraph:
    Amory giggled as he and Tristan practically fell through the garden gate, and then slapped a hand over his mouth. Tristan must not have heard. If he had, he would have teased Amory without mercy, as was his right as Amory’s closest friend. But Tristan just tugged him along, barely giving Amory a chance to latch the gate behind them.

  83. Deborah Nemeth says:

    Meg McKenzie, I’m very interested in your New Adult ms Voice of the Year.
    You may submit it to my attention.

  84. Samantha Keith says:

    Name: Samantha Keith
    Title: Abducted – The first novel of a trilogy.
    Genre: Romantic Suspense
    Word Count: 76,172

    The tall, devastatingly blue-eyed Cal Hart is a man-for-hire. He looks down at a small photo of a girl with laughing blue eyes and ebony hair that hangs down her back in loose waves. She’s glancing over her shoulder, laughing at the cameraman. The woman in the photo is the beautiful American sweetheart and senator’s daughter Lana Reid. The “assignment” is to kidnap her. Hell no. But when Cal’s rich, slick handler, threatens to hire another man, Cal knows he must protect her. Coerced and conflicted, Cal accepts the job.

    From the moment Cal snatches her out of her bed, Lana fights him—tears, temper tantrums, and physical attacks. Despite the spitting beauty’s repeated attempts to escape, an intense desire is born, and Cal can’t help but admire her strong will and ability to stare him down.

    Lana knows she’s provoking her captor, but she won’t be submissive. She’s fought her whole life and learned to protect herself and her heart. Her abductor is strong and harsh toned, but there’s a flicker of something in this chiseled, rough man, a strange security and comfort. It’s compassion—is he protecting her? But how can she trust him after he’s drugged and kidnapped her?

    First 100 words:

    Cal Hart stared down at the picture in his hands. His eyes were grainy with fatigue and exhaustion, but he couldn’t rest yet. He had been going over and over every scenario in his mind, and each time he had come up with the same answer.

    To be quite simple, he didn’t know what the fuck to do. But he needed to make a decision.

    He was fortunate enough that he could be picky about the jobs he took, and normally he was. He was thirty-three years old and still enjoyed a challenge every now and then.

    But this. This wasn’t just a challenge.

    It was possible suicide.

  85. Colleen Quill says:

    Name: Colleen M. Quill
    Title: Omissions and Lies (First book in a potential series)
    Genre: Erotica
    Manuscript Word Count: 74,000
    200 Maximum word query:

    Writer Jane Chan meets a mercurial UN policy maker named Frederick Sullivan, who is actually an undercover spy. The banter between them results in an unexpected, palpable heat that draws in the entire party. Despite their strong connection and hot groping in the moonlight, other party attendees manage to separate Jane and Freddy. Jane stomps home enraged, a little tipsy and frustrated. She finds a Frederick Sullivan on Facebook, sending him a message that they both missed out on an opportunity.

    Once reconnected after a few road blocks, Jane is drawn into a world of sexuality she never knew she wanted to explore. She makes an agreement that Frederick will mentor her. When their sexcapades collide with Frederick’s pursuit of a terrorist, he tells Jane he came back from overseas engaged, but wants Jane to remain his mistress. She is devastated. Frederick’s tactics are not quick enough to protect Jane from danger and he is surprised to realize how much she means to him, now that it might be too late.

    OMISSIONS AND LIES deals with sexual awakening, dating in the age of Tinder, and tests the boundaries of morality when it comes to love and sacrifice.

    FIRST 100 Words:
    He had trust fund written all over him. My hazel eyes drank in all of the six feet and five inches of man, with a look more like he belongs on a yacht, cruising past Martha’s Vineyard in his linen pants, Burberry shirt and topsiders, than an underground art space in a Brooklyn warehouse. It was hard not to notice him among the hipsters in skinny jeans and ironic t-shirts.
    The moment he smiled at me, his blue eyes sparkling with amusement, I should have run. I should have felt embarrassed he caught me drinking in his every detail.

  86. Katherine Taras says:

    Name: Katherine Anne Taras
    Title: Play The Snake
    Genre: Mystery (Mid-Century Historical)
    Word Count: approx 77,000


    Meredith Conrad Cebrelli has never worked a day in her life. Why? She’s an heiress to a great fortune and no profession ever tempted her enough to abandon her life as a socialite.

    Her husband Robert has been called to duty in Korea and Meredith is consumed with worry and boredom. She impulsively decides to resurrect Robert’s failing private detective agency, floundering under the care of his partner Valentine Lynch.

    Meredith is unaware of the consequences of her decision and how much her life–along with others, strangers to her now–would be transformed. Four people–alive and blissfully ignorant of their Fate, would be dead. Stunning secrets would be revealed, a terrible wrong righted, and a pauper would experience an astonishing reversal of fortune. And she’d undergo a transformation, treading an unknown path toward an uncertain future.

    Mindful of classic mid-century mysteries, PLAY THE SNAKE is a blend of classic private eye and baffling whodunit – imagine a fusion of Christie and Chandler with a dash of Hammett and the fiendish plotting of Caroline Graham.

    I plan to make this a three to four book series, linking them with a thread not fully disclosed until the final novel.

    First paragraph:

    San Francisco, 1950

    Meredith chose a scenic route to the office, passing through Fisherman’s Wharf, which, to her dismay, was beginning to become a tourist destination with the recent addition of several popular restaurants. When she was a child her father took her with him when he went down to the pier to meet the fishing boats; Adam Conrad always demanded the freshest seafood.

  87. Brooke Winters says:

    Name: Brooke Winters

    Title: Deadly Dreams

    Genre: Urban Fantasy with strong elements of romance.

    Manuscript Word Count: 84,000


    Deadly Dreams is the first book in a series of urban fantasy novels set in the UK. This book introduces the reader to an organisation called Penda’s International. Penda was the last pagan King in England and the premise of the series was that following his death a secret society, which later became a multi-national organisation, was founded in his name.

    Deadly Dreams focuses on Ronnie Danson and Spencer Lynch. Ronnie is recruited by Penda’s when she has a prophetic dream. She gives up her home and her job to move to Brighton and train with Penda’s. Spencer works in the Combat Department and grew up in Penda’s. Ronnie and Spencer fall in love, despite their housemates attempts to keep them apart.

    One night Ronnie has a dream that Tess, her housemate, is being murdered. When she wakes up, it has already happened. Spencer, Ronnie and their other housemates are determined to find out who murdered Tess and why. Ronnie’s dream offers a clue but she knows that if she reveals the clue then she could be exposing her own secret. And that could be deadly.

    First paragraph:

    Horror gripped Ronnie as the familiar scene unfolded in front of her. Her chest tightened, her heart beat sped up until it felt like it was in her throat. She had witnessed this fate so many times but she didn’t know how to stop it. She watched, helpless, as an older couple walked out of a restaurant. She recognised the young man who walked towards them, though she had never met him. She tried to walk forward, to stop them from crossing the road but her feet refused to cooperate. The familiar sense of helplessness overcame her as she tried to shout out to them, to warn them, to do anything to get their attention but her voice wouldn’t work, no sound came out.

  88. Sammy Azzouz says:

    Name: Sammy Azzouz

    Title: The Mother of All Battles

    Genre: Coming of Age New Adult

    Word Count: 70,000

    Query: Adam suffers culture shock when his parents move him to Kuwait, halfway around the world from their Atlanta home. It’s a strange place with no malls or good TV shows, Atlanta Braves’ scores are impossible to find, and he gets attacked for wearing sneakers in a mosque. Things eventually improve when he makes friends in his new school and comes to appreciate that in a country full of Arab-Americans, Westernized Arabs, and Americans familiar with the Middle East his life doesn’t have to be defined by being different. He looks forward to many years in this new home, but Saddam Hussein’s invasion upends everything.

    The family returns to Kuwait after the liberation, but it’s not the same place. Adam finds too few of his friends and too many bitter locals. He gets his Kuwaiti girlfriend pregnant, which besides being a cultural disaster is proof of a felony. Adam is sent to jail and faces a lengthy prison sentence. He is brutally attacked by the girl’s relatives and eventually removed from the country for his safety with promises that he can reunite with her again in college in the U.S.

    1st Paragraph: She walked like someone who was smoking hot but looked like someone sorely mistaken. Yet Adam knew her appearance wouldn’t matter to Byron. She’d flashed him a warm smile as they passed her in the mall, and these days it took little else. Adam grumbled to himself as he realized the damage she’d just inflicted on today’s plans. It was spring’s first warm day, and he wanted to play pickup basketball at the park. The boys were just buying the new Skid Row tape from the record store first. But now Adam sensed the gears shifting in Byron’s hound dog brain – searching for an excuse to pursue Ms. Warm Smile.

  89. Rebecca Angus says:

    Name: Rebecca Angus
    Title: Light the Dark, The Shades of Red Saga
    Genre: New Adult Fantasy Romance
    Word Count: 99,000 words

    A simple life of an ordinary college girl would not typically cause a war between two opposing realms, but an ordinary girl who possesses an extraordinary soul is a different story completely.

    Life was easy for Rosen until her dreams violently became her reality. Up until she came face to face with Shane, she had convinced herself that she was lost somewhere between crazy and delusional. As a psychology student she tried to rationalize her dreams, but rational no longer applies when you are living in a different reality completely. Reality for Rosen means she is being hunted by the Patriarchs, and they are the same people who are keeping Shane captive.

    In her final lifetime, Rosen’s soul is up for grabs, and her ability as a Viewer has put a hefty price on her head. If the Patriarchs get their way, Rosen will eventually take her place among them on the high council. It’s not until an unsuspected and dangerous stranger named Saul enters her life, that Rosen begins to learn of her dark past, and those who threaten her. She relied on Saul to keep her safe, and he may also be the only person who can reunite her with Shane.

    When her mind becomes manipulated, Rosen is captured by the one person whom she trusted. While Saul had become her crutch amidst a cruel reality, he may also have been her biggest predator. With the help of two allies, Shane can save her, but the price for her freedom could come at the expense of his own soul.

    You need to focus on what’s real, Rosen. There is a distinguishable difference between the present, and the places you run off to. Focus, don’t lose yourself. Don’t let your dreams take you whenever they want.” Dr. Haring’s words were still fresh in my mind, but I can’t help it- I always give in.
    My escape is beautiful. A masterfully painted world which makes my ordinary life feel fractured. Ordinary is exactly what I am, nothing more, nothing less. The external picture of simplicity. My mind, however, is a different story.

  90. Traci Douglass says:


    Title: Moving On

    Genre: Contemporary Romance

    Manuscript Word Count: 60,000

    200 maximum word query:

    Alex Noonan is a man in flux. Two years after his last investigation for the IRS ends in a deadly shootout, he’s learning to cope with a disability that might not be temporary and the aftereffects of PTSD. He’s determined to get back to a normal life and his old job, all within a safe zone of solitude—until the day he tours a dilapidated Manhattan brownstone with a wacky, beautiful woman dressed as a germ and his life undergoes major renovations.

    Mindy Reynolds lives in the shadow of her family’s sins. With a new name and new look, she’s worked hard to succeed as an actress in the Big Apple and distance herself from her swindling father’s heinous acts two years prior. Finding a stable renter for the last vestige of her dad’s ill-gotten fortune is the answer to her prayers—until said tenant’s intriguing blend of vulnerability and brooding strength threatens to undermine all her staunch barriers.

    Instant attraction soon sparks into white-hot passion. But when the hidden truth of their connected past is revealed, will old wounds keep them trapped in damaged yesterdays or will love allow them to move on to a promising new future?

    First 100 words or first paragraph of your story:

    “I’m sorry. But we’re looking for someone more…viral.” The director’s disembodied voice boomed over the speaker system and echoed through the dark recesses of the theatre.

    Mindy Reynolds slumped off stage in her germ costume and yanked the glitter-encrusted antennae off her head, along with several long strands of blond hair. All those years of drama classes and she couldn’t book a stupid hand sanitizer commercial.


    She pulled her phone out of the side pocket of her duffle, hoisted up her sagging tights, then slipped her foot into her gym shoe and checked her messages.

  91. Laurie Hoffman says:

    Name: Laurie Hoffman
    Title: Home Field
    Genre: Contemporary Romance
    Manuscript Word Count: 79,000

    200 Word Query:
    Cottonwood Field is a place of love and healing. It’s where two teenagers fall in love, and ten years later a young widow returns in the hope of a second chance.

    Tired of running up against the Army’s wall of silence, Julie Ellis becomes stuck in a cycle of frustration and grief. She moves with her son, Aiden, back to her hometown.

    When an invitation arrives for a military appreciation banquet hosted by the town’s professional football team, Julie agrees to go in honor of her late husband. It’s there that she strikes up an unexpected friendship with tough and sexy pro football linebacker Reagan Harrison. Reagan takes Julie and Aiden on a tour of his team’s stadium, mentors Aiden while he learns to play the game of football, and becomes a frequent dinner guest at their home.

    Reagan and Julie’s friendship slowly blossoms into love, but her guarded heart won’t let her forget the love that was taken from her. Presented with a second chance, Julie must decide to either stay devoted to John’s memory or embrace a bright future with the man who could give her the world.

    First Paragraph:
    “Mom, can we stop soon?” A child’s drowsy plea sounded from the back seat of the Jeep. “I need to use the bathroom.” Breaking through Julie’s highway reverie, the request brought her back into reality. Julie and Aiden had been on the road for 10 hours; a full day of driving which left them weary and ready for a break. The dark highway was laid out ahead of them, weaving into the unknown. Points of white light coming from oncoming cars became beacons, pulling Julie forward and summoning her home. They had three hundred more miles to go until they reached Timber Lake, Wisconsin.

  92. Deborah Nemeth says:

    I’m interested in looking at Moving On, so you may submit it to my attention. Thanks,

  93. Traci Douglass says:

    Yay! Thanks, Deb. I’ll send it your way. :)

  94. Alissa Davis says:

    Antonia Aquilante, I’d like to look at The Prince’s Consort. You may submit it to my attention.

  95. Antonia Aquilante says:

    Thank you, Alissa. I’ll send it out to you.

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