Weddings, and Dragons, and Art Theft, Oh My!


By Lorenda Christensen, author of ‘TIL DRAGONS DO US PART

The Wedding.

That oh so brief event where lovers decide to make a formal declaration that their relationship isn’t simply special. It’s permanent. It’s the love to end all loves. Legal paperwork is filed and vows are exchanged.

shutterstock_184471574‘Til Death Do Us Part.

As Long as We Both Shall Live.

It should come as no surprise that more than a few couples prefer to make the event as memorable as the decision. So they sit down and make an itemized list. Big dress? Check. A garden of flowers? Check. Venues, guest lists, tuxedos, music selection, bridesmaid dresses, cakes, reception menus…until suddenly the list of to-dos starts to feel a lot less fun and a lot more stressful.

And that’s where the wedding planner steps in. Now here’s a person who isn’t fazed by the millions of things involved in making “The Wedding” something to be remembered fondly. Instead of the wedding providing the demarcation between “when she was normal” and “when she floated on a panic attack into Crazyland,” a wedding planner ensures that all the little steps are in place to make a couple’s day as close to perfect as possible. She and her army of trained assistants take on all the pesky details and leave you to sip champagne with the girlfriends.

In ‘Til Dragons Do Us Part, the third book in the Never Deal with Dragons series, the bride does indeed get to drink champagne with her girlfriends while the wedding planner and her assistants do all the hard work. But what she doesn’t know is that one of these assistants has never even attended a wedding ceremony before, much less planned a celebration as big and well publicized as this one is proving to be.

Because, you see, this assistant is really a thief. Savannah Cavenaugh, a dragonmorph, is more experienced with planning art-heists than reception menus. As one of the top contractors in her field, Savannah is determined to grab the painting and collect her fee, wedding or no. The only thing standing in her way is Lord Relobu’s head of security, Cameron Shaw.

So if you like fun-filled, action-packed wedding craziness, I hope you’ll take a look at ‘Til Dragons Do Us Part.

CARINA_1014_9781426899171_TilDragonsDoUsPartSavannah Cavenaugh became a top art thief thanks to a secret ability—a dragonmorph, she can literally fly away from the scene of the crime. Next up: stealing a priceless painting out from under the snout of Lord Relobu, North America’s fearsome dragon ruler. True, she’s never had to work in the midst of Earth’s most polarizing wedding before. Keeping her true identity hidden will demand she get creative, to say the least.

Cameron Shaw has one last chance to prove himself. As Lord Relobu’s interim head of security, he needs to ensure the world’s very first interspecies wedding happens without a hitch. That means keeping an extra close eye on the wedding planner’s pretty young assistant. She’s adorable, but something’s not quite right…

Fumbling her way around bouquets and linens turns out to be the least of Savannah’s problems. Crushing on Relobu’s hottest human henchman was not part of the plan, and neither was revealing her—achem—ferocious side. But when her archrival shows up to nab the very same painting she’s after, all bets are off…

But before you go, tell me…what’s your most memorable “not part of the plan” wedding moment? Ruined cakes, drunken canopies, and a pair of swim trunks were all involved in my wedding day. How about you?

About Lorenda

A native of Eastern Oklahoma, Lorenda lives with her husband and two sons in house that feels far too small during the stay-inside winter months. Lorenda loves chocolate, hates snakes, and, despite living two years in Bangalore next-door to a native preparer of Indian cuisine, cannot cook anything but ground beef. She is a recovering nail biter and is currently celebrating five years bite-free. Winner of the Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® in Paranormal Romance. You can find Lorenda on her website, on Twitter, or roaming the newsfeeds on Facebook. You can also sign up for her new releases email list HERE.


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