Author Spotlight: Tamara Morgan


Are you ready for the second book in the Montgomery Manor series? Tamara Morgan is back and here to tell you all about the life of a writer and her new book, When I Fall.

Occupational Hazards of Being a Writer by Tamara Morgan

We don’t always like to think about our jobs contributing to our health and happiness in a negative way, but every career path comes with its own occupational hazards. The most obvious one for writers is author’s butt (it’s a real thing, just ask around), but I don’t intend to spend the next paragraph outlining the ways eight or more hours in a chair every day can, er, reshape the body.

For me, the real occupational hazard of being an author has been how quickly I’ve become an eavesdropper. And not just any eavesdropper—a shameless one. I’ll pretend to read a book for hours while a couple at a nearby table enjoys their first date. I’ll convince my kid to play in the deep end of the pool so I can hear all about a distraught teen’s latest breakup. Everything about ordinary life—complicated relationships with parents and the stresses of a new job, that barista who has a strange fear of men in too-tight pants—gets absorbed and stored inside my sneaky writer’s brain.

So if you see a strange woman hanging from the monkey bars as you enjoy an early morning chat with friends, never fear. I’m just trying to get close enough to learn your secrets.

About When I Fall

when I fallBook two of Montgomery Manor

Socialite Rebecca Clare gets through life one vodka tonic at a time. Emotionally shattered after her best friend’s death, she’s cast as the latest pseudo-celebrity screwup and hounded by paparazzi 24/7. So naturally, the cameras are rolling when she gets into a scrap at a club (he started it). But then an unexpected white knight steps in.

Playing caretaker isn’t Jake Montgomery’s usual role, but Becca is his stepmother’s little sister. As they bond over their bad reputations, they find they have a lot more in common than the spotlight. When a photo of the nightclub incident goes viral, it raises protective instincts that Jake never knew he had. What better way to save Becca—and the family—from scandal than by claiming he’s her fiancé?

Becca agrees to play along, never expecting a fake engagement to feel so right. But she’s vowed never to depend on a man for happiness; how can Jake convince her that falling in love is worth the risk?


What Readers Are Saying About Tamara Morgan…


“With a fun and hot romance and a new and different plot The Rebound Girl by Tamara Morgan has gotten me hooked.” –Amazon review, The Rebound Girl



“All in all, Tamara’s a wonderful writer. She’s got humor, sexiness, family drama and awesome characters.” –Goodreads review, The Derby Girl


“With a completely fresh plot, witty and entertaining dialog, hot sexy encounters, characters who have something to prove to themselves, and dynamic writing The Derby Girl is a must read for romance lovers and an excellent addition to an already strong series.” –Goodreads review, The Derby Girl



“Tamara Morgan continues to be one of my favorite authors and If I Stay is an amazing start to a new series.” –Amazon review, If I Stay




Stay up to date on all things Tamara Morgan on her website, and be sure to follow her on Twitter and like her on Facebook.

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