The Carina Press team looks back on 2014 (with GIFs!)

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Hey, 2014. We kinda miss you. For this first ‘getting to know your team’ post, I asked a few folks from the Carina Press Acquisition team to share some of their favourites from 2014.

Jenny Bullough
Jenny Bullough, Manager, Digital Assets
“As a longtime fan of Chris Pratt (on Parks & Recreation) I’ve been overjoyed to see 2014 turned into The Year of Pratt. Between his voice work in The Lego Movie and his starring role as Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, millions of others have finally jumped on the Pratt bandwagon – which is great, because it means MORE PRATT in 2015!!”

Margot Mallinson, Copy Editor, Editorial

“I haven’t been able to get over Disney’s Frozen, mainly because my 4-year-old still occasionally bursts into song. So my life is still filled with Frozen, Frozen covers, Frozen parodies… and that’s okay, because—have you seen the movie? It’s really quite good. And the songs are catchy.”

Brendan Flattery, Assistant Manager, Digital Commerce

“Scientology aside, Beck’s new album after 6 years was a highlight for me.”

Malle Vallik, Director, Editorial Digital Initiatives
“Jane the Virgin. This delightful, charming show reveals how to write the modern virgin, add in a Presents worthy hero and telenovella drama!”

Mine personally was Benedict Cumberbatch’s Ice Bucket Challenge because of ALL THE ‘BATCHES! What was yours?

Patty Anasco is a part of the Carina Press Acquisition team and is Manager, Site Operations for Want to know more about the CP team? Tweet us at @carinapress and use the hashtag #CPinsider to ask your questions. Patty (@pattyanasco) will keep an eye out!

One thought on “The Carina Press team looks back on 2014 (with GIFs!)”

  1. Julie Moffett says:

    Hahahahaha! Love this blog. Great choices by all and Happy New Year to the team! :)

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