Not your usual copy meeting


It was an ordinary Thursday morning and six people gathered around an inauspicious conference table to workshop cover copy changes for a number of upcoming Carina Press titles. Some have had coffee, some not so much. But this is more or less how the conversation goes in the first five minutes:

“We could go with ‘save the girl, squash the chupacabra.’”

“Squash, tackle, I feel equally enthusiastic about those words.”

“Are we JUST squashing the chupacabra or…?” *

The chupacabra in question was a reference to an upcoming Ricardo Sanchez book, “Bigfoot Blues”(on sale in May 2015!). Discussion on this particular line of copy continued and more edits were put on the table. Minutes later, the chupacabra and the final back cover copy were put to bed.

The mood in the room is generally relaxed and humour-filled. For an hour, the team goes through five to six upcoming titles, usually varying genres, to make sure the tone of the book is reflected on the copy. Also, I mean, where else can we have conversations like this?

“I’m not sure how I feel about ‘more than a notch on his bedpost’. Do people still say that?”

“What do people say? A swipe on his Tinder?”

“More than just a hookup?”

“More than just a meatsuit.”

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why Carina Press cover copy meetings are perfection.

*No chupacabras were harmed in the creation of this blog post.
Patty Anasco (@pattyanasco) is Site Operations Manager for and a member of the Carina Press Acquisitions team.

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