Confessions of a Resolution Junkie


I have a confession to make, Carina Press readers. I’m a resolution junkie: making no less than 3 resolutions a year, I venture out and try a few new things—some dubious, some really, really fun. (And speaking of fun things: one year, my resolution was to get onto a TV show, and true enough, ended up getting into Canadian Idol auditions—that was both terrifying AND AMAZING #truefact.) But unfortunately, one thing or the other often sidetracks me from my goals and those once-exciting plans are forgotten.

BUT! I am determined to break that streak, readers, and I’m not only here to help myself but to help YOU. Do you want to read more in the New Year? Write more? Shop more responsibly? Play Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood less? (It gets addictive really quickly, amiright?) I have JUST the tools to help you succeed in 2015.

Do you have dreams of being a kajillionaire?—both the app and the website—provides you with tools to stay on budget and plan for your future! Free to download and sign up, they provide you with budgeting advice, investment information and, bonus, colorful graphs to tell you how much you REALLY spent last month at Starbucks. There is nowhere to hide, friends.

Do you want to write more? The internet is chock-full of writing resources but I love, love, love Hanx Writer (created by Tom Hanks himself); not only because of the typewriter interface and sounds, but it’s also easy to use and get lost in.

Do you want to learn new skills? Duolingo and (both free, iOS and Android) have made learning new languages fun and achievable. Codecademy (free, browser) will help you learn how to code that first website or app all by yourself.

Do you want to make sure you can stay motivated throughout the year? Lift (free, iOS and Android) promises to “help you reach your goals.” With a number of categories you can choose from, you can get prompts from goal “coaches,” get support from the Lift community of users and easily keep yourself accountable throughout the year. No excuses.

So, are you ready for 2015 yet? I know I am! What are your go-to apps and sites that help keep you motivated?


Patty Anasco (@pattyanasco) is Assistant Manager, Website Operations for and a member of the Carina Press Acquisition team.

2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Resolution Junkie”

  1. Unsecapp.exe says:

    I always take new resolution but never fulfill them. Please suggest me how can we focus on our resolution and what can we do to encourage us to achieve it.

  2. Geek Squad says:

    Making confession release all your stress and make you happy. Hope you are feeling good now.

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