Hot Off The Ice


By Lynda Aicher, author of GAME PLAY

The first nugget of an idea to write a series about hockey players entered my brain three years ago. I was writing the second book in my Wicked Play series and created a fictional name for the city’s pro hockey team. The entire idea wasn’t formed back then, but I created the team with the thought of maybe…

Two years later I pitched the spin-off series idea and was both happy and worried when Carina Press agreed to publish it. Happy because years spent weaving the team and players into my first series was going to pay off. Worried because now I had to execute on the idea.

I’m a girl raised on sports, both playing and watching them. Hockey has always been one of my favorites. But I have to admit, I’m not a rabid fan. I don’t watch it very often anymore and I have minimal knowledge about current players or teams. But I love the idea of sport heroes. More importantly, I was excited about the challenge of digging behind the players and finding the men. That’s where the good stories are.

Game Play is the first book in the Power Play series. Dylan Rylie is a Texas born professional hockey player. He might live in Minnesota now, but his trademark cowboy hat, boots and charm are still with him. The young hot shot and party boy meets his match in Samantha Yates, a hockey star in her own right. However with her professional career at a forced end when his is just beginning, is it possible to find love?

That’s the conflict I love to read and write. Real world issues that deal with personal acceptance and growth. Who we are as people versus what we present is often very different. Yet finding that person who accepts and loves every side of us is what we all search for.

Then of course there’s the hot action that takes place both on and off this ice. Trust me, I enjoy writing (and reading) both. Take all that competitive desire and watch it combust in the office and shower and… Yeah. Yum.

So which do you enjoy more? The on or off ice action? Lol. Or is it the combination of both that makes the story for you? For me, it has to be both.

Carina_0215_9781426899409_GAMEPLAY_REVGAME PLAY, book one of Power Play

One night, one time, nothing more. That’s all it was supposed to be. They’d agreed their first night together would be their only night together—and Minnesota Glaciers defenseman Dylan Rylie was fine with that. Giant hickeys and claw marks on his ass had never been his style, even if the very memory of Samantha Yates’s merciless sexual energy gets him hard within seconds. He needs to focus on getting a better contract, not mind-blowing orgasms.

One night, one time, nothing more. Fresh off representing the US at the Games and with nowhere else to play, Samantha gave in to one night of frantic passion with the Glaciers’ brawny hotshot. She couldn’t get hurt—not if she controlled the outcome. And she planned to leave Minnesota soon, anyway. She didn’t expect to be recruited to coach Dylan after they’d gotten down and dirty.

When brutal on-ice workouts lead to kinky locker room sessions and “one night” falls by the wayside, Samantha insists on keeping things casual, despite Dylan’s quiet hope for more. But when Dylan goes down—hard—and his career is in jeopardy, Samantha is the first one by his side. What will it take to keep her there after he’s healed?

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After years of weekly travel as a consultant implementing computer software into global companies, Lynda ended her nomadic lifestyle to raise her two children. Now, her imagination is her only limitation on where she can go and her writing lets her escape from the daily duties of being a mom, wife, chauffeur, scheduler, cook, teacher, cleaner and mediator.

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